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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • guestguest Posts: 774
    What city and dealer please
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I'm not sure, so I went to see on IF your car MSRP'ed for around $40K, then its invoice should be in the neighborhood of $36,500. Tack on $1,450 and you're at $37,950. Where I live, to get a ballpark OTD, I figure adding 4% to the total cost (covers TTL/fees). Doing that, I come out with $37,950 x 1.04, or around $39,500. $41k OTD sounds a bit high to me, but I don't know where you are or your taxes. Alas, all that matters is that if you are happy with the car/deal. Let's just say .... I'm jealous!!
  • the car was titled in Ct so 6.5% sales tax

    The car came to 40280 than the dealer added registration (120) and dealer fee (600)
    Not a big fan of that dealer fee....

  • Got the 06 Sedan w/ Package C for 28.9k + TTL.

    The 07 was going to cost ~4-5k more and I didnt think it was worth for me atleast.
  • gssethi - WOW - where did u pull this deal . That's like $3.3k under invoice ?
    I am trying desperately to sell my 03 M45 for a decent price , so I can do exactly the same . 06 G35X + Premium C.
    My M is babied , mint , etc., but considered 'high miles' ?at 63kmi. Best trade in number I was offered is $13K . So I'm losing precious time on the available 06 G leftovers .
  • did u try carmax? They pay the most for used cars outside of a private sale in my experience...

    Also,dont buy a 06 G... I have one today as a loaner as the shop fixes the tint on my o7 G... there is a huge difference in the interior... not even close. 07 G is a lot more luxurious. The 06 G handles and drives well but not as good as the 07.
  • I got the 06 for 28.9k for Package C & Splash Guards (MSRP of ~35680) at Infiniti of Pleasanton. Oakland was also willing to do the same price but they did not have the black interior in stock. They are both under the same ownership and are sister stores.

    in response to Ziggy8, yes, the 07 has a better interior but also ends up costing ~5-6k more with the same features. Do you think that in ~4-5 years, the 07 will fetch the extra 5k ?

    I bought the 06 at ~3500 under invoice, that means that the 06 will not depreciate that much. Buying the 07 at near MSRP means it will depreciate a lot more.

    I know people who are trying to sell their 05 for ~27k (they still owe ~28k on the car after 1.5 yrs of ownership b/c they paid MSRP on their 05s).

    I never never buy a car at anything more than invoice. You can spend the extra $5k on the 06 and make it more luxurious than the 07 ;) (well, thats the way I think BUT yes, the 07 is more nicer than the 06 and if you think it is worth the extra 5k, definitely go for it)

    Also, One main difference in favor of 06. The 06 takes regular 87 octane and wont void your warranty. The 07 Requires premium gas and using anything else will void your warranty (~$0.25 extra per gallon for the 07 each time you fill up)
  • Excellent should be happy!
    I just purchased a 07 G-35 for $1,060 over invoice...
    It's a hot car and most dealers are getting list...
  • Where did u see that the 07 requires premium??
    According to my dealer 87 is fine and won't void any warrenty.

  • Hello All:

    I have been lurking on this forum for a few weeks while researching my next car purchase. What a great resource! Kudos to all who have provided posts and info.

    I am interested in the G 35 x, and have just started to solicit quotes (via e-mail) from the two local Infiniti dealers here in Minneapolis. Does anyone have any experience with these dealers?

    Has anyone received a below-MSRP quote on a 2007 in the Twin Cities area?

  • Premium Gasoline is REQUIRED on the 07. Check the Specs on Edmunds and/or Owner's Manual. (Do comparison on Edmunds between 06 G35 and 07 G35 and check the FUEL type).

    Confirmed this with my Dealer when I purchased the 06. Regular 87 Gasoline on the 06 is OK and will NOT void the warranty. 87 will void warranty on 07 though.

    EDIT: Do comparisons between 2006 G35 and 2007 G35 on Edmunds. Click on SPECS and Look for Fuel Type. For 06, it says Regular Unleaded. For 07, it is Premium Unleaded.

    pls let me know if I am wrong.
  • Wanted to ask a couple of questions to seasoned car buyers out there. I plan on buying the 07 G35 Sport 6MT with the premium package. I have a pretty good idea of what the price will end up being. My question is about financing the purchase. I consider myself to have excellent credit, but I don't have any "major" credit history (i.e. no mortgage, past car loan, etc.) and I'm pretty young (25 yrs. old) So will I qualify for these super low rates that I see out there? Even for a third party bank loan like from Eloan or Capital One...the 5.75% kind of stuff?
  • Good luck...the lowest they offered was 6.99 w/ excellent credit!
  • This is straight from '07 G35 manual page 9-3:


    INFINITI recommends the use of unleaded
    premium gasoline with an octane rating of
    at least 93 AKI (Anti-Knock Index) number
    (Research octane number 98).
    If unleaded premium gasoline is not available,
    you may use unleaded regular gasoline
    with an octane rating of at least 87
    AKI number (Research octane number 91),
    but you may notice a decrease in performance.

    So, 93 is recommended, but 87 is still acceptable. :shades:

    Hope this helps.
  • I got my G35x in May 2005. Lupient was great. E.G. is the man! Great to work with and got a great deal @ the time. I'd imagine w/ the new '07, sticker is about all you'll get for now.
  • No credit will probably not equal good credit. To find out, you need to get your credit score (this isn't the same as your credit report).

    Many online credit reporting services are available. I use that has an option to get reports and scores from all 3 reporting agencies. It will tell you if your score is excellent, good, fair, or poor.
  • Forget the car and buy a HOUSE!!
    Then apply for a Home Equity loan which is tax deductible.
    An 8% loan after tax in a 30% tax bracket is 5.6%...
  • "If unleaded premium gasoline is not available,
    you may use unleaded regular gasoline
    with an octane rating of at least 87
    AKI number (Research octane number 91),

    That is a BIG IF. It means that If you cannot get Premium, only then use Regular.

    The wording from the 05/06 Manual is this:
    "Use unleaded regular gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87 AKI."

    Notice the difference in wording. Why would infiniti change the wording if their requirements were the same in terms of Gas requirements.?
  • If we are talking about voiding warranties, that won't happen. So Edmunds and your dealer are wrong. If the subject is what's better, then 93 is the answer. If the question is can 87 be used with '07 G, the answer is still yes (but with less power.) In the case of '05/06 G, (based on what the manual says) 87 is the base line and you probably won't observe any better performance from using 89 or 93.
  • I am meaning "voiding warranties". Could be that my Dealer is wrong (dont know until we have more info on the its still up in mystery).
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