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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    In order to increase FE most manufacturers are now extending the coastdown "fuel cutoff" period/time by downshifting "lightly" (no serious level of compression braking incurred {hazardous for FWD and F/awd}) in order to keep the engine revs just slightly above stall point.

    So you're likely to feel a bit more coastdown "drag" in these newer FWD and F/awd vehicles than was normal of yesteryear.
  • chris_kchris_k Posts: 4
    Just purchased an MDX Tech and love it! Previous car was a Lexus RX350 and whenever I backed up had no problem seeing the rear images on the dashboard screen.

    With the Acura, if it is sunny (not even overly bright), it is extremely hard to see the rear images on the dash screen. Has anybody had this problem and are there any ways to adjust the screen? The owner's manual was not helpful.
  • I purchased a used 05 MDX and have been experiencing the same thing almost immediately after purchasing. Thud when turning into and out of driveway (sharp turn although I am noticing it more ) also when changing gear from reverse to drive.

    Can anyone advise or share their experience what would be some steps to get it repaired or even take legal action?
  • linda31linda31 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Acura MDX. The clips on all 4 air/hent vents on the dashboard are broken. I'm realizing many MDX owners are also having the same problem. It's extremely expensive to replace them through the dealership. Wondering if anyone knows where I can get the parts at a reasonable price and how to remove the 2 outside vents (I already know how to access the 2 middle vents). Can anyone help me. I do live in Canada. Might be a consideration when ordering parts perhaps.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 237
    You might want to try adjusting the screen brightness by turning the navigation dial while the car is in reverse.
  • Hello, I have exactly the same issue, bought a new taillight assembly on line for 1/2 price now I need to install it. Did you ever get an answer on how to proceed with removing the old one?
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Why not just use a pencil like i do? Much cheaper and less hassle.
  • linda31linda31 Posts: 3
    Yes I think I agree. All the hassle I've gone through trying to fix the problem has only caused further frustration with no resolution without the extreme cost. I like the pencil option for my own sanity. Will spend my $$$ elsewhere.
  • I several questions and comments. First off, I really like the MDX, for an SUV it handles really well, like some of the other comments I have read, the acceleration is great, the sound system is really hot too. That was a great feat. to me. As a matter of fact the whole entertainment system is great. My questions and concerns start with:

    * If there is one, where is the latch/button for the back hatch?

    * I heard you can play dvd's up on the front navigator screen? Does this mean the kids can watch their dvd as the adults/passengers in the front watch a separate dvd simultaneously?

    * Does anyone feel like the suspension could be more durable? Where you don't feel the railroad tracks and bumps alike so much when going over them?

    * Could putting on a bigger and wider tire help take in some of those railroads and bumps I feel when I go over them? I'd like for the ride to be much more softer or at least be able take the bumps much better. I feel less bumps in my 5 series BMW than I do in the MDX.
    Or was this issue fixed in the later MDX models ?
  • gennisgennis Posts: 1
    I have a 02MDX that I like as well. We have put a number of kilometers on it since buying it new in late 01. A few years ago it seemed to be getting quite noisy and rough riding over cracks in road, small pot holes and almost anything but perfect road conditions. I could not get any diagnosis from our local dealership but finally got it figured out with my mechanic that does our other vehicles. It came down to replacing $20 bushings on the front and rear of the suspension. However those bushings we put back in were also the manufacturer product and we have just finished replacing them again. This time we did not use them but had another product put in as the Acura bushings had only gone 50% of the original ones. The noises are gone but I'm still feeling that the ride is stiff and the dampening of any road cracks or holes is not that good. I'm reading from other threads that it may in fact be a function of the suspension from the manufacturer. It has been several years since it was new so my recollection is vague about the original ride.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    It sounds like the infamous gas tank thud, I have it in my '04, lots of people have it on their Ody's too. Just fuel sloshing around in the tank, something about the baffles in the tank...
  • I'm facing the same thing. I have 600KM on the car and I bought it 3 weeks ago.
    I have senistive ears and that noise is ether getting louder or I am just noticing it more. But on bad days,that noise gives me a headache as you said it eminates and it sounds similar to a subwoofer "booming"

    What worries me is that by reading the posts here, it's normal and Acura is doing nothing about it....what a waste of money!!!!
  • sanjaybtsanjaybt Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Acura MDX with around 79000 Miles. I now have a transmission problem. The car will automatically goto neutral while stopping at Red-Light. I will need to move to D1 and then move back to D5. Acura has recalled Transmission for the very same problem for 2001 & 2002 models.

    I went to my dealer yesterday and met with a Service person. He told me that they are having a lot of coplamints from 2003 ACURA MDX custoers with the same transmission problem. After hearing this, I called the Acura Service helpline but they told me that they will not pay for my transmission. I need to goback to the Dealer who is asking for $4800 to fix my transmission problem.

