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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi gregmdx:
    My dealer did replace my rear suspension with a brand new 09 suspension. The first 72 hours was like butter! Then the problem reappeared, but not as bad as it used to be. I am sure that as the miles increase on it, the problem will return in full throat! For now I have forgotten that the problem is present as it is so minimal.
    My service guy admitted that it seems to be a design flaw. All the models he has driven also have this issue. Bummer. Not much else to be done - unless I want to call a lawyer. Nah, I don't want that hassle. It is disappointing, as I bought this car over Lexus and Mercedes and Buick because of the quality and reliability of the MDX. Not sure if I will be a repeat customer. Best of luck to you. Happy New Year.
  • There was no improvement in mine after the TSB was done. Not even temporary like you experienced. It's obviously a defect. Although annoying, it's just not serious enough to be worth the time to pursue any type of legal action. It's a shame, because the rest of the car is sooo good. I don't mind hearing thumps over bumps. But the type of noise the rear suspension makes is very annoying. The vast area in the rear causes the thump to take on a boomy echo quality. My solution? Turn up the stereo and do my best to forget about it. This model has been out for going on 4 years now, so I highly doubt a fix is on the way...
  • Anxious to see if they've fixed this on the 2010's. If not, I'll be looking elsewhere.
  • I doubt it. Just make sure to take the time to test drive thoroughly over bumpy city streets. Often, when I test drive cars the drive is so short that I tend to miss nagging subtle noises. It wasn't until I had the car for a few days that I started to notice it. And once you're keyed into it, it's hard to ignore.
  • Just had another thought... The MDX is rated at a pretty high tow capacity. It's also meant to be able to have 5 people in the back without sagging much. So the rear suspension must be pretty firm. I'm wondering if you were to load it up, the thump/boom might go away. I had my buddies in the car once and I didn't hear the boom. Then again, I was on better roads at the time.
  • I hear that there is a redesign for the 2010 model. We shall see.
    I have had the car with a heavy load and the problem stays the same.
    I should be clear that I have the sport model suspension. The standard suspension models had a recall on their suspensions for thumping. The sport model does not have this recall.
    As far as the type of streets that cause the noise, it is not necessary hard core potholed types. It can be a manhole cover or even pavement changes that make the thumps. Even backing out of my driveway from the apron to the street caused it. Focus on very moderate bumps at moderate speeds (under 40 mph) to hear the thump. For now, my new suspension is staying quite quiet. Good luck to all.
  • I have a 2009, non-sport. I didn't hear of a recall. But I did have the thumping/drumming TSB service done, which basically replaces the rear suspension components. If anything, it's worse then ever.

    My experience has been the same as yours in that it seems to handle big bumps, dips and large potholes just fine. Rather it's the small stuff (cracks, manhole covers, etc) that make the noise anywhere from 10-40mph. I was in the city today and it was driving me nuts!! And for some reason, I hear the noise from the rear-right, even when the bump hits the left side of the car.

    There is a small mahole cover on my street, covered with some rippled pavement. I hit it every day, going about 20 mph. The front passes over silently, then BOOM!

    I don't expect a silent ride. I expect bumps to make noise. But this particular noise has a certain boomy quality to it that is very irritating. I really hope I can find a fix to this someday soon because it's ruining an otherwise GREAT car.
  • twotwotwotwo Posts: 11
    I noticed that my 2009 MDX door lock locking on several occasions when start to drive after doing a complete stop like in a traffic light. I did not shift to neutral or park when I stop. It did this four or five times throughout the day, but more of a sporadic frequency and not on every stop and go.

    Did anybody experience this? Could this be in the setting of the automatic door lock? I bought the vehicle new about a month ago. Wanting to get some opinions before taking it to the dealer.

    Also the driver side window was making a screeching noise when rolling up. It did not make any noise rolling down. I didn't see a mark on the glass. Any guess on what could've caused this?
  • Yep, right rear side is my exact problem area as well! Moderate speeds and moderate pavement changes such as a manhole cover cause the thump. You are telling my story. Front end goes over nice and smooth and then the right rear side: THUMP! Sounds like tennis balls in a cardboard box.
    Mine is still better after the rear suspension replacement.
    The "recall" I mentioned applies to the service that you had done on the rear suspension. Perhaps I used recall incorrectly. Rather, it was a service bulletin of sorts.
    Sorry that you are not getting any satisfaction. Indeed, it does ruin an otherwise GREAT car. Best of luck.
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    I've resorted to cranking the music to drown it out. I haven't had to resort to that tactic since driving my clunker way back in high school. haha
  • plowplow Posts: 1
    The turn signals for my 2003 MDX recently quit working so I thought I would check the fuse. The fuse for the turn signals is located on the interior driver side fuse box. The problem is I can't seem to get the fuse cover off to get to the fuse. Can someone please help? There are two small openings on the cover which makes me think there may be a special tool to get it off.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    would it be possible to get the usb connection for ipods/iphones and usb flash/hard drives added to an 09 tech with ent.?

