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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hi, there: I am also looking for a MDX in Boston, probably the tech pack. any one made the deal yet? is the grp buying thing still one? thanks
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    Where can we find the invoice price on accessories (running boards, cargo cover etc.)

    The Acura website shows msrp for them but what about invoice. What prices are ppl getting on accessories? And how can we determine what is a fair installation/labor charge for each accessory?
  • Curious about this as well. Looking for a Sport/RES in Beantown. MDX stales are down about 51% ytd/yoy. This has to be worth something.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    Sales are down. But Acura reduced production of the X to keep prices steady. so don't expect to get a steal anytime soon. Set your expectations right; a deal can be made but not a steal. If you read 3 months back through the thread, deals were happening back in Feb and March when dealers had the cars on the lot. Now, inventory is scarce especially in the big markets and people are forced into the Sport package to get the color combinations they want.
  • richie11richie11 Posts: 8
    If anyone come across a Black on Black MDX, please send me an IM or email @ richie50001 yahoo. new body style, 2007-2009. I'll really appreciate it.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "We have been discussing your interest in a 2009 Acura MDX. Today I wanted to present our big end of month savings opportunity on new MDX 2009 models.

    From now until the end of April, save $7,000!

    New MDX for $34,751"

    that $34,751 figure seems to be based on $40,990 msrp price of a base 09 mdx minus the $7,000 end of April promo plus $760 dest. charge so yeah $34,751

    so for other models basically just subtract 7k from the msrp and then add $760 dest.

    so for Tech & Ent. would be $46,790 minus $7,000 = $39,790 before dest. I guess.

    while that really isn't that great considering ppl were getting price on tech & ent. for $39,400 and lower, its still less then $400 more and shows that $39,790 is the starting point that all dealerships can do now, so any that want to beat other dealerships have to go considerably lower then that to gain your business. so another $790 off what all other dealerships can automatically do would be $39k even and if they take 1k off then your below 39k at $38,790 is completely reasonable.

    stock may be limited but it looks like the 2010 may come as early as May or June so they are trying to move out what they have. Don't let any dealership try to sell you for more because of low inventory.

    THEY NOW HAVE A 7K OFF MSRP INCENTIVE. so again that is automatically what all dealerships can do right off the bat and the ones that want your business and the sale will have to beat that and its just a matter of how much they beat that by to decided who you buy from.

    Some dealers will try to gouge you on the accessory price (or your trade in if you have one) if they know you are getting a good price on the vehicle so be careful and don't deal with those dealersips and report them here so noone gives them your business.
  • Ok so for a Sport/Res model what's considered a great deal and what's considered a steal?
  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20

    I got the deal at Prime Acura in Walpole. I got the deal by doing the following. Watched this message board for several months waiting for my lease to expire. Looked for used cars on searching for 2007 to 2009 ANYWHERE in the country. Included search term entertainment. Selected Certified Pre-Owned only.
    I learned a couple things. Most of the sports and tech/ents were priced very similarly across the country. Sports/Ent are easier to find then tech/ least when I was searching. They're all around 38 to 40k. You will see a few vehicles that are way lower than this. Those outliers all have a reason...some are easier to spot than others. Most common reasons I found were that cars listed as "sport" were not actually sport. They were mis-posted base models. Watch out for Base models with after market DVDs installed. A true Ent has a Navigation system. If you get a "sport" with Ent with no Nav then that' really a base model with aftermarket RES. The free carfax report will give you the real make and model. The other reason cars are priced considerably lower than other cars with similar makes/models/miles is if they are not acura certified. This carries about a 2k lift on posted prices and the remaining warranty is worth it. I was originally worried about getting a dealer loaner but I spoke with my buddy who runs the service department at an Audi dealership and he said he'd buy dealer loaners all day and all night. Low miles. You know they were maintained on schedule (and can verify this on carfax). You get a huge discount off from original msrp and you get a lot of remaining warranty. He said he wouldn't touch a manual transmission but that's the only thing he'd be worried about. So then I was comfortable. I narrowed it down to about 5 mdx's across the entire country that were in my price range. One happened to be in Walpole. I checked it out. It was listed for 39K online. I let them know that I had done a ton of research and regularly watched this board. They told me right away that they would go down to mid 30's. I countered with 33K and gave them my calculations (essentially I depreciated the car exactly the way they depreciate their leases 20% for driving off the lot and 10% per year). They wouldn't consider that price. Told me we were too far apart. I waited a few days to see if they were bluffing. They weren't. I called back and got them to 35500 on the phone. Got them down to just over 35K at the dealership. Then we negotiated financing until I got the rate I wanted. That's it. If you are patient and willing to travel you can get a good deal.

