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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am shopping around for a G35 Sedan('08) and have a quote from a dealer in NJ. I want to know

    from you guys what you make of this deal(specs below)?

    Overall Sales Price: $36,700
    Config: Car = 2008 G35 Infiniti Sedan
    Base model = X (AWD,Auto)
    Pkgs Included = Premium, Nav, Sports-AWD, Painted Splash Guards, Cargo net.

    According to Edmunds the MSRP on the car is $40110 and the Invoice price is $36530.
    Also, there are a couple of charges for $249, and $354(dont know what they are, since I dint

    write it down)... totalling $39887.5
    There's already talks of a recession... is there any good cause to believe that the recession

    will reduce the prices(infi.), if so how long before it happens? Is it worth the wait and

    watch game? What are the prices that people get nowadays around NJ?

    Also, I am currently leasing a G35 coupe('06) that I need to return mid-April 2008 for which

    all payments have been made(I have the habit of over-paying a little every month when the

    goings good..), but I'm almost at the brink of my allotted miles, and estimate to be over by

    2000 miles at the mid may mark(2000 miles @ 20c/mile). Given that and the recession factor,

    what would be financially sound- to wait for another 3 mos. & pay for the excess millage & hope

    the prices drop/adjust... or just buy a new car right away?

    All thoughts welcome. Thank you in advance.
  • Waltaz,

    YOU CAN DO BETTER. You should try to get it at invoice or below invoice. I suppose you are talking about Pinnacle infiniti. They always mark up their cars by 2K above what the MSRP. Ignore the mark up. They have been offering the G37 at invoice so you can do better with the G35. Try out the other dealerships in Phoenix also.
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 123
    Thanks...I appreciate the input. Yeah, it's Pinnacle, and I began doubting how "good" the deal was when I got online last night and really started digging through other's buying experiences and prices. I am in the process of checking out the other dealers.

    One thing to note: We went around to Lexus, Mercedes and Acura, and each one of those fleet/internet guys was instantly straightforward with all the numbers, showing me everything, and for the leases, taking me through the calc on the monitor. At Pinnacle, it was like I was just a guy walking in off the street. Even though I was going through fleet/internet, they followed the "regular" process with an offer written on paper, then me countering, then the sales guys coming back with a slightly lower offer. At which piont, I pulled out all my research and told him I knew all of his numbers and 'x' was what I expected. Then he had to go off again, and so on. I was stunned - that's the very first time I've run into that with a fleet/internet guy since that channel has been available.
  • That's exactly the way I was treated by Courtesy Infiniti in Tampa, Florida. I was also stunned that they could so blatantly manipulate the deal. At that point, I closed the door on any further negotiations with them. I got a much better price elsewhere, but also had to endure games and a hidden charge. It's too bad Infiniti can't create a truly trustworthy dealer network where you don't feel like you are treated the same as when buying a Ford. I've read here that several have had great dealer experiences and I'm so glad to hear that. Just hasn't been the case for some of us.
  • Happy, I also live in the Tampa area and have had similar experiences with dealers in the area and in Florida. Did you end up finding a dealer you felt comfortable with? I have had quite a few internet sales guys who really aren't interested giving me much information via email. Any advice?
  • ymmvymmv Posts: 8
    I dealt with Pinnacle as well. They did not give me a good price, instead I got lots of run around.

    I ended up ordering my car from Infinity of Supersition Springs (Mesa, AZ). I got a G35 Journey with Premium, Navi, Wood, Performance Wheels/Tires and C. Net for invoice. I don't live in AZ, but even with shipping and a somewhat exorbitant doc fee ($399), this was better then what I could do locally. I ended up ordering because I wanted a specific package/color combination.

    The staff at Superstition Springs was very professional and above board (being of suspicious mind after dealing with several dealers I checked up on everything they told me).