    i always thought the ppl with tech and ent. got jipped because you lose the aux audio connection in center console that the tech has just because you added ent. package and got the outlet in the console.

    you shouldn't lose anything from the tech package just cus you added the ent. package.

    that was terrible of them.

    i hate having to plug in a separate charger for the iphone and fumble with it to change song plus have to connect it with a y cable (red and white audio to headphone jack in the iphone) from the rear inputs behind center console.

    i hope there is a way to add the usb connection of the 2010 into the console of the 09 to make up for the fact that adding the ent package took away the aux audio input of the tech package.
  • ashd1ashd1 Posts: 14
    I have a 2005 MDX Touring with NAV + Entertainment with 30K miles on it.
    A couple of days ago the radio stopped working for FM and AM channels, however XM, the CD player and the DVD work fine.

    Any ideas on what may be the issue here ? Has anybody else here faced this issue and got it resolved ? I took it to the dealer and the service rep said they'll charge $125 to diagnose the issue and if its a dead radio it'll cost 600-700 to get it fixed. My car is out of warranty and I'm not in a position to fork out that much now :( I'm wondering if there is something simple that I can try - I'm quite hands on and am willing to try out any suggestions.
    Could it be a problem with the antenna - and how is the antenna connected ?

  • gsdgsd Posts: 4
    Did replacing the ABS Modulator fix the issue, I know you said they replaced it but you didn't say if it actually fixed the issue. I am having the exact issue with my 2005 mdx and they want to replace the brake switch which after reading this post looks like it will just cost me $ and not fix the issue.
  • Hi,
    I bought a new 2009 MDX recently and I am also experiencing the same high pitched whistling noise coming from the dash board. I drove only 1500 miles so far. I took the car to the dealer immediately and they inspected (took 6 hrs) and said that it is due to passenger window that was rolled down slightly, which I don't believe it. Has this problem been fixed for your MDX? If so, can you please let me know what the root-cause of the problem was and how it has been taken care of? I appreciate it.
    Thank you!
  • qaliqali Toronto CanadaPosts: 58

    I'll let others respond who also have the 09MDX. However, I have a 05MDX Touring and the symptoms were that this noise appeared to be coming from the engine/transmission. See my post 1767.

    A quick symptom check would be to see the speed at which this happens (in my case it was around 40mph and above). When you notice the noise, take your foot off the accelerator and see if the noise goes away. In my case, the tech immediately diagnosed this to be a faulty transmission and replaced it. Since that time, I have not had that noise.
  • topofftopoff Posts: 14
    Very similiar - the 'lift off the gas' is the same, but the speed range is different. At first they said it was the transmission cable acting as a sound tube. Not giving up until this is resolved.
  • Hi tweeter,

    I found out that I have the same issue on my new 09 MDX. The whistling noise only happened after start the car and at the speed 20 mile point. I took the car to the dealer and they said this is a normal. They also asked Acura Tech Center and said every 09 MDX has the same noise. Does anyone has same problem on 09 MDX and got it fixed?
  • Hi,

    I have an 09 MDX [tech+ent] and noticed the same thing. On one certain road [speed limit 35, I'm going 40], my wife and I would always notice it. At first I thought it was some 'interference' from some cell towers, etc. But, the more I read, the more I think I've got the same issue as others. Normal? It shouldn't be but it seems a good way for the dealers/Acura to avoid the issue.

    No - I haven't done anything about it for now except turn the music up.
  • The Acura service consultant said that the whistling noise was due to the right front window cracked open. First I couldn’t believe it and have asked him to look into the problem from the transmission standpoint as well, based on what I have read on the forum. He checked with Acura and found that this whistling noise can be caused by two reasons 1) The transmission pipe OR 2) When the re-circulate air button was turned on and he also confirmed that both of these problems have been fixed in 2007 models and onwards and are NOT applicable to 2009.

    I was able to reproduce the problem by rolling the right front window slightly down and it stopped when I closed it completely, which is very strange - High pitched whistling noise as apposed to wind noise. I believe it as I see it. I had to keep my MDX for two days at the dealer for thorough investigation though.
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