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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10
    Have these prices from dealer in NJ, assume includes destination though not specified. Also noticed that NY has doc fee limitation of $50, whereas NJ dealer sounded like $399

    The prices below are pretty much like 15% off MSRP

    MDX $41,750

    MDX Tech $45,800

    MDX Tech w/Ent $47,550

    MDX Sport w/Ent $49,650

    If 2-3 of us can pool in, I am sure with the month end we can get a great deal here, send me email, contact phone details so that we can coordinate.
  • jpneedcarjpneedcar Posts: 11
    Hi klenj, nat0,

    I've got the best deal so far in NJ on 09 MDX Tech is $39.5K including destination. (dealer charges $189 doc fee on top of that). After adding accessories: Sport RB, Roof Rails, Body Moulding, All season mat and possibly wheel locks (still bargaining on wheel locks), best I am getting is 40.5K.

    If you think that we can get $38, 942, I can also join with you guys. I am planning to go to my dealer today(Precision acura, Princeon). Let me know asap. I can be reached at Thanks
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10
    Hi jpneedcar, tlgoods

    Klenj if you can join in, give us your email or send me email at

    Jpneedcar, Sending email and my contact, call me lets keep it towards bit later in the day.

    I too have prices from Thomas and has contacted today for me to come in, the price you have on tech looks higher by $700. The $38, 942 for tech is on email and I am sure it can be negotitated for another $500 or so

    We should target 38K inclusive of destination and doc fee for tech and I am targeting 35K for base, though currently open to tech also, lets see how much closer we can get

    I have competitive offers from Plaza and another delaer near philly. I am going to call Daniel at Ramsey too and we can go for the best deal
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10
    Thank you klenj, looks you had a great deal from Ramsey and some other folks in the forum also seem to be indicating of good offer from there. Will call him
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    I have sent you email and my phone. call me and we can coordinate
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    Hi nato,
    I just join this forum but had watch this price forum since last December.
    Acura Ramsey offered my MDX base model for 33,995 plus 0.9% financing last December. No sure inclu. Destination or not. But they never want to provide prices for any other model over internet or phone to me. It's look like they still have best price so far in north NJ (?).

    I had prices from DCH Monclair and not satisfy. They seams have the best service and keep touch with me. I am looking for Costco member price from them.
    Their price as below: Incl Des. (not yet negociate----much have better price than these):
    MDX BASE: 34821
    MDX TECH: 39299
    MDX TECH +DVD: 40790
    I ask price Sport + DVD: 41,500 (they refused).

    Let me know if you really get close to 38K for TECH or 40K for Sport.
    Also looking for LPR 2.9 or less (?)
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    3 of us have connected in the group. with you it will make it 4.

    I am also looking for APR of 2.9 or less. Would be making the calls to 2 dealers to see where we stand. Ramsey will be the 3rd dealer and I have had no contact initiated yet with them, since you are already in touch with them, perhaps you can talk to them again.

    Better to get prices on all models as well as % discount on MSRP, that way it will help with anyone trying to add accessories. Target on 17.5% off MSRP as already we have 15% without negotiation

    Also send me your contact details on and we can connect
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    Hi nat0,

    I'm also looking for a good deal on MDX base or tech. I would like to join in. I already emailed you my contact info.

    Which part of NJ are you shopping at?

  • mlinnymlinny Posts: 6
    Although my current lease is not up until the end of June, If you can negotiate a base model down to around 35K with 2.9% over 60 months, I would be interested in joining in. I live on Long Island, but would make the trip.
  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20
    I have an verbal for a 2008 MDX Tech Ent with 9k miles. $35k. What do people think?
  • uvasauvasa Posts: 21
    sapconsultant2009, I too like to join and just dropped you email.

    Keep me posted.
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    Does anybody know if there are any APR incentives out yet or when they do come out?

    Secondly, can someone give their thoughts on Tech vs Sport? Trying to decide on whether the $1-2K difference is worth it? Besides the looks of the actual seats, is the quality or fit of the seat better on the Sport?

  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10
    Hi jsc_usa,

    Think we already spoke yesterday, if you are not Jeff, then please resend email as I may have not received it yet.

    Also Costco auto save may be really applicable on MSRP, not on the kind of pricing levels we already have, but it will not harm to add it to the toolkit

    My experience here is a if a dealer is having more of Base Models inventory then that price is more attractive and if more tech models then that price is more attractive, so we should get prices for both

    We have about 5-6 in the group now, lets see where we end up on Monday
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    we had similar experience at Paragon and Plaza, think it is very normal for them to make people come in all the way and try cheating them. Thinking of lodigng a complaint, this is really one fraud dealership
  • nat0nat0 Posts: 10

    Just be watchful of these 2, they don't honor what they say, when you reach there after driving 100 miles

    anyone else had same experience add to this thread so that some others can be saved from this trouble
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Thanks for the offer to join your buying group but I have already purchased 09 MDX Tech from Acura of Ramsey back in December. I have purchased many Acura's and Acura of Ramsey has always given me the best deal and provide great service. If you are looking for accessories shop on line for the absolute lowest price and print it out and Acura of Ramsey will usually match it.
  • Just an update, got a quote for $37922 before dest/ttl, Acura Libertyville for MDX Tech 09. good til end of March.

    I think i will be buying this one.
  • wing1wing1 Posts: 1
    Can you tell me the dealership that you bought your Acura MDX? Is it a brand new 2009 model? Thanks.
  • rnh204rnh204 Posts: 3
    I ended up getting the price I negotiated but like with any dealership you have to make sure you get it in writing first. Never take their word for it, it goes for all dealerships.
  • kd55kd55 Posts: 6
    Just spoke to a salesman about the April incentives for MDX. A 710 credit score or higher will get you ACURA financing for 60 months at 3.9%. He gave me another percentage for a three year financing, but I was not listening.
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