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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello all!

    Just bought a base '08 MDX (after eyeing one and constantly thinking about for over a year) a couple of weeks ago and I try to "hypermile" whenever I can.

    It seems that when I am coasting to a light, the car seems to have a "dragging" feeling (like brakes are being applied) when I am coasting down to around 40mph. It seems to happen again around 20mph.

    Am I just being paranoid or is this normal from the automatic transmission?

    Any comfort/advice is appreciated :)
  • I noticed the samething when I got my 08 Sport/Ent. MDX. Watch the tach when you feel the drag. The vehicle is actually down shifting to a lower gear. I thought that was pretty cool and it actually helps out by saving your brake pads.
  • I had a smiliar problem but the car was a bit older. The steering wheel would shake significantly when applying the brakes at 55+ mph.

    As it turned out, one dealer told me they replaced the rotors. They lied. They resurfaced them. All other dealers went off the assumption the rotors were new.

    What happened was the resurfacing was not done properly, which was causing the shaking. The fix: brand new brakes and rotors on the car.

    You should contact Acura Client Care (I think it's in your owners manual) and tell them the problem. They will get you in touch with the right people. For me, they even contacted the dealership they felt was the best and made all the arrangements. I got excellent care and the car was finally fixed.
  • I am having the same problem with my 02. Problem showed up after transmission rebuild. Did you ever find answer to your problem?
  • scjdscjd Posts: 5
    Unfortunately, yes. Transmission had to be replaced, cost me $1200, but after that the car is running fine. Other people reporting that the problem was caused by one of the 2 control valves - I don't remember which ones. Sorry I can't be of more help
  • i now have the same problem with my '05 mdx. what did you ever do to get yours working again? Jon
  • Thanks for the reply. Let me vent a little.

    My transmission has been very good from new up to 117k miles when 3rd gear went. Acura dealer said save money and go to AAMCO so I took it to a local AAMCO dealer who identified internal problem. The took apart and found third gear bad. replaced third gear clutch plates and the piston. Replaced a pressure valve and re assembled with typical rebuild kit and a rebuilt torque converter. Cost me 2700.00. Right away I noted hard shifting etc but opted to hold off since I had to take it back for 10day check up. But within a couple of days i noted the tach jumping 100 rpms and then a loud vibration noise that sounded like going over grate in the road. This showed up when the tack was jumping but only some of the time.
    Well long and the short I took it back to them 6 times and they rebuilt it 2 additional times and replaced the linear solenoids and the torque converter lock up solenoid at additional Charge on other visits, Now up over 3400. They even had me take it to acura to have them put on diagnostic computer and they even paid the bill.
    Acura said a bad valve or the torque converter. On the last rebuilt the AAMCO tech found the torque converter lock up valve was sticking a little so he honed it. Got car back and noted tach still jumping but no sound. But a few days later the sound showed up again but very faint.

    AAMCO is trying to tell me it is engine problem eventhough Acura ruled that out.
    I am now going through Credit Card charge dispute process in an attempt to get my money back. Dont believe they should get unlimited attempts to fix the problem that I believe they caused by initial faulty repair.

    Anyhow the problem I have occurres like this.

