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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • stinger3stinger3 Posts: 16
    I don't think it is normal. My 09 MDX produces very quiet wind noise. Hope you can find a cure.
  • kdiaskdias Posts: 8
    Thanks. I take it in next week for an oil change. Will have it checked out for the buzz. I agree that a car of this caliber should not have all the issues I have experienced. Very disappointing. I have had it in the shop about six times for various minor problems.
  • cannot shift gears stuck between park and reverse
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Update on "sticky shifter"
    Took it to Honda because Acura is an hour away, they took the center console apart and found the shifter cable was corroided on both ends, lubed it up and will be ready by the end of the day, no parts just labor, $85.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    What year is your MDX? Mine is an '04, see message #1765.
  • qaliqali Posts: 55
    I recently bought a low-mileage 05 MDX Touring in Toronto. The symptoms are exactly as reported by djrasure and topoff, ie, the whistling sound comes around 50mph - 70 mph. As soon as I take my foot off the accelarator, the sound goes away. When I took a technician on a test drive he told me that the sound is made by the air intake manifold valve (whatever that means) and that it is normal. But there is no sound at lower speeds or at idle. The technician told me to bring it in if the sound increases, but he did acknowledge the sound. Stumped :(
  • topofftopoff Posts: 14
    Thanks - I am going to test drive others at another location - same sound then fine. But I don't want to hear 'they all do that' and they don't.
  • I am having the same problem with my 2007 MDX nose mask. Did you order a new one?. Did it help? :cry:
  • topofftopoff Posts: 14
    I've never used the mask - look under one (even on one near new 2008+) and see the paint damage. All that dirt and water does add up after a while.
  • Did anybody get a fix for this? Would the Hood deflector help? I just bought a 2007 with the hood problem and would like to fix it.

  • I only use the mask on long trips. I was trying to find out if some one had the same problem and fixed it. :confuse:
  • Never did solve the problem. Finally removed it and as some one else mentioned the paint did have some slight marring. Fortunately, I was able to buff out the marks and it is pretty much not noticeable anymore.
  • I started receiving a "DVD read error" message on my 2007 NAV system. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Did you have to take it to the dealer? What was the solution?
  • Hi acuraman8 ..i just had this happened to me today, how was your problem resolve?
  • The keyless entry can unlock and lock the car with no problems, but it cannot activate the alarm system. The red light doesn't flash on the driver's side door.

    What fuse is the alarm system on for the 2005 model, I have looked through the manual and cannot find it. Please help thanks.
  • Did you ever get this problem resolved?

    I have the same problem you summarized. Still no power to my radio, ac adapter, a/c controls, trip computer, etc.
  • Are you sure it's not just the red LED that is out? Roll the drivers side window down, get out, shut the door, lock the car w/ the fob and then lift up the lock, if the horn goes off, then it is just the light. Does the panic button set off the alarm?
  • I figured it out. The back passenger door behind the driver will only lock or unlock manually. The power lock on the keyless entry control nor the power lock on the driver/passenger door will lock or unlock that back door. Once I manually lock it the alarm beeps, sets and the red light flashes. The door lock on the passenger door must have a short, and I do not see a specific fuse for that door? Any fix suggestions or am I looking at having to take into a Acura or better yet a Honda dealer? Please help.

    Also, thanks for the reply Upstatedoc.
  • My passenger side window was broken and during the replacement the Acura dealership left glass in the door. When we returned the vehicle to have the glass removed the dealership claimed they did not have a vacuum that could reach the bottom of the door and that they'd have to enlarge the drainage hole my drilling the door to remove the left over glass. Does this seem correct?
  • No. I had my driver side door broken into and the window replacement company did no such thing. Drilling holes in your door will create possible places for rust to develop. If the Acura dealer wants to do this, then you need to ask them to talk to Acura HQ. They need better vacuuming tools and patience in continually shaking and knocking on the door to jar loose the glass fragments so that they can settle down to the drainage holes and removed.
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