    I really feel very helpless as Acura is not helping me for a known problem with their transmissions in 2003 MDX. What should I do? As per the dealer, I am not the only one who is having this problem? This seems to be a known problem. This certainly appears to be a manufacturing defect that Acura is refusing to admit and take care of the issue.

    Please advise.

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,196
    With 80k miles and 6 years on your truck -- you'll get no help on repairs. No manufacturers will fix that unless you bought a chrysler which had a 7/70 power train warranty. Check the price at a top notch independent transmission shop.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    I see someone already asked this first one but that it wasnt' answered.

    Can you watch the movie being played on the dvd RES on the front screen?
    The other person asked if you could watch 2 diff dvds and i dont think that is possible because there is only one dvd slot but I know on my old suv with RES, you just had to have the parking brake on and then you could watch the dvd on the front screen.
    some ppl disabled the parking break kill switch so they could view the dvd on the front screen and also disabled the daytime running lights with taht as well if you didnt' want them as it burned out the bulbs and if it was a cloudy day you could just pur your parking lights on.

    I'm sure there is a way to get the dvd playing to show on the front nav screen but it may be the same type thing only when the car is parked and thefore requiring a work around.

    speaking of workaround, I'm sure there is a way to disable the seatbelt and before anyone says anything, there are 100's of threads about disabling the seatbelt chime of every car make and model including Acuras most of which get 100's of posts by ppl screaming about how you should wear your seatbelt. noone is saying you shouldnt' but ppl still have the right to know how to disable the chime if they so choose. I know there is a way with the mdx and the info is out there but if it hasn't already been shared in this thread then i'm sure others would be interested as well and not neccessary for anyone to post their opinion on seatbelt use as its just the matter of a chime and nothing to do with ppls opinions on seatbelts one way or the other.

    Also, where is the ipod/mp3 player connector in the Tech with Ent.? in the tech its in the center console and the tech with ent. adds a 9 volt (usually indoors) type plug which is handy but then omits the mp3 plug of the TEch.
    If you get Tech PLUS Ent. why does it then take away that feature of the tech just cus it adds the plug of the Ent. I could see if I just got the Ent. then maybe i dont get the mp3 plug that the tech comes with but if you get tech and ent you should get both.

    the print ou the car sticker says aux mp3 connection though so where is it. do they just mean the red and white audio plugs behind the center console? cus that isn't an aux mp3 plug, though you can use a red and white audio to single audio ccable to connect to an mp3 player or ipod/iphone but that connection with the yellow video plug is made to connect an aux video device with audio not an mp3 player.

    so is there an aux mp3 connection that the window sticker printout speaks of that I am not seeing somewhere? also can you plug a single ended cable to single end for iphone into one of the 3 headphone jacks also behind the center console? maybe that is what they mean but then wouldnt' it say 3 aux mp3 jacks? it sure makes it sound like there is single aux mp3 jack somewhere but i ahvent found it.

    also It says something about automatically folding mirros but i see no button to do that either and it seems they fold manually by hand which i was afraid to do at first cus they were stiff and after reading that they were auto on the window sticker I was afraid that folding the mirros in manually would break the motor in them. well if thats the case too late cus i didn't see any switch/button to automatically fold them in.

    thats it for now and I guess i need to RTFM but most of my questions are probably not even in the manual.

  • dave210dave210 Posts: 237
    Open a case with Acura Client Services. You'll be given a representative that will open a case and work with Acura and your dealer in possibly getting this issue resolved.

    While there is no set rule or promise I can give, there are plenty of cases where Acura will approve the repair where the customer will either pay nothing, or just labor.

    My wife's friend had her 2002 transmission replaced at 85,000 miles for free some two years ago.

    You might want to try heading over to the unofficial "acuramdx" site and submitting your issue in the "Transmission Problems" forum. This is a common problem and Honda/Acura knows it.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,196
    congrats on getting the issue resolved on the transmission. Of course, that was two years ago. It's a different world today but worth the effort.
  • shelbytwpshelbytwp Posts: 1
    i know u posted this message about an year ago , but i have the same problem , my radio would not power on , did check the radio fuse in front that is ok , were you able to solve ur problem and any suggestions for me
  • bab9916bab9916 Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem on my 2008 MDX. I found a technical service bulletin from Acura, dated 2/6/2009, that addresses the issue. They are saying that the probable cause is faulty rear dampers. Corrective action: replace both rear dampers, the damper mounting bolts, and the stabilizer link flange nuts. I have an appt. in 3 days for repair. I will update.

    Here is the link to where I found the TSB. &postid=435129#post435129
  • I bought used 2005 MDX which is touring,
    Driver side door is not locking/unlocking with remote key. after opening the Drive door manually with key , I can unlock the other door's with the remote key.

    can somebody suggest me or anything i need to do other than taking to dealer.

    RK :confuse:
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