    Cold start up, drive for about 10min, house to freeway. Get on I-4 and head to work and the tach starts the jumping within a few min. and the noise is there but faint. It usualy goes away after about 5-10 miles of travel. However since it was cold this AM 65 degrees (cold to me in FL) it lasted the whole trip. Usualy the pulsing goes away after all castings are good and hot and possibly since ambient temp was lower than it has been the problem presisted until I got to work, about a 16 mile drive.
  • madux1madux1 Posts: 1
    hi. just want to know if anyone had a chance to replace their side mirror assembly. i hit mine on the garage and ordered a replacement and thought instructions would be included. can anyone how can I replace the housing assembly, driver side. thanks
  • I know I'm jinxing myself here but has anyone had to replace the tranny on their '04 MDX? I've read lots of problems with earlier models and so far (57k miles) have not had any issues.
  • progerproger Posts: 44
    I have the same model and year and no issues on tranny yet. I have 54k so far.
  • Let's keep our fingers crossed. ;)
  • I just bought an 08 Acura MDX and mine is shaking and vibrating at about 65-70mph. The MDX loaner they gave me had NO such vibration. How did your situation turn out tkv_01? I'm really going to dig in and fight on this, I know they're going to try and say it's "normal". But my loaner says otherwise. They allegedly checked the balance on my wheels/tires but who knows? They said they were fine. I'm bummed :mad:
  • 08 MDX
    Second time fix for audio lights illuminating delay after start up at night.
    First time they replaced radio unit in april 08 and it happened again 1 month after and again 5months later and I finally got it on video from a phone! 2nd repair I go to pic up vehicle and rear passenger floor and seat is saturated with water and moisture. I visually inspected the area to find water in the door panel and grill of the door for speaker but the surface had been all wiped down! Something I do not need right now, I am so p-off and stuck on what to do and what to expect.
    I refused to take the car so they could address the problem and they initially made excuses to what happened.
  • We have a 2007 MDX and have a similar problem. We had it to several dealers, and replacing the tires because of flat spots and after several attempts with "road force balancing" approximately 90% of our vibration problem was solved. But occasionally it is felt at similar speeds 65-75mph.

    At what mileage did the vibration begin?

    Please post the results and details of your repair.
  • My 08 MDX had 31 miles on it when it started shaking. The very first drive on the way home from the dealership. My loaner is butter smooth. The good news is the dealership svc. guy recognizes and acknowledges the problem. I'm vying to get them to exchange my X for one with no such vibration, while it's still new. I'm probably dreaming. I'll have to hope the things you had done help. 90% better is good, but I'm paying 100%. If you know what I mean. I truly appreciate you sharing your experience. :)
  • I got a Sport/Ent. Pack. MDX. With the radio volume low or off, I can hear a "creaking" type of noise coming from the driver's window when it is rolled all the way up. I sounds like the window moved down very slightly, thus is a little loose. It is not down enough to let wind in, but it is getting irritating. If I roll the window up, it will move very slightly and the noise will go away for another 20 miles or so and come back. I have taken it into the dealership 3 times now and they still can't find the problem. Any suggestions?
  • I'm not sure what could be causing that? I had a rattle in my steering wheel along with the road vibration at hwy speeds. The rattle turned out to be some loose airbag housing, now the whole airbag assembly has to be replaced. I'm pretty stunned at the slippage in quality that Acura is apparently undergoing. Let us know what your window problem turns out to be. I've read other posts of people with sounds coming from their B pillar as well. :confuse:
  • I just bought a used 2004 mdx in August. I took it in to have a service (oil/filter-overall trip check) and told the mechanic that I am getting horrible gas mileage (11-13 mpg) he suggested a fuel flush and additive. I have had the car back 2x now for a warning light indicator (malfunction indicator) it was not on before I had the car brought in and it does go off when I pick up the car at the mechanics shop-comes back on 1/2 into driving again. Does anyone have any input into this problem. The car seems to be driving fine. But the owners manual says it can be serious or can be nothing (very helpful)
  • The third time I got the vehicle back, Acura replaced a black plastic trim molding on the outside of the the b-pillar. They stated it was "bowing" outward and when they pressed on it, it made a "squeaking" type of noise. But that didn't seem to solve the problem. Acura Quality Assurance Dept. called yesterday and inquired on the repair. I told them the problem still exists, so someone will call me on Monday to schedule another appointment to bring the vehicle in, again. I'll let you know the outcome.
  • It sounds like a sensor problem. Whatever they used to flush your fuel system must have wiped out a/few sensors in the emissions system. The shop should be able to diagnosis this problem accurately with a diagnosis machine. The connect it to your port and in a few seconds get a reading. Is "the shop" an Acura Service/Repair Shop? If not, try taking it to one. They might not catch the error code if the emission light is not displayed when you take the vehicle in.
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