    I concluded the deal via phone and email, without ever setting foot in the dealership. While I am still waiting on the car and there is always the possibility for things to go sideways, so far Superstition Springs guys have been great.
  • Hey wmaung,
    Did you get it already from Ray Catena? I currently have an offer from them for a G35x sedan too. I'm getting it with Premium, Sports-AWD, Nav, splash guards & Cargo Net. Before Tax & Tag I was quoted $36,700. The tax was $2569, and the the other #'s on the quote were- $249, $7.5, $8, & $354, totalling $39887.5. Is this a good deal or should I wait and go elsewhere? Also, what would you think the other costs are, i know one of them is tire tax(either the 7.5 or the 8)... in other words what were the costs that you were quoted and how much were they?
  • The Lexus is the only one that compares, and it's much more $$.

    Keep in mind, wheras the G might cost less to purchase than the Lexus, the Lexus will be more fuel efficient. The G is somewhat of a gas guzzler, so if the Lexus is your first choice go for it.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018

    EPA shows: 17 city. 20 Combined, 24 Hwy for a G35 w/auto


    EPA shows: 18 City, 20 Combined, 25 Hwy for an IS350

    So 1 MPG more city or highway is just about no difference, so if the G is a "guzzler" so is the IS - and 1 mpg does little to offset the extra cost of getting the more expensive IS.

  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 123
    They drive remarkably similar, and both are sweet. With the cost delta, the choice is a no-brainer. The window stickers both showed about the same MPG, which is what Dennis points out.
  • The dealer in Clearwater, Lokey, has a group buy price for Florida members of G35driver. It's not as low as some can do themselves, but pretty decent. They seem to have a good reputation among Florida G drivers but I've never been there.

    For my G35, I went with Sawgrass Infiniti and recommend that they be avoided! Not pleasant. Manipulative and condesending.
  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to add to the prices paid list:

    Infinti G35x 2008 with premium, performance wheel, wood trim, cargo, splash guards, wheel locks, 34000 + TTL. all in all came to about 36 out the door. This was in maryland. :)
  • wmaungwmaung Posts: 11
    Hi Waltaz,
    Congratulation to you for new G35. I'm also looking for G35x in NJ. The question is How many numbers of Credit score that be qualified for 2.9 % financing? Would you mind tell me how many points need to qualify to get. Thanks in advance...
  • wmaungwmaung Posts: 11
    Hi Vik_Kid,
    I didn't get G35x yet. I'm waiting for the color that I want and The sale rep: for Ray Catena told me the colors ( I asked 2,3 colors) in coming weekends. He offered me G35x Pre: pkg, Nav OTD 39k( I believed 35900 before tax and tags) Who was your sale rep? I went Lexus of Edison and Is 350 is way way expensive than Gs. Is 250 was less power compare than G35. Anyways, I might go and check RC again and talk with my sale rep( we talked over phone and will negotiate the price what he offered..though, I don't know it's good deal or not). I'm planing to meet him this Sat. Let me know any news and keep in touch...
  • I just got a quote from a dealer and noticed he bumped the money factor up from .00200 to .00240. I asked him if they increased the money factor and he said they did in fact. He said it was a small amount of profit for the finance department. He also included wheel locks for $139.00 in the intial fees and told me that all their wheels get them on arrival and I could not avoid this cost. Is this normal? I have VPP claim friends/family (I think C claim). I was wondering if anyone has used VPP pricing and experienced dealers increasing Money Factor and other "dealership fees". Is this something that I am going to have to accept because I am getting a good price on the car before fees. Or should I keep looking for the dealer that is going to give me VPP, not going to increase MF, and has little to no extra fees. I am also finding that dealers seem much less interest in me and are slow to respond to questions once I tell them I have VPP pricing.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Infiniti tier 0 is 740 and up, tier 1 is 700-739.

    Usually on advertised deals if you are in tier 0 or 1 you get the "super preferred rate".

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I ran into this as well. My local dealer marks up the MF and charges $500 or so for the "doc" fee. They also add > $1k in crap-o-la to each car (clear bra, wheel locks, wind deflector, nitrogen fill, etc). So if you walk in with a VPP claim code they expect you to pay VPP + fee + all the dealer add on stuff + a marked up MF. You would be a lot better off to NOT use VPP and buy from a dealer than does not mark up, have a large fee, and/or add extras to the car. I even called the VPP folks and they said you have to pay the doc fee they normally charge, couldn't help on the on the MF mark up, and you would have to negotiate the price of the dealer add ons for yourself.

