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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    Just happened to be visiting this forum - I see the problems continue to mount for the MDX. Seems Acura's are having more issues than the domestics these days. At any rate, to answer your question I couldn't stand my 07 MDX any more and got rid of it. Now have an 09 Honda Pilot Touring Edition and no issues so far. Go figure the cheaper cousin is more trouble free and a ton less expensive!
  • Yeah, sorry vaughn4, you must have gotten a lemon, our '07 is following in the footsteps of our '04...bulletproof.
  • I have a gauge/dial on the dash which indicates RPM X 1000 on my 2002 Acura MDX. The pointer normally pointed to 2 when the engine was running. I have recently noticed that it points to 1 or lower when the engine is running, though it jumps to 2 and over when I press the gas pedal or accelerate and quickly falls back to 1. The car runs fine, but at lower speeds I feel the engine vibrate once in a while. What does this indicate. Appreciate your guidance.
  • Problem fix - Went all the way to the Acura Tech Center. Transmission cable acts as a sound tube directing the transmission noise into the interior. New cable and proper adjustments solved the problem. Wonderful car. Covered under warranty. Good luck!
  • qaliqali Posts: 55
    Thanks Topoff, and I am glad your problem is fixed. Can you please send me the URL for the Acura Tech Center and tech # (if one exists). That way I am better informed when I discuss this with the dealer.
  • The dealer did the leg work - at first it looked like a transmission issue - pump etc. The dealership needs to call the tech center prior to doing major work to ensure warranty coverage.
  • I posted awhile back about a thumping coming from the right side rear suspension in my 2009 MDX with sport package suspension. After three visits and many complaints to the dealer they fessed up and stated that they do not know what is wrong and they don't know how to fix it. Further, they admitted that Acura has been aware of this problem in the MDX going back to 2007 but don't know what is causing the problem. (It sounds like a tennis ball bonking around in a cardboard box whenever I go over even the slightest disruption in the pavement. The noise is reminiscent of a bushing problem or shock dampner out of whack.) Dealer said that Acura suits said it is, "Commercially acceptable." Thanks for taking my $50k and then telling me that, Acura. I think we disagree. Anybody have any solutions for me in terms of getting this taken care of?
  • While accelerating sometimes there's a loud clapping sound from the engine compartment or from underneath the engine, tranny maybe. A single pop, very loud and startling, followed by a momentary loss of power. Like a misfire, or a tractor.
    Dealer is clueless or is pretending to be. Does anyone know about this?
  • Okay, it's been sometime now and I haven't given an update on the squeeky window. The noise came back shortly after the last post. About a month later, I took the MDX back in and they basically took every that could come out of the door and reinstalled it, torquing it to specs. Problem solved. I've been squeeky free since then. But...the exhaust smell is still there when accelerating hard and the A/C is on recirculate. They haven't been able to fix this problem.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    My 2008 Acura MDX Sport/Ent has an issue with the steering wheel being 3 degrees to the left of center on the highway. I have paid for an alignment already but the 3 degrees to the left persists. While not horrible I was wondering if a private alignment shop could tweak it a bit so the steering wheel is dead center when drivng in the center lane. Yes, I realize there is a CROWN to the road; still I am not used to the steering wheel being off to the left and it is annoying. Anyone else notice this issue? The Acura TECH says my car is within SPECS.
  • The Acura guy should be able to get your steering wheel back to center. Wothin specs, he says? Maybe, but the job is a basic one, unless something greater is wrong that he doesn't want to have to deal with. My '09 MDX Sport/Ent had the same problem - fixed in a jiffy, no charge. It is nothing for any decent mechanic (Acura or even a Midas shop) to straighten out. Go back and talk to the service manager. No luck with him? Get the customer relations manager involved. Keep moving up the chain.
    Good luck.
  • cding5cding5 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 MDX midnight blue and I am the original owner. The passenger side door panel has original paint. However, since 2 years ago, I began to notice it has a noticeable haze on it on the entire panel. None of the other body parts have the same problem. Anyone has similar problem? I guess whatever happened to it happened to the entire panel and that is too much coincidence and I cannot help thinking it is the manufacturing process that mess it up. Could they have forgot to put a clear coat on the door panel?
  • Getting rid of my '05 touring MDX. 49,000 miles, garage kept & per the dealer needs a new tranny because the torque converter is slipping. WTF????!!! A four year old vehicle under 50k miles needs a new tranny???!!! Just out of warrenty by 3 months, dealer won't help, ACS won't help. I am DONE with Acura. Will never buy one again! They should own up to the fact they have tranny problems and RECALL the vehicles. :mad:
  • Reminds me of my days with Volvos so I bought an Acura. But...
    I have an 09 MDX with a rear suspension problem that is driving me nuts. Four times in the shop in six months and still the racket from the rear is ever-present. Acura knows it's a problem but does not know the cause. They say it is "commercially acceptable" and they won't try to repair the problem. Another Acura in my future? Fat chance!
  • kdiaskdias Posts: 8
    Call Honda customer support. Generally if the vehicle has l;ess than 100K miles, they will work with you to cover some if not most of the costs of replacing the tranny.
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    I just bought an 09 MDX and have the same rear suspension thud issue. It seems to come from the right rear only. It's not a clank of a bang. It a hollow, boomy thump/thud. Almost like a muffled bass drum. It's not loud. Just loud enough to be annoying. It hear it a lot of city streets where I'm going 20mph over lots of crappy pavement. I took it in along with a service bulletin to my dealer. The service bulletin described the exact issue we are talking about, but only covered VIN numbers prior to mine. The bulletin called for the rear dampers and bushings to be replaced. Since my VIN didn't fall under the bulletin, the dealer didn't do this. They did try applying some extra lube to some of the components, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Has anybody actually had their rear dampers and bushings replaced per the bulletin? Curious to know if it actually helped.
  • smilsomsmilsom Posts: 11
    I had the the dampers and bushings replaced per the bulletin and it made no difference with the respect to the noise you are describing which is the same issue I had. I then test drove another 09 MDX and it had the same exact noise issue. When I drive the car on the highway or out of the city this problem is basically non-existent, it only occurs at lower speeds over sharp bumps. I believe at this point that this is just an unfortunately and annoying characterisitc of this vehicle. Its my biggest issue with the car.
  • This has been an issue since day one and i don't think any of the "fixes" have worked. It's a (annoying) characteristic of the vehicle. I notice it more when our '07 is in sport mode. Do you guys have the sport or base?
  • kdiaskdias Posts: 8
    I have an '08 with Tech Package. I had a tapping sound (I would not charatcterize it as thump) at slow speeds. It seemed to occur when the SHAWD was engaging and disengaging. I could be wrong about that, but annyway..... The first time the bushings were changed, the problem returned. They were changed a second time and this time the problem seems to have been resolved. The difference is that I believe in the case of my car, the noise was coming from the front. Now that that has been resolved, I get a buzz that goes through the car when I get above 65 mph. Anybody encountered this??
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    I have a Tech. It does not have the comfort/sport active damper system. I only notice it on certain types of bumps at low speeds. If the bump too small, no noise. If the bumps are too big, then the car makes normal tire/suspension noise, which drowns out the thump. It's only when the bump is small enough that the front goes over it silently and then I hear a thud/thump from the back.

    I'm wondering if it has to do with the back being lighter than the front. Or there could be less sound deadening back there. Or it also might be the acoustics of having all that open space back there.
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