    I do think that used vehicals are getting harder to find as people want to spend less. Dealers will hype this up A LOT but I actually do think there is some accuracy to it given the shrinking inventory on

    Also, regarding new mdx's....I don't believe people on this board that swear that anyone can walk into a dealership and get 39k or less for a new tech/ent including destination. Is it possible to get that? Yes under the right circumstance at the right dealership at the end of the month or end of the quarter when they're a car or two away from a big bonus or something like that. If you are able to get that deal in/around boston by simply walking into the dealership and and stating your case and talking points from this message board then things have changed dramatically in the past 3 weeks since I bought my car. That was not my experience and I've talked to every dealer within 50 miles of boston multiple times, visited them, let them know that I would buy if given the right price but that I wouldn't give up my lease early unless I got the price I wanted. All of them had multiple chances to sell me a car since January at 39,500 nobody would go less than 40,300 (acura of boston). Maybe things have changed quickly in the past couple weeks and maybe you can get a better deal by teaming up. I hope you do.

    Good luck. Let us know how you do.
  • richie11richie11 Posts: 8
    Is this promotion nationwide? I couldn't see it anywhere.. Is it mention somewhere so that we can show it to the dealer.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    hm, maybe it was just from one dealer (Chevy Chase Acura) but I dont see how they could do a 7k incentive if it wasn't from Acura themself and therefore available to all dealers. It may have just been implemented last night so most wont get word of it till this morning.

    the price quoted though as I said was 7k off msrp which while still good, ppl were already getting lower then that though it is a little more then 2k off of invoice. with the 2k dealer incentive they were taking that off of invoice. So I'd think they could take this new 7k off of invoice also if it is an official dealer incentive implemented by Acura.

    either way most dealerships will be more aggressive in giving you a better price at the end of the month now whether that 7k promo is for one dealer or all of them.

    again though I dont see how one could do it unless its official from acura and then they all can. unless its 7k off of msrp which while it still does result in a little more then 2k off of invoice, ppl were already getting around that price or lower.

    I'd think though the 7k off msrp being the starting point that you could get a bit more from there and therefore easily get as low or lower then the lowest prices ppl have gotten yet.
  • uvasauvasa Posts: 21
    Hi Steve194, you can email me @
  • lyonseelyonsee Posts: 11
    I would appreciate if you could forward the quote ($34,751) to me as I am for MDX now. lyonsee at
  • brett321brett321 Posts: 2
    I have one payment left on my 06 MDX lease...thought the group buy was a great idea (or maybe wishful thinking)...anyway looking at used but looks like inventory is limited on the new model...wanted to get any feedback at all on base model total cost on '09...or want to expect...Thanks
  • timtechtimtech Posts: 3
    >base model total cost on '09

    All the responses that I have received in the Chicagoland area have been $34,500 + delivery + tax + title

    I'm not sure what May will bring. I think it's worth waiting the week to see if the price changes.
  • uvasauvasa Posts: 21
    I am picking up my 09 base MDX this Saturday.

    I leased per terms and cost below

    silver and black interior
    36 mons
    5100 down inclusive of all tax,title and doc fee
    -1000k honda incentive for previous lease of MDX
    4100 my out of pocket

    NY Metro area.
  • richie11richie11 Posts: 8

    can you buy it after your lease ends?

    Since you did 5100 down so 5100+ (36*479) = 22344 is what you will have paid by the end of the lease. So if MDX is 36000, can you buy it for 36000-22344 = 13656?

    I don't know much about lease stuff.. But it looks a good deal.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    With your calculations the financing on the car is 0%!!!! Does not work that way.
  • Hi x5killer:
    could you forward the quote to me? thanks
  • chspencechspence Posts: 1
    Hello x5killer. Could you please send this promotion to me as well? I was at the dealership in Tempe, AZ last weekend and they only offered the 2K MSRP incentive. I would like to take advantage of the 7K if this is true. Thank you.

  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    I asked several dealers in Tri-State NY areas these two weeks. The best is 6k.
    No one willing to give dealer hold back like January and Feburary. All had same story ---supply and demand.....Don't you beleive---All sales down for 35% or more these months....I guessed Honda did very well to control inventory. One dealer said ---- it may have 3K incentive after May 5 but dealer's price will not change.
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