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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • enforcerenforcer Posts: 40
    I don't think that's a good deal, you essentially got a used car for <10% discount. It loses quite a bit more than $3k once you drive it off the lot, more like 20%. The only benefit is if you get a certified used deal which extends the warranty another year and for more miles, which is worth something.
  • mrlddstmrlddst Posts: 10
    I purchased an '09 Tech/Ent used (It was the dealer loaner) for 38,100 before TTL. It included one accessories (wouldn't budge on one more :cry: ) and a 3M invisible bra and invisible door guards. If you consider I was $2000 over my trade car, then the car was $36,100 before the trade-in. I called around to all the dealers with 200 miles and no one could beat it, not even Pohanka. Judging by the board, it wasn't the best deal, but I'm happy. I had posted earlier regarding this MDX, they originally wouldn't go below 41500 before TTL but after a few days of letting it marinate, they came down.
  • I was a deal certified car and other than the 3500 miles (which really doesn't matter to me because I'll add plenty of my own) it's basically brand new. It's in excellent shape. I think I did pretty well. Take care!
  • msdigitmsdigit Posts: 2
    :D Thank you!
  • bwedotnetbwedotnet Posts: 48
    Just bought an 2009 MDX Base for $35,511. Sterling Gray/Ebony. Anaheim, CA. Very satisfied with the price and the dealer.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Yes, I remember your posting. It's a very good price and good deal on the 2.9 APR. The salesperson we're dealing with at Acura of Ramsey hesitated to match the price (need to have it in writing and show it to his manager, I believe the same manager Stew), and we're really not in a hury as I don't know what kind of APR they're offering.
    So we'll wait :)
  • mannynmannyn Posts: 7
    i also live NJ & interested in buying new mdx with tech, we can combine our purchase, if Ramsay Acura is ready to give at 38K @ 2,9%..

    Let me know.
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    I am looking to buy an MDX in Northern Virginia...anyone interested in joining me....
  • chi5chi5 Posts: 3
    Just purchased a 2009 MDX Tech for $37922 +TTL in Chicagoland.
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11

    I also live in NJ and planning to buy 2009 MDX Tech. I'm ready to combine purchase with both of you if that gets us better deal, say around $37K with 2.9%. Thanks.
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    mim8..hi, what is the price quote you are getting?
  • ecole2ecole2 Posts: 3
    What dealer did you purchase your MDX tech from in Chicagoland? Was it a good experience?
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    I told them that I saw a posting for 38,300 that included destination and they said they would come to satisfactory terms with me...we did not sit down and talk final price....I do want roof railsand all weather mats and they know I want to negotiate that separately...I have gotten prices from hondaacura world that are really good...
    are you interested in buying...
  • chi5chi5 Posts: 3
    We purchased the MDX at Acura of Libertyville. The experience was great! They didn't seem to play any games and were very straightforward with us. We had a very poor experience at McGrath of Westmont. They were dishonest and downright rude.
  • krb2525krb2525 Posts: 6
    Hi all, I purchased a 09 MDX Tech/Ent for $41,200 (incl dest) in NYC at the end of Feb. I am curious as to if this was a great deal or just a good deal or even a bad deal. Let me know please.

    Also, I got the roof rails and sport running boards for $1,295 installed (they were only willing to throw in the cargo net for free). I do feel as if I was taken to the cleaners on these options :mad: . Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Hi guys,
    I don't know if Acura of Ramsey is going to come down that low. The folk who got it around $37.9, got that numbers somewhere in Chicago. The best quote so far by Acura of Ramsey is the one that klenj provided. He got it back in December though.
    I've been holding to see if they have better incentives this month as well as financing. From what I read in this forum, the February deal is still in effect (manufacturer's rebate). It may get better closer to the end of the month as they're trying to close the first quarter of '09.
    Are you guys in a rush to get the car or you're all flexible with timing?

    Let's keep in touch.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Well, I think it's kinda too late to think about the pricing now that you have purchased the car.

    The 09 MDX Tech's best price in NY tristate area is around $38-38.5 (this is not what I was quoted for though, somebody else in this forum got this type of deal). I was told that the Entertainment package is about $1600. When you add them up, you're looking at around $40.1 (include destination) at the best case scenario.

    The running board is a bit too expensive too. I think I was quoted for about $750 for the running board, but I can't remember for sure. It's just that your number at $1295 seems to be excessive.

  • krb2525krb2525 Posts: 6
    I got curious about pricing just for my piece of mind only. after looking at some of the other posts it appears that the price for the car was just an okay deal.

    As for the options, the $1295 was for the roof rails AND the sport running boards incl labor (can't reallly count the cargo net included free as it retails for only $40); Upon further investigation with other tristate dealers is not a great deal but def not a bad deal.

    Thanks for the help!
  • also looking to get an MDX in northern Virginia. Currently speaking with a rep with Pohanka, but.... Did u get a good deal? I'm interested in joining you...
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    I'd also be interested in see what prices people get in the Capitol area. Also spoke with someone at Pohanka, but he was of no help what so ever. I'll let it simmer in for a couple of weeks and try again.
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