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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in tri-state area and am looking to buy a 06 MDX. Could you please post more information on the dealerships that can offer this kind of price?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Do you know if dealers in tri-state area deliver out-of-state? I live in Midwest and could not find a deal that is close to what you describe - 4200 below invoice.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Buy a new car and go to ebay to find a car transportation company such as DAS. The transportation will cost you around $500 (use your own insurance). The dealer and the transportation company will work together to ship your car, most dealer know how to do this, since they also sell used cars on ebay.
  • Try Sussman interent sales.

    They give price $30800 for base model a couple of months ago ($2500 market supporting at that time).

    Post your experience here.
  • Thanks for the quick response. I've submitted a request for quote on their website. I'll post a followup once they get back to me.
  • sonytsonyt Posts: 1
    consolas,can you post name of the delearship.I want to get a quote on 06-Nav+ent package.Thanks.
  • hi all,
    i called up a local dealer in the new england area and asked if he had a mdx premium black on saddle available. i negotiated on saturday, went to the dealership and had a deal for 31,250 and he charged 500$ on my credit card. Now on monday he says only a black on black is available or if i do not want to take it he will not credit the 500$ back.
    What should i do. any of u had a similar experience.
  • DO NOT WORRY about the charge. You should and can get it back.

    Call your credit card company and cancel it. The buttom line is:

    1. You did not get the product
    2. You did not get the service.

    A friend of mine had the same situiation as you, she got the money back by the credit card company, although the car dealer said that they would not return the money. In her sitituation, nothing was wrong with the dealer but simply she changed her mind.
  • Hi Kmurali,

    Sorry to hear what had happened to you. Don't worry, you should be able to get the money back no problem. Just call your credit company and explain the situation and they will sort it out with the dealership.

    Do you mind sharing the name of the dealership? This way all of us can beware of this kind of tricks they play.
  • It is Sussman Acura. They offer very competitive quote.
  • In Chicago area. Talked with 8 dealers. Finally got a Touring model with side step, real spoiler, all weather floor mats and cargo net for 34500. Base model is about 31000. Will pick it up this Saturday.
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  • So what is the price they offered to you?

    You promised to post it here.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    what is the best price you can get right now on 07 mdx with tech package
  • I just put down a refundable deposit last night on an Aspen White with Parchment Tech w/Ent that is due in in ten days from the factory. The MSRP was $46,365. The best I could do after about 2 hrs of discussion was:

    1) MSRP -$500
    2) Dealer's $399 "processing fee" waived.
    3) Automatic day/night mirror thrown in at no charge.

    So, I guess that's about $1270 less than if I just walked in and said "I'll take it!", and frankly that is just a drop in the bucket on a $46K vehicle. But chalk up one little moral victory to at least not paying the entire MSRP! By the way, I'm a member of COSTCO, they referred me to a different dealer about 3hrs away who said the COSTCO deal was MSRP -$500 with no dealer fees. I was at least able to match that at the dealer 5 mi from my house in Newport News, VA.

    Good luck!
  • I have an offer for Acura MDX 2006 with Entertainment and Navigation for 36092. Is it a good price?

  • Here is the quote:

    Premium $29,961.00
    Touring $32,419.00
  • I have an offer for Acura MDX 2006 with Entertainment and Navigation for 36092. Is it a good price?
  • This offer is $3800 under invoice! Frankel Acura in Towson, MD is offering $2000 under invoice. Where is your dealer located?
  • Hello Consolas,

    Where did you get this quote from?

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