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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I suspect this is very doable for '07 coupe and not '07 sedan. That would certainly make more sense!
  • I just purchased the same thing in Chicago w/o NAV for $1,500 off list. My best quote was $1,940 off a MSRP of $36,940. I went with the lower discount at a dealer who was 3 miles from my house. It took a lot of work on the Internet contacting a variety of dealers in the Midwest but it was worth it.

  • hey guys, been following this forum for a while..and just bought my first 07 G35 sedan platinum graphite, journey with premium package at Southwest Infiniti in Houston, Tx 2 days ago! It was an easy process...did some tough bargaining but in the end I believe they came out the best. You have to talk to the internet managers for the cant talk to the regular salespeople or you will get jacked. Went to another dealer close by and they gave me a regular guy who could not negotiate at was pathetic. Anyways with ttl i saved around 5-6 hundred dollars. They threw in free tinting, splashguards, and also cash back in form of gift cards! These guys are very professional and friendly...this car is extremely limited! so the price will remain msrp..but if you show concern and caution u can win at the end. good luck in the buying process....
    fyi walk out 36900!!! maybe im just lucky??
  • The problem with Houston is that although there are 4 infiniti dealerships, the two largest (Southwest & Clearlake) are both owned by Fred Haas so that decreases the competition greatly. North Inf and West Inf are independent but each are a lot smaller.
  • ppnffppnff Posts: 61
    I believe what the people at Southwest Houston Infiniti did in terms of comparing prices and artificially trying to keep prices elevated for the consumer is illegal. You may want to document this and tell them that you plan to report them to the fair trade commission to be investigated. I am not an attorney (and you should find one if you pursue this course), but anytime retailers try to gouge more out of consumers, retailers will be faced with stiff fines and penalties... I think the term is collusion. Good luck and I agree we should all boycott these people...
  • Just purchased my 07 G35 sedan Journey with Premium, Nav, Tech package,and Splash Guards. MSRP is $38290. I got it at $36164, It's $2100 off MSRP.
  • Calif_man...Where are you located and which dealer? Did you buy through fleet/costco or other? Sounds like a good deal. Congrats.
  • Excellent-I just bought a G-35X 2007 for $1,940 off....
  • You are so wrong!! Dealers are independent businesses and can charge what they want. Cars are not "fair traded" and a Dealer has the right to charge MSRP. You are free to buy or not buy-no one is forcing you to buy the car. What do you consider gouging? Anything over invoice? Using your logic, since Nieman-Marcus is an expensive store- they should be fined and penalized. Have you seen their XMAS catalog? They have a car selling for $1.2MM!! I just bought @ 2007 G-35X for $1,940 off. The dealer made a $1,000 profit + holdback. Was I gouged? I am not a dealer nor working for a dealership.

  • you are right about collusion. merchants can charge a price and the consumer has the right to buy it or not. BUT the merchant CANNOT prevent the consumer from buying it somewhere else at a lower price, by talking to other merchants into keeping a price up.

    THAT IS COLLUSION...not fair trade. I posted a note on another blog (maybe this one too), where some major dealers in my area had to defend against collusion charges brought against them by in a class action suit..I believe the litigants won the suit, in fact.

    Collusion happens all the isn't far fetched that this may be happening to the gentleman in houston...

    that's all for me again....
  • This is a free market. The 2007 G35 is in great demand. Thus, no dealer is obligated to discount it. Quite the opposite. If a dealer can charge $6k over sticker, so be it. The dealer owns the car. If you don't like the price, take your business to a different's ironic, very few complain about the overpricing of Bimmers, the G35's natural competitor. Bimmer dealers are the height of arrogance. But like I said, they have that right........BTW, collusion is tough to prove. And in most cases, dealers have nothing to gain from it.
  • i agree...collusion is tough to prove..but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.

    dealers have a right to charge what they want...also true. They don't have a right to create an artificial market floor. no retailer does, but it happens all the time.

    The idea here is the only way the dealer can consistently charge over sticker, is because they've rigged the system to prevent the customer from getting it at another, another dealer willing to sell it cheaper...

    ANOTHER POINT - Bimmer dealers are the height of arrogance, and you are correct, the vehicle is hugely overvalued and overcharged. THAt's why i bought the G35x..cheaper, some fun to drive, decent quality. I went to Bimmer, first..i received poor treatment, illegal comments and a price quote $5k over the TMV of the car. What did i do? i had the two people who referred me there, pull their business from the dealership. we also wrote letters of complaint to BMW of america AND we are in the process of putting more verbeage on our company letterhead (an international firm), because our office USED to use them for our corporate car program...

    So, the idea here is that consumers have to push back. Dealers have a right to run a profitable business, but the consumer has the right to push back...

    The fact is dealers will overcharge on all cars, as much as they doesn't matter what kind of car it is.

    This particular car is very, very hot right now - so prices are higher than others...

  • So you went with higher discount after all, congratulations. Makes sense, since you don't have to service at the dealer you bought from. ;)

    May I ask you which dealer did you purchase the car from as well as which one gave you $1500 off quote?

  • Yogiowner, bravo on your response to the BMW dealer! I never met someone who actually stood up to Bimmer. Their cars are so prestigious, however, it'll take a decade (or more) to humble BMW so it'll make a difference.

    The best weapon against an arrogant manufacturer is competition. The G35 is tremendously competitive with the 3-Series. And Nissan/Infiniti, as a Japanese manufacturer, is motivated to seize market share. So I really think the prices of the G35 will fall, in time. (It happened to the New Beetle, Miata.)

    Once we can land a G35 for $30k or less, then BMW will start shivering.
  • going in tomorrow to try and squeeze the best deal on a leftover G35X with Premium C . Dealer has over 12 units still available , per their web site . What is the best I can negotiate this week ?
  • thank you for the compliments...I wish it really mattered, but i know that a couple of hundred people and companies will take my place...

    it's hard work. i am very much a capitalist pig :) BUT
    I also believe that you should not have to beg someone to SPEND your money AND get treated like crap in the process. The mercedes dealership ALMOST treated me with some disrespect...however, my vibe gave them some pause. In the end, they just didn't have what I wanted.

    For another forum i guess, but Bimmers and Mercedes are status cars, so people take a lot of guff off the dealers. You shouldn't have's your money and your choice. Don't give it to an a - hole.

    My new G is only a base model with a sunroof. no bells and whistles (I am too cheap to pay for it)..but i think the car will continue to hold it's price at 30k and above (like Hondas and Toyotas hold their prices) because it offers so much at a competitive price all things considered. Now that Nissan/Infiniti has figured out that it has to have a somewhat exciting interior, there's no telling where this brand will go.

    I'm already planning a strategy to get a 2007 or 2008 G-35x in two years.

    Peace!! :D
  • I brought from Infiniti of Pleasanton (N. California), just made a deal by the phone with their internet sales manager.
  • It's for a 07 6MT Sedan if you place an order and wait for the car. They are in MD and N. VA.
  • Dear Smokey....

    Suggest you post on

  • Just bought an 07 G35x with premium, navi and tech. I used the costco auto program and ended up payin 1450 over invoice. Everything (tax, title, fees) came to 41k OTD, (gotta love sales tax.) Good deal??

    - Robert
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