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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • avolavol Posts: 5
    Hi, my wife had exactly the same problem yesterday - completely dead car after only 4 days of inactivity (nothing was left on, e.g. lamps etc). Jump started it, took to the dealer - they said "it's normal and smth that can happen even after two days of not using it" B/c the car is running some kind of test daily ??? WTF?

    It's also 06 MDX bought in Dec 05.
  • A car should be able to start even after 2-3 weeks of inactivity.
  • WTF indeed, both my '04 and '07 have sat for a week or more in the garage and had no trouble starting. Acura owes you a new battery.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Just replaced the OEM battery in my 01 MDX and not because it was dead but because I felt I was starting to push my luck (the dealer said it was only putting out 255 ccamps). So I went to Sears and put in a DieHard. 68 months has to be a record for me...especially a battery that came in the car when new. :shades:
    You have a bad battery or an abnormal battery drain condition.
  • tursiopstursiops Posts: 8
    Hello, I havee a 2007 Acura MDX and my car is ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD... and I have to jump start my car every day. It only just started after my first service at the Acura Dealer. It is currently in the shop now and they cannot find the problem, only that there is a drain somewhere because they kept it overnight and this morning it was dead, yet again. WTF indeed!! I am thinking I should have stuck with my BMW X5!!!! Any one out there have any ideas??? They are telling me that they have heard issues about the HandsFreeLink system continuously running even tho I havent paired my Treo 700wx to the car because it isnt even compatible!!
  • justg0justg0 Posts: 42
    Sorry to hear about your troubles with 2007 Acura MDX. I think every car manufacturer will have consumers who will have problems like this and if you are that person, then you feel screwed - it's hard to look at the big picture but overall Acura has much better reliability ratings than BMW.

    BTW, I have my Treo 700wx successfully paired with my 07 MDX and it works great for voice calls. I haven't tried any other features like phonebook import aa I did not want to transfer my 1000 odd contacts to my car.
  • kbhaktakbhakta Posts: 17
    Do you have the powered lift gate?
  • dovelidoveli Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 MDX, 6 weeks old. The battery required jumping and the Acura support service said thaey have had troubles with the headlights being left on "Auto". It is now in the dealer for the third day and I was told it was caused by a "door lock button" being stuck and not allowing the car to "sleep" when it is shut off. Pats are on back-order and I do not know when I will get the car back.
  • tursiopstursiops Posts: 8
    thanks for the input.... well... I just contacted my Acura dealer (who has had my MDX for 4 days now) and they found the problem (they think). You may want to let your dealer know to look at the multiplex module for the front driver side. it controls the headlight timer, dome, dimmer, etc. Even if you are certain the lights are going out, it is still draining. They can contact John at service at the Acura of Orange Park (Florida) dealer to talk to my service guys to troubleshoot. I am (unfortuneately) glad that someone else is going thru a similar situation. Thanks.
  • tursiopstursiops Posts: 8
    I think I read that the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone passed all of the tests for the MDX. It is put out by Cingular. Aside from that, I used to have a Palm Treo 650 smartphone and all but a few features worked. I upgraded my Treo to a Treo 700wx with Windows CE and that phone doesnt work at all in my 2007 MDX
  • tursiopstursiops Posts: 8
    no, I have the Sport/Tech package and they told me this morning that they had an 07 with the entertainment package do the same thing and that is when they found it was the "multiplex module". So they are looking at the multiplex for the front drivers door and think that is the issue.
  • tursiopstursiops Posts: 8
    if you have the entertainment package, have them look into the multiplex module for the rear liftgate. They told me that there was another 2007 MDX w/ Ent Pack and that was where the problem was.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    I own a 2004 pilot. Instead of waiting for the redesigned 08, I have been checking the 07 MDX forum. What an eye opener! Too many electrical problems for me! (Let alone alignment and suspension) Sounds like Acura is getting ahead of itself in technology the way Mercedes did 5-7 years ago. My nagging problem with the Pilot which is built on the SAME platform/frame as the MDX (no its not the annoying wind and road noise that in itself is enough to get rid of the car) it is the vibration caused by the driveshaft to the rear tires. Maybe I am a perfectionist, but in the summer (I'm in Chicago) I remove the shaft. This gives me 6 to 8 months of smooth driving. Honda refuses to admit the problem. (check the Pilot forums)
    Question; What does Acura do differently? I don't see any gripes about this vibration. Is there a difference? Does anyone know if the 07 MDX (thus the 08 Pilot) has re-engineered the drivetrain? If Honda has, I am buying an 07 MDX tomorrow! (even with all its problems). W#hat other forums are out there? Good motoring! solo
    P.S. I wonder if its time to go back to my Tahoes!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Here's a new discussion you may want to join: Probably too early - Anyone knows any improvements for 2008 MDX?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • lmcmalilmcmali Posts: 4
    Are there any upgrades that can be done with regards to the display, information, etc...?
  • I own 2007 MDX with ENT/TECH packages and have had no electrical, vibration, or wind noise problems. I also did a lot of research before purchasing and would not consider the Tahoe in the same class as a MDX. Tahoes are nice but are inferior in technology, handling, fit & finish and if comparably equipped can cost more than an MDX. Not interested in paying that much for a chevy.... The new MDX is class leader as far as I am concerned (compared to BMW X5, Volvo XC90, Lexus RX, etc.). Get the new MDX, you will love it!!
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    The 2007 MDX uses a different AWD system. That may mean a different prop shaft and different joints (which I believe are the problem for the Pilot).
  • cybur1cybur1 Posts: 7
    I have a 2004 MDX and have generally been pretty satisfied with the reliability; no repairs, only routine maintenance. Over the past 6 months, I have noticed that the volume control for the stereo on the steering wheel doesn't always function properly. It happens very sporadically, but pushing the volume control either up or down causes the volume to increase. I'm coming down to the end of my warranty and wonder if this is the beginning of a larger problem. Heard of any similar problems? I'm sure it won't be acting up when I take it in.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Have an '04 as well and the same problem. I always thought it was because my wife spilled soda on the steering wheel because sometimes it sticks. The problem is very sporadic, probably half a dozen times. For me, not worth tearing the steering wheel apart.
  • cybur1cybur1 Posts: 7
    I blame my wife for everything, too. Apparently your problem has not gotten any worse?
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