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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thanks for correcting.. that must have been a typo.
    its $39300
    i'm pulling the trigger tomorrow afternoon.
    lets see if the prices i got were just low-ball offers or real ones.
  • I knew it was too good to be true. Back to waiting for the year end clearance. $39300? I was able to secure it for $38700 without any negotiation whatsoever.
  • nyernyer Posts: 32
    Has anyone recently purchased one in the NY area?
  • where did u get $38700 ? and when ? i heard prices were down last month but not any more.

    what makes you think it will be any cheaper @ year end clearance ?
    Inventory is not going to get any better... and if the $2000 market support it is gone, prices will only go up not down .
  • iampppqqqiampppqqq Posts: 1
    Do they have Technology Package w/Entertainment for 1.7k higher? Thanks in advance. I am in San Jose so group buying is doable.
  • I know this is a bit Off Topic but then again this forum has the most people on it so i thought i'll ask anyway..

    any website recommendations to buy MDX accessories such as weather mats , cargo net etc ? I don't want to get these from the dealer .. they got a real high margin.
  • raj71raj71 Posts: 7
    Has anyone purchased MDX in houston in the past 1 month or so. Pls give the details about the price and dealer info.
  • mgdiazmgdiaz Posts: 6
    Try I bought some accessories from them for my '09 MDX at pretty decent prices.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    weathertech for floor liner/mats
  • thanks guys.. responses much appreciated!
    this is a great forum for some one like me who knows so little about car buying and other related subjects.

    on another note , are are any websites you guys know that talk about car colors that are low maintaince and hide dirt/scratches well ?
    thanks again.
  • ag2ag2 Posts: 1
    I'm looking for a 2009 Tech/Ent in the Atlanta area. What are your thoughts on a fair price? Thanks for any help!
  • catfiishcatfiish Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased MDX tech in Western Michigan area recently? Please give the detail about the price.
    Thanks a lot :)
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 38
    Is this good?

    Incl. destination and protection package (all season flr mats and cargo mat,wheel locks)
    It also has splash guards(i don't know this comes standard)

    42500 plus 1832 for towing package,sports running boards,roof rails,body side molding =
    44332.00 + 198.50 doc.fee + 3% NC sales tax 1335.94 + 65.00 License and Title Total OTD
    45932.24 I had no trade in
  • Did you purchase yet?

    If so, that's a pretty good deal. You may have been able to negotiate another $300-$1k, but seems like a fair enough deal for you and the dealer to both be satisfied.
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 38
    All the paper work has been done. Taking the delivery on Tuesday afternoon.I could have brought him down another $ 500 but since he was including protection package, i just didn't want to fight over $200.Besides the inventory in my area is getting low.I live in a small town. Local dealer's quote was high.This dealer is 60 miles away.
    Best Regards,
  • teck2u2teck2u2 Posts: 16
    Hi - I am getting the Technology and Entertainment package for $42, 074.

    No Extras - Only Tech and Entertainment.

    Do you think this is a good deal?

    I live in NYC area but I am so tired of dealing with car salesperson! I am undecided.

    I was told to go sign today or loose the deal, I don't know what to do?
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 38
    IMHO you can do better, try to get a quote from the dealer who has lot of inventory left,however if negotiations are not your cup of tea,than this is not a bad deal.Having said that in my deal i was shooting for 15% off of MSRP(incl. destination) in your case your quote is just under 12% off of MSRP.Hope this helps.Good Luck.
    Best Regards,
  • teck2u2teck2u2 Posts: 16
    Thanks for your response Habsone, I did not sign. But I will counter at $40,800 to see what they do.

    I will not rush into this. I am now looking at the BMW X5.

  • ncmdxncmdx Posts: 19

    Curious to know where in NC you found the quality deal? My past experiences have forced me to look out of state in Northern VA. Thanks in advance for your info.
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 38
    I did not find this deal in NC,i found it in SC 60 mile from where i live.I was willing to go just about any where (i would have taken a little vacation if i had to go very far) i will post the dealership name by tomorrow as i am taking the delivery of my MDX this Afternoon.
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