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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mez2mez2 Posts: 10
    I have been searching for a new car lease for a while. I have determined I wold like to lease the g35X with Navigation package. I have emailed a few dealers in the state and they are frustrating me. None of them are quoting anything but MSRP. I don't have the time or patience to haggle in a show room. Can anyone tell me what a good price for this vehicle would be. I want to get the lowest price so I can lease it...but when you tell them that they never come down on a price. I have been so frustrated with the so called "ONline" shopping. Lexus dealership won't leave me alone calls me all the time to come into the show room and they will work a deal out...they won't even give me prices. Getting the same feel so far from Infiniti dealers. OH well enough of my rant. ANy help would be great.
  • j88j88 Posts: 4
    Check out the specials at You'll find an offer for $2K below MSRP on a 07 G35X with Prem & Nav.
  • Hi,

    Hubby and I want to buy a red G35 coupe sometime this year. What would a good strategy be to get the best price on "last year's" model. Should we check now for a 2006 or wait until summer for a 2007? Also, any advice on what we would hope to pay for coupe with AT and premium package?

    Note: we are in the MW and could use Dreier & Reinbold in Indy, or Sam Swope in Louisville.--Or possibly others farther afield (Columbus, Cincinnati, Fort Wayne)

  • I have friends in the Cincinnati area, who went to Louisville to get a better deal on an Infiniti..

    Just anecdotal, but there you go...

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  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I know we're veering away from the "Price Paid" subject, but to answer the question at hand...

    Keep in mind that the entire hard drive is not available to you, as it's used by the navi as well.
    You get 9.5 GB storage for your mp3's

    MP3's cannot be pulled from a disc or card onto the drive, they need to be ripped from the original cd to the drive.
    Only the front disc drive can read MP3's, along with the card reader.
    The rear 6 disc changer does not read MP3's.

    You can however, listen to Sat or FM/AM radio while ripping a disc to the drive.
    You can listen to the disc while ripping,or listen to something else, allowing for much faster rip times.

    Still, with 9.5 GB storage on the drive, a card reader without limitation, a disc drive in the dash which supports MP3's and a 6 disc changer... you could drive to the moon and back and never hear the same song twice.
  • I recently bought a 2007 G35 Journey sedan. With moonroof and tire package. MSRP on kelley blue book is $34,000. Invoice is $31,250. I managed to get the car for invoice ($31,250). So I guess in this case it is possible to get invoice price. But keep in mind that this is a pretty stripped down journey sedan. A fully loaded sport package would probably be in high-demand, so dealers might want to stay close to MSRP. Just out of curiosity, has anyone been able to get the G35 below invoice? If so, please provide the details, because a friend of mine might also want to buy one.
  • If a trade was NOT involved you did well. If a trade WAS involved the price is meaningless.
  • Nope, there was no trade involved. I guess I just got lucky that the salesperson was a nice guy. Plus it was a sedan, with just 2 options on the car (moonroof and tire package).... so the demand for that car was not high. I did like the color (blue slate with graphite interior) I was listening to the other customers, they all wanted the G35 sport with premium and everything else. So in this case, I was not competing with any of the other customers.
  • Hello, has anyone bought a 2007 G35x in the Seattle area? There are only two dealers in the entire state (and same owner too), and the salesperson that was "helping" me would only offer $500 off MSRP... Sounds like a rip off based on everyone else who has shared their experience here... Anyone in the Seattle area with better luck than me with the new G35x pricing? Thanks!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501

    Not sure about Seattle, but I'm on the other end of the planet in MA.
    I only have one dealer in the state (75 miles away) and 2 other locations, in CT and RI.
    All of these dealers are offering some sort of discount on the G, until the Tech package is added.
    Then, they don't budge from MSRP.

    I was told that Infiniti did not expect the popularity of the Tech package and enough cars were not made with the option.
    They are still playing catch up and until they do, don't expect anything much for a discount, if that package is requested.
  • Thanks for your message. Guess I'm not facing the sole dealership problem... It's just the salesperson....

    Just want an opinion... I'm interested in a G35X with just the premium package. Is it realistic to pay just $1000 invoice? Too little? Too much?

  • From what I've seen I don't think that 1k over invoice is too much to ask for just a premium G35X. In fact, I bet you can probably do a bit better. Maybe $750 or $500 over even? It all comes down to inventory. Near the end of the month they will definitely be willing to move anything they have too much of. Are there other dealers you can check that are maybe not the closest to you, but close enough that it's worth the drive? When I was looking I was about to go out of state for mine but luckilly one popped up in more of a local market for me.
  • Unfortunately, the dealership here hasn't been ordering too many new G35s... They had over 100 2006 G35s back in january, so they had to get rid of those first. But great tip! I'll check out the Portland inventory (it's probably 5 hours away...)
  • Going this Friday to a dealer that has a 2007 G35 with 6MT. { I would tell you the dealer's name but afraid someone will beat me to it!!!} The Sport and Sport 6MT are rare these days, all the models here are the all-wheel drive variety.
    This one has the colors I want, a premium package but with a spoiler [dunno about that] and splash guards. The price comes to about $1608 below MSRP totals found in the Infiniti web site. Seems like a good deal? Or am I dreaming?

    Still unsure about that 6 speed though..but thats what this Friday is all about.
  • Concentrate on the OTD price instead of soley on the vehicle price.
  • Just put in an order for 2007 G35X Sedan w/ Premium, cargo net, and splash guards. Total = $500.00 over dealer invoice. Should be getting it on Monday or Tuesday. I'll post again when I get the car.
  • Correction: Car = 500.00 over invoice, Total (OTD) = ~$37500+
  • myboynoy, for reference where (city, state) are you buying?
  • mez2mez2 Posts: 10
    Looking at the G35X....Loved it alot. Was given the following quote is it good or am I crazy
    MSRP $41,000 Sales Price $37,300 Prem with Tech and Nav Pkgs
    Lease payment for 39 months is $555 (Includes 7.25% tax) $885 out of pocket. 12K miles a year.
    PS Offered a m35X for $619mth 27/mths also.
  • central jersey
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