    What I would do is shop for the dealer. Contact them in a wide radius from where you live and ask if they mark up the IFS money factor on leases and do they have a doc or prep fee and what it is. Also ask about what they have added to the car, if anything. Once you have the best dealers pin-pointed, then see if they have a car you want and present your VPP claim code. It is VOLUNTARY for them to honor it on the car you want or not. But if you start with dealers with no add ons, no markup, and no dealer fee, you should end up with a much better net deal than working with your current dealer. Even if they refuse your VPP, if you leased at say $500-600 over invoice with no extras you would have a nicer deal. Keep in mind that the dealer that accepts your VPP gets what you pay PLUS a 2.5% of invoice (not counting destination fee) back from Infiniti as a delivery fee. So your VPP may be $300 over invoice, but the dealer is getting say $850 (loaded sedan) to $950 (loaded coupe) back. So the VPP deal would net them MORE profit that leasing at $1k over invoice or less.

    Harper, over in Knoxville, leased me my G37 at VPP with $0 doc fee and at the lease buy rate. Well worth the trip, for me, to save the money compared to other dealers.

  • That sounds like it would be a better starting point. I have been trying to get the price first with VPP claim code then asking for a breakdown of the lease.

    I was also wondering are the doc and prep fees usually included in the dealer fees. The quotes i have been getting have dealer fees ranging anywhere from 400-600. Based on what I have read in the forums these seem high. Although, I have received these numbers after the already know I am a VPP customer. All have said they can't waive this fees can't be waived...

    Should I be happy if I am at invoice or under even if the fees are high?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You can figure the VPP price for yourself, it is not complex but I made a simple spreadsheet to use to figure it.

    Item Enter Model info here (B1)
    MSRP $Enter amount here (B2)
    Invoice $Enter amount here (B3)
    Less Dest =B3-715
    Less Discount=B4 * (1 - 0.0165)
    W/Delivery Fee =B5*1.025
    Plus Dest =B6+715

    The text on the left goes in cells A1-A7, the info/amounts/formulas on the right in bold go in cells B1-B7. The you drop in the invoice in cell B3 (B2 and B1 are just for reference) it will calculate the plan C and plan D VPP price.

    You can take the MSRP and equipment list from a car's window sticker on the dealer's online inventory and find invoice here at Edmunds, KBB, or No need to ask the dealer what the VPP price is.

    Most dealers have a set "doc" or "prep" fee (maybe both?) and by law or by rule they charge the same to every customer, including VPP customers.

    So use the dealer locator at the Infiniti page and start contacting dealers (preferably by Internet) and simply ask them

    "What are your dealer doc and/or prep fees?".

    You can also ask them

    "Any other fees added to the price by the dealership that are not actual tax, title, and tag fees?".

    I would also ask

    "Do you mark up IFS lease money factors, and if so, by how much?".

    You could also ask

    "Do your cars come with any dealer added accessories or are they as delivered from Infiniti?".

    Keep searching dealers in an ever widening circle until you find some that have no markup and little or no added fees and add on stuff. You can then see if these dealers have the car you want - model, options, and colors. If they do then ask your Internet sales reps

    "How much over invoice for this car (insert stock number from online inventory here)?".

    If the prices come back at $300 or less, then you will not need your VPP claim code. If they comes back more than $300 over, then you can either make them a counter offer or ask them

    "Do you honor VPP pricing on that car?".

    If they say yes, you should be done. You could find you would have to travel way too far to get out of all the add ons, if that is the case then just take the dealer(s) that offer the least amount of added on stuff. If your best dealing dealer does not have the exact car, but there are other dealers in their area, they can probably swap cars for free of a small fee (to you) to get the right car so you avoid paying the extras. Heck, if you find a dealer with no fees and add ons, you could probably pay them to haul you the right car from a distant dealer and still come out cheaper. You could also have them order you want you want and do the VPP deal when it comes in.

  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 123
    Great post! Thanks, Dennis!
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