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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Quote for 2009 w. Tech and Ent and dest charges is 40,500
    Not getting a break on any options though. Still working on it....
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    Do you mind to share with us which state/county you got the deal from?
  • Looking to purchase a new (or recently used) MDX in TTX. Before I start the hunt, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a good price experience to relate.
  • baccus49baccus49 Posts: 60
    I recently bought a certified 08 MDX base with 16K miles for $31.7 + TTL, paid around $34K driveout. I used my own bank for financing. I was going to buy new but the lowest I was offered was $37 + TTL. The vehicle is amazing, though I'm not crazy about the 'toupe' interior. It drives like a sports car, well planted on the road. Your best bet would be and ebay. I had zero luck with dealer stock on pre-owned 08-09 MDX's.
  • lucien3lucien3 Posts: 3
    No problem this was in Northern NJ.
  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    I am thinking that is about $1,000 to high. Acura Ramsey offered me $40,000 for that combo, which I do think is a good price - problem is I can't get what I want for my trade in.
  • pamd3pamd3 Posts: 3
    What kind of deals are people getting on the 2009 MDX base or tech in southeastern pennsylvania. Plan on buying one by the end of the month. thanks
  • hi all, i'm from the s.f. bay area. would like to know if $35,600 is a good deal for a base mdx. much appreciate it.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    It is a descent deal if it includes destination. I think base MDXs are harder to find on dealer lots these days (DC area) especially if you have particular color combination in mind.
  • mannynmannyn Posts: 7
    i will also be interested if i get 38K incl destination for MDX tech, my e.mail
    mannynyusa yahoo com

  • futureddsfuturedds Posts: 11
    I'm sure you would be interested, that's a pretty sick deal. :)
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Spoke to friend at Ramsey Acura, North Jersey. He told me inventory is low and production was cut. Not many great deals in near future. I finaly made a smart decision when I purchased on New Years eve even though my lease was not up untill March.
  • qinatusqinatus Posts: 3
    Could you please tell which dealer gave you this quote? Sounds good deal and I am also interested. BTW, I am in Bay Area too. :)
  • lucien3lucien3 Posts: 3
    With a bit more discussion we closed on and picked up the new MDX Tech w/Roof Rails, BSideMldg, SPort RBrds, Dual Mats incl Dest for $40.3K from Acura of Ramsey, in what was one our most pleasing car buying experiences. Really a top notch set of people over there. :)
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Hi, can you tell me if they ever give you a quote on the plain MDX Tech? (incl destination charge)
    I wonder what type of prices that they're giving out this day. And if you don't mind letting me know the salesperson (name or initial, I'll look it up).
    What color options do they have left as well as the type of financing that they offer?

  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    Congrats on the new car... I agree that I would rather deal with them, then some of the other local dealers. Was there an issue with getting you colors, or did you have your choice of anything?
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Acura of Ramsey Salesperson is Daniel Schapiro ext 249
  • mim8mim8 Posts: 14
    does this price include taxes..
  • lodi12lodi12 Posts: 1
    Just purchased Tech + Ent in city of Elk Grove CA for $40,500. That included dest. charge. Salesman was very straightforward, helpful, and wanted to beat anyone's price. I was happy with the deal and was the best I could find from Sacramento area to bay area.
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    Chevy Chase, MD for a new '09 with tech is 38,6xx (no TTL, no Destination). From the conversation definitely sounds like they will be able to come down a bit, to make up for the destination charge. Any thoughts?
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