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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cvistacvista Posts: 54
    39500 is a good price.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Hi Kmall,

    Great price! Could you please email me the dealership name and sale person to me Thanks!

  • kmallkmall Posts: 6
    you got it. Thank you as well cvista
  • andy300mandy300m Posts: 88
    I am in WA state as well and got a dealer to agree to $800 over invoice for tech package. No dealer installed extras. Good deal or not? Should I try to get them to throw in the protection package for free or am I going to kill the deal by doing that?
  • viocynviocyn Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a MDX with Sport and Ent Package in Southern CA. I'm interested in knowing if anyone knows any dealer who would give it under $44K?

    Or I would like to know what would be the reasonable price?

    Thanks a lot, guys.
  • andy300mandy300m Posts: 88
    What kind of pricing are people getting with costco auto purchase program? Please let me know ASAP, heading out to see more dealers this evening!
  • gsxr750gsxr750 Posts: 5

    Can you send the dealership and person you dealt with to my email also.
    Thanks in advance
  • machitmachit Posts: 3
    Thanks avgjag, does the $42,100 price include accessories?
  • gubfgubf Posts: 2
    hi kjm11379, did you pay documentation fee or any other fees? what's your OTD price?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I am getting prices on the Honda Pilot from between 23000 to $29000 on the EX-l navi model. I know the MDX is more car but is it $12000 more car? Does it handle that well?


    I am in WA state as well and got a dealer to agree to $800 over invoice for tech package. No dealer installed extras. Good deal or not? Should I try to get them to throw in the protection package for free or am I going to kill the deal by doing that?
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    Please refer to the posting the Testengineer wrote along with my posting on July 14th. This will assist you with your accessories to put on the MDX once you have chosen the model which appears to be the TECH,Sport,Ent pkg.
    This invoices (without any added extra) for 43,326 plus the destination charges of 670. This comes to 43,996.
    Do not play with any attempt of theirs that suggest processing fees. Your cost is invoice+ destination fees + applicable sales tax,tile, and registration (about 9.4%).
    this should be close to 48,132.00 OTD.
    Avoid ant tries to get them to budge on the warranty items. You're better off getting a booklet on their services and parts from the counter at zero extra cost to you. I would also make sure you get a loaner at any time you have your car in for service and try for lifetime oil changes or at least 8 of them. These MDX's don't require a change for the first 8K miles.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    Only you can decide if the improvments in the MDX are worth the extra money after test driving both.

    The MDX has a substantially more powerful motor and better suspension than the pilot. It has a larger interior with better interior treatments.

    Etc, etc, etc, etc.
  • cal_doodcal_dood Posts: 8
    $35K for a 2-3 year old car is definitely a lot. As I said, a dealer quoted $29500 for a 05 Base with just 17K miles - and that was before any negotiation. He had it listed for $32K.

    I am looking around - 04 or later with < 30K miles and preferably Touring package for $27-28K. Will let you know if I have some luck.
  • cal_doodcal_dood Posts: 8
    A test drive is the best way to decide.

    I own a Acura TL and am in the market for a CPO MDX. Once you get used to luxury/near-luxury brands, it's difficult to go to back.

    Then again - depends on your usage and budget. Pilot is a very very good vehicle too.
  • pepsipesipepsipesi Posts: 5
    Hello Mpj27,
    Have u pull the trigger yet? $40500 is a good price for me. I just wonder where did you get the quote from. Please email me at
  • viocynviocyn Posts: 2

    Can you send me the name of the salerep and the dealer to my email,

    I am in fact interested in adding the sports running boards, roof rail, cross bars and the auto day/night mirror to my sport/Ent MDX. The best Price for the vehicle I've got so far is $44,800 and for the accesories are $721, $262.50, $360.40 and $354.60 respectively, including labor and installation. Of course, it'll be factory install. I think I want to contact your Rep!!!

    Thanks, Jim.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    My wife had a 2004 Pilot, which she traded in for a 2005 Oddesey 18 months later, not because she didn't like the Pilot, but because the reason she got the Pilot just didn't work, the third row. Although the third row is very good, we have younger kids and the minivan just works better. Having said that, the Pilot was "fine", I couldn't really complain about it. Safe, reasonably peppy, etc etc. I just really couldn't find anything I liked about it either. Very vanilla. I didn't really like it very much, especially loaded down on the family trip.I thought it just didn't handle very well. I understand they put more horses in it since 2004. I just bought a 2007 MDX Sport. WOW! I drove it expecting it to drive like the Pilot, not a chance despite the shared components. Buy the Sport. The suspension is fantastic. It drives so well, it truly drives like a large sports car. The suspension just sticks to the road. So, to answer your question. Yes, it's worth the money. And, if you load out a Pilot you will spend quite a bit of money. I bet the difference comparably equiped is more like 5K, if that. If you are looking at a moderately equiped Pilot, then the MDX will be much more $$. Good luck. Drive them and decide for yourself. You really can't go wrong with either one.
  • kmallkmall Posts: 6
    For anyone who is curious in the Maryland area - I paid 39,500 + destination for an MDX with the tech package. This was through an internet saleswoman at Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg. Hope someone can use that to save some money.
  • daveleidavelei Posts: 3
    I got the samiliar price. $39,500 + $700 accessory (running board, cargo cover & tray, wheel locks)
  • devilduckdevilduck Posts: 2
    Picked up my new 2007 MDX Tech yesterday from Portland (Oregon) Acura. It has the following options, some of which I had installed:

    NW Package (Wheel Locks, All Weather Floor Mats, Cargo Mat)
    Roof Rails
    Cross Bars
    Running Boards (not sport)

    OTD Price: $42,712

    I traded e-mails with the two Portland area dealers as well as the Salem and Eugene stores. All of them told me they were close to the TMV price for our area. I actually visited Portland Acura and Ron Tonkin Acura in Beaverton, but felt most comfortable with the staff at Portland Acura. At Ron Tonkin, the internet manager seemed irritated when I showed up without an appointment, and when I said that I wanted a price close to invoice, I got a long lecture on how much overhead they have. I finally had to say &#147;I get it&#148; several times before he stopped.

    I had a generally good experience with Portland Acura and recommend them, but my one suggestion is to make sure you&#146;re crystal clear in terms of the out-the-door price you plan to pay before you go close the deal. We had slight miscommunication in terms of whether the price quoted over e-mail included the document and title fee ($218).

    Happy hunting.
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