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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It's the journey model, premium package, 18's and Navi. White metalic paint (not sure if they charge more for the metalic). It also had some cargo net in the trunk. Some fancy trunk mat with infinity symbol (not sure if that is stock or not but it looked extra because there was another mat under it). Floor mats have infinity symbol (once again, not sure if that's stock or option). It had some glass impact sensor thingy (i know that was extra). It also has mud guards. NO SPORTS PACKAGE I can't tell you if there were any other options or not but I can tell you exact prices. The sticker was $40,005. We paid $34,984 before TTL. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I could of had them throw in the 18's for free as she only charged me an extra $300.00 for them but I didn't think about it at the time, my mistake. The car's direct price on this day was $4500 under sticker so they just did a little better.

    It's actually my mom's car, that's why I don't have the sticker in front of me but I was there and did the deal, she wrote the check. Hope that helps.

    A friend referred me to the Lady I dealt with. My friend told me she was the fleet manager, her card says sales manager. My friend bought a car from her previously and has referred a couple people to her.
  • That's a great deal you got. Pretty much invoice minus the $2K incentive. I only hope to be that lucky in my dealings.
  • Doc fee could be negotiable, but good luck trying to get them to so.
    Bank fee is not negotiable, that is money that goes straight to Infiniti Finance.

    I have never seen a residual that did tenths (or hundreds) of a percentage so that number does not look right. Did you try to back into that number, or is is the number the dealer gave you?

    MF looks way too low as well and once again odd like the residual
  • I entered all those #s on my lease calculator spreadsheet and came up about $20 less than what they quoted me per month. So I agree something is off somewhere. I think they are charging the rent fees based on MSRP and not the sale price - that is where the majority of the difference is showing on my spreadsheet.

    It is a demo, so I figured the strange residual is probably to account for the fact that the car already has about 4K miles on it vs. a brand new one.
  • The residual value is always based on the MSRP, not the sale price.

    Residual = MSRP * Residual %
    Rent Charge = Sales Price - Residual
  • Yeah.. but, if it had 4K miles on it, the residual would be reduced a certain amount for each mile.... Usually $0.10-$0.15 each...

    If so, then one example:

    (MSRP X residual percentage) minus (4000 X $0.15) = actual residual.

    Looks like they backed into that residual percentage, as you stated...


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  • I guess the bigger question is it a good deal to pay ~$1000 less then the invoice of a new car when the car is question has 4,000 miles, a lower residual and there is $1000 cash to dealer available? Does not sound like a good deal to me. You can get around the same price on a new car and get the higher residual.
  • Agreed.. the only reason to get a demo is to save on the monthly payment... If it doesn't save you money, might as well get the new one equipped just the way you want it..

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  • Sounds ok.. I just leased a base g37 coupe for 445 tax in with no money down. Gave them nothing and drove away in my g37!

    Are they giving you the 0% for 60 months?? ( Its offered on the infiniti site)
  • A '09 coupe for 445 w/ no down? How long is the lease where're you located? This is very good deal.

    ...if this is a 24 months lease, I might want to jump on this deal and try to sell my G sedan. :cry:
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Never leased/lease/will lease as I only purchase with cash vehicles... there is still room for better OTD pricing, as I could get the same vehicle but not in stock with a different Infinity dealership by more than $500 less and did not pursue it, as I am still not ready to make the purchase.

    Also, despite the fact I like G37's exterior, I still have second thoughts about overall reliability compare to IS 350 (as an over 18 trouble free years owner of Toyota vehicles and have never owned a Lexus)... for example Infinity still uses green (30k miles) vs Lexus red/pink (100k miles) radiator antifreeze coolant (I know minor detail but significant to me which explains the higher initial cost to own a Lexus.)
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    IS is tiny inside...and much more expensive. As for the antifreeze example...100K miles is about 8 years. No coolant should be left in any car for 8 years. Coolant doesn't break down as much as get dirty.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Buy the G37 and change out the cooant, if that is your strongest indicator of a better car.

    You'll save $ and learn something about a great automobile. Or, stay with what you know, pay more, and be happy. The Infiniti and the Lexus are both similar, and fine cars.
  • Being the current owner of an IS250 (wife) and a G (mine) I hate the days that I have to drive her car for some reason. Its so damn small inside! The 350 is also outrageously priced for what you get compared to a G.
  • Can you share details on your lease? Also what dealer did you deal with? Thnx in advance
  • I agree with the rest about the small 350. It doesn't look it from the outside but the inside of that sucker is SMALLLLLLLLLL. I sat in one and said no way! Believe it or not, the inside of the 350 is smaller than my 06 Civic, yes, it's smaller than a Honda Civic inside!
  • I am looking to purchase a used 2008 G35x with low mileage and wanted to see if anyone has purchased the Infiniti elite extended protection plan along with their used or new G35x recently? I know there is a price difference for vehicles below 6k and for those above. I live in the NY,CT,NJ area. I am not sure how much I should be paying for this.

    I was quoted:
    $0 deductible $2,395
    $50 deductible $2,059
    $100 deductible $1,995

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • Ok details

    Its a 39 month lease 12k per year on a base 2008 coupe
    msrp 35600
    sale price (neg cap including all fees) 33600
    residuale value: 62%
    Money Factor .0016
    and 6.5% tax per payment

    Total it worked out to $445, try it on a lease calculator it works..

    Sawgrass Infinti in hollywood fl

    Good Luck!
  • Hey guys, I am looking for a 2009 G37x sedan, with Premium and Nav packages. I was offered invoice + $500, but I can't get 3.9% financing because the dealer would be using $2000 cash. The dealer said they can get me financing between 5 and 6%.
    Does invoice + 500 seem like a good price? This is in WA and we only have two Infiniti dealerships here.
  • The dealer should not be using the $2000 to get you to invoice + 500. The starting price should be invoice + 500 and you should then be able to decide whether or not to take the special financing or the $2000 to take you to invoice - 1500.
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