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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello Parker!
    can you please tell me where did you buy your car?
  • gb1431gb1431 Posts: 2

    I am also planning to buy at Acura of Lynnwood. MDX 07 Sport/Ent. package. With Roof Rail/Crossbar, Chromed Running Board. They quote me MSRP $54,133.00. and the Out Of The Door Price $59,392.09. I did not make any offer and told them that I have to search the internet before making any offer, and they agree to call them back on monday. How much do you think is the fair price for this configuration or should I use the COSTCO AUTO PROGRAM instead.
    Did you pay below or above invoice with your deal to them.
  • cvistacvista Posts: 54
    59,393 out of the door for an Acura MDX ??? Are you kidding me ??. Is this in USD or some other currency

    The invoice shouldn't be more than 44,500. No one is paying more than invoice these days. Either the dealer is stupid or he thinks you are stupid. You can get a fully loaded X5 for that price.
  • wilsontwilsont Posts: 8
    You can check with internet managers online for quote, find 1 or 2 with best prices and go there to finalize the deal if you think price is ok. I can assure you, after seeing this MSRP offer, you will LOVE those prices.

    One personal experience is that the downtown dealers are more tricky than small town ones. So even they offer the same price, I'll go for small town ones if it is not too far(within 30-40 miles). I live in Bay Area and pick up my MDX/Tech last Saturday. That's just my feeling. YMMV.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    $59K OTD for an MDX?? Are they throwing in a new Civic LX with it??
  • sjk3sjk3 Posts: 9
    did anyone buy mdx w/sport package recently in northern jersey..if so whats the best deal you looking to buy one in a week or two,so really appreciate if you guys can share the best deal you got in NJ and which dealer...thank you
  • gb1431,

    Are you sure the $54,133 is correct? That is about $6k higher than the MSRP showing on Edmunds and about $9k higher than what you realistically should be able to get this car for in western Washington. I know that people on this board from around the country have been getting deals below invoice, but that just is not happening here in the NW. I would aim for around $200 - $600 over invoice as a realistic target, depending on the time of the month. Also, ask to speak to the sales manager/internet manager to skip past the consultants who have no negotiating authority.

    Don't waste your time with the Costco program - in the Seattle area, they will send you to Acura of Bellevue which has an exclusive with Costco in western Washington. After luring you into the showroom with a promise of "exclusive aggresive Costco pricing", Bellevue will reveal that their "non-negotiable" Costco price is $2,500 over invoice...not much of a deal.

    Finally, although my buying experience with Acura of Lynnwood was head and shoulders better than Acura of Seattle or Acura of Bellevue, I thought their pricing on accessories was about 30% higher than the other dealerships. So I ended up buying the running boards, front/rear garnishment and roof rail/crossbar online (hondaacuraworld). Surprisingly, there was also a huge discrepancy in how much the dealerships charged for installation. Bellevue and Lynnwood, for example, gave me quotes for installing these accessories that were 50% higher than Acura of Seattle.
  • hrayhray Posts: 4
    I got a Sport Pkg yesterday @ $42,202 from the world largest Acura dealership located in VA.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Please share the details (dealer, numbers break down, etc.)
  • kdkkdk Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2007 MDX base model today in Northern Virginia. We got it for $37,736 - price includes destination charge, wheel locks, roof rack and body side moulding.

    Acura still has the 2.9% financing for 36 months.
  • feb04feb04 Posts: 5
    For the folks living in Houston who are looking to buy an MDX - I wanted to let them know where I was on my research and negotiations.

    I am looking to buy one with Tech and Ent Pkg. Black ext no pref on interior color.

    I have been negotiating with all the dealers in Houston and the lowest I have got right now is 42,500 plus TTL.

    John eagle is giving free oil change for 4 yrs but they are more then making up that cost by charging you $219 for putting nitrogen in your tires (Which you did not ask for) and $200 odd for tining the front mirrors - which in the local market will cost you less then $100.

    If anyone else in Houston has any experiences to share - please do share.

  • shaigshaig Posts: 14
    And on an odd note, Acura of Seattle is trying to hold firm on 2% over dealer cost. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior in the NW?

    Note, that is markedly higher than invoice and includes prep, detailing, delivery, etc...
    It comes out to $1100 over invoice.
  • shaigshaig Posts: 14
    Which sales person did you work with? Do you have contact info for them?
  • Hi Feb04,

    Can you give the dealership name and details? I am also in market for Tech & Ent.

  • hrayhray Posts: 4
    Pohanka Acura in Chantilly VA
  • feb04feb04 Posts: 5
    I went to all three...John Eagle, Sterling McCall & Champion.

    Be careful at John Eagle - they tell you that they will give you 4 yrs of free oil change but charge you for Nitrogen and Window tinting, we you dont really want.
  • gb1431gb1431 Posts: 2

    Yes $54,133.00 with RR & CB, tow package and the 20" wheels that my wife really like on the showroom. Out of the door $59,392.09 this is the quote he gave to me to take home and think over for counter offer. We just decide not to call them back and not get embarrassed if we ask for below invoiced. Anyway Acura of Seattle just wasted my time this afternoon Monday 8/06/07. The salesman that I am supposed to meet at 2:00 pm did not show up. He reply on my e-mail and talk to me on the phone last Friday 8/03/07 . I asked for invoice +TTL and to my surprise ask me when do I want to pick-up the car. The salesman this afternoon was nice and helpful but the floor manager kinda rude and telling me that are trying to put me out of business? I said no I'm here to pick-up the car. He said the salesman that I talked last Friday 8/03/07 doesn't have the authority to negotiate the price. I said okay. Then I left. I guessed I will wait for the end of the month and see what is up there for me. Thank you anyway for all your help in this very informative discussion.
  • ariaawariaaw Posts: 2
    I worked with the same three above. I purchased the 2007 base model MDX this weekend from Champion Acura. Paid invoice - about $37k with destination. I couldn't get any of the other dealerships close to what Champion offered. I worked with a young fleet manager. It was a fairly painless purchase.

    Highly recommend giving him a call.
  • I bought a sport/Ent for invoice + $150 from John Eagle. No other costs added ( even though I also got the N2 and the Tint). I may not be using the oil changes since I live about 45 min away.
  • gb1431,

    Acura of Seattle played the same game with us last week. We reached our "at invoice" deal with the floor manager over the course of two days of negotiating over the phone only to have the sales manager pull the deal and come back with $1,200 over invoice just before we were going in to sign the paperwork. Apparently, the floor manager didn't have the authority to negotiate the price either.

    I think I've seen the MDX you're talking about. They were pulling a MDX you described into the showroom last weekend after they pulled the one we picked up out of the showroom. That is one sweet looking ride with those rims. However, even with the upgraded wheels, $54k is still way to high. Like I mentioned before, Lynnwood overcharges for accessories/labor in the showroom. Acura of Lynnwood actually operates an Ebay web-store that sells the same parts for about half of what they quote you in the showroom (+shipping and tax since they won't allow you to pick up locally). Those wheels should be around $1,600 and of course you'll have to add on the cost of the tires. The RR & CB should not be more than $350 + $120 for installation based on the prices I got.

    Also try Hinshaw's Acura down in Fife. Although they couldn't match Lynnwood's price on the MDX for us, they were pleasant and helpful.
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