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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I also purchased from Pohanka. Very good sales representatives and a very pleasant experience. There were a number of people on this forum that went in together to get the best price... and I believe we did. I was asked not to post the price by Pohanka and will respect that request. However, if you push hard, you can get a great, and I mean GREAT deal from them.

    I purchased the sport version with sport running boards, all weather mats, cargo tray and wheel locks.

    I also received 4.59% financing through Honda Financial which the purchase. Find a credit union that has a great rate and simply quote that rate and ask if they can accomodate. Do it while you are in the finance office so that you are either walking away from the car that day, or they will come down and get very close.

    If you are interested in our experience buying as a group, my email is available in this forum a few pages back.
  • Purchased 09 Tech+Ent from Pohanka Acura in late Feb.

    As a returning customer I was treated pretty well. They matched and beat the best price I was offered from nearby dealers. It was end of Feb, slowest time of the year therefore I got a slightly better price than some of the numbers posted here in March.
    Also got a decent but not great deal on Roof Rails+Cross Bars+Body Side Moldings.

    I would recommend Pohanka to anyone for good price and reasonable service.
  • arukaruk Posts: 2

    I am planning to buy MDX in 2 weeks in DFW area, Is there any one recently bought from Dallas, DFW area.

    I appreciate if you reveal the Best Deal for Tech + Entertainment Package

  • xpgincxpginc Posts: 3
    Looking to lease 09 MDX Sport w/Ent. Currently have a 2 quotes for 42100 includes destination. Money factor on lease of .00215 with 47% residual at 10000 miles. $1200 down and payments of $738 36mo. Have not seen and MDX's configured this way on this forum. Is this a good price?
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    I think the the residual is a bit low for 10K miles/year. I have seen people getting 52% residual value/36 months lease.
  • xpgincxpginc Posts: 3
    That is what I was thinking, but they said the higher trim lines have poorer residual than the base model. Have you seen and thing from honda finance regarding current residuals?
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    I have seen 52% on tech/entertainment but to have it it dropped to 47% on the sport trim seems steep IMHO.
  • I got a quote from a local dealer in the Chicagoland Area for $38,868 for an 09 MDX Tech (price before destination and ttl), should i jump on it?

  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    Hi microfilter,

    Do you know how much is the doc fee in your area. I've heard in California it is less than $100. For the same package in NJ, I am getting $39, 500 w/ destination. And with Roof Rails, Sport running board, body Molding and All season Mat for $40, 500K + doc ($185) + TTL.

  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    Can you please email me the price or the offer from the Pohanka dealer, I am trying to get a base MDX in NJ

    Can go to VA if good price...

    Appreciate it...

    Just in case it is the Tech, let me have that as well, might settle in for that
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10
    email me at so that we can pool together to get good prices, time is running out...only 4 days left. Think we may not get the same deals next month based on my experience on search for 09 RX 350 in lieu, none of the dealers have it and the few who have 1-2 pieces left wanted to sell at a margin.

    So if we want it, think taking chances for next month may be a bit risky
  • rnh204rnh204 Posts: 3

    Just purchased my MDX Tech for $39,500 (including Destination), excluding is $38,740. It came with all weather mats, all weather truck tray, and wheel locks. I purchased from Paragon Acura from Steven Deng (who was relatively honest). I have to say there are quite a few sales men at Paragon there that are very dishonest.

    I was originally going to go with another board member to buy and we were promised a deal of $38,740 INCLUDING destination, but as soon as I got there, they told me I must have heard the wrong thing. Plaza Auto Mall tried to entice the other board member to go by saying they could beat the $39.5K from paragon, but as soon as he got there, they said, whoever told you that gave you bad information.
  • I am sick of all the people on this site and others like it talking about how little you are paying for these NEW Acuras. You are what's driving dealers out of business in this country. Dealerships have a right to make a profit on the product that they are selling. If they didn't they would all just go under and this country's economy would sink even further into the crapper. I have bought my share of new and used cars and have always been fair when negotiating prices. Fist of all, the "holdback" should NEVER be touched. That money all goes to pay for overhead and should never even be brought up. There are also several people, like the sales person and sales manager, who need to be paid.

    When here are dealer incentives, like $2000 in dealer cash, paying invoice or $500 under is a "fair" price.

    Think about what you are doing when you are buying a car and remember that Karma's a Bith(.
  • xpgincxpginc Posts: 3
    Carguy - good point, however knowing all that facts going in help to weed out the underhanded dealers. Knowing the residual and money factor, dealer invoice etc is important. I am happy to see a free flow of information, sites like this have been up for years and it seems we still have plenty of good honest auto dealers out there.
  • jdyahoojdyahoo Posts: 5

    Shut up. The dealer has the right to say "NO" to any offer. Consumers have a right to get the best deal they possibly can.

    Best Regards
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,851
    Now, now.. everyone is entitled to their opinion..

    As misguided as it may be... :)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • chris_kchris_k Posts: 4
    Just got an MDX Tech from David McDavid in Plano. It was a wonderful buying experience. The New Car Sales Manager (CS) was very professional and is a man of his word (believe me, I tested him trying to get a better deal at other dealerships). There are 3 other dealers in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and McDavid had the best price. Our sales rep (DJ) did a great job showing us the features of the car and setting my wife up with her customized features and blue tooth.

    The price I paid was a very good deal. I don't think any of the DFW dealers are going to get to the $38,400 range as others have talked about in different parts of the country, but you should be able to get a car for the high $39,xxx's.

    A couple of words of caution about the MDX supply in DFW. The Acura dealership in Austin just got hit by a massive hailstorm (golf ball sized, smashed in moon roofs, etc...). When we closed on the car today there was a big truck that was loading up to ship Acuras down to the Austin dealership. This will limit the supply a bit. The sales rep at Goodson told me that Honda suspended making MDXs in January in order to keep the prices relatively higher by not having an over supply. The Goodson rep told me that he had very little inventory, and that the list of cars on his website was a virtual list. He said that if there is not a VIN number next to the car on the website then they don't have that car. He seemed to imply that the DFW dealers were pulling from the same inventory. McDavid's website has VINs on their cars so I suspect that they have the cars in stock. I guess this is a long way of me saying that if you want an MDX, then buy it now because the supply is only going to dwindle and there is no guarantee that Acura will keep up the $2k dealer cash.

    The Ft. Worth dealer was cheesy and seemed to be playing games like offering a program car with 5000 miles for the same price they said they would give me a new car. The Arlington dealership didn't have a very good price and didn't want to deal.
  • tlgoodstlgoods Posts: 5
    I am interested, and would purchase MDX tech this week for the right price... Looking to purchase from Ramsey Acura.
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    See Daniel Schapiro at Acura of Ramsey, he is the best car salesman I have dealt with in North Jersey.
  • kd55kd55 Posts: 6
    I'm in the DC/MD/VA area and will be shopping for MDX w/ a tech/entertainment pkg. Looking for recent prices w/ area dealers. Also, is the sport package better then the technology?
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