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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • habsonehabsone Posts: 37

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  • said you already bought a Tech/Ent from Wayne Acura. Are you buying another one or something fishy happened with the first deal.
  • cbusireddy, actually I bought the Tech/Ent (that's what I thought). I put the down payment, but didn't get the delivery of the car because the car had some minor defects. They couldn't get another car with the color I wanted (black/black). Now I can eitther take Tech/Ent with a different color or buy Sport/Ent. That's why the dilemna. Sorry for the confusion.
  • you are lucky..they did not give you the one with defects... :)
  • Yes, it included destination...but I had to pay $700 for the sport running boards. They threw in the roof rails/cross-bars...which were almost $600 at list price. I got it at Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD.
  • 1910119101 Posts: 2
    Hello, Where are you all getting these quotes of 41.600 for a 2009 acura mdx tech and entertainment package. Give me a dealer's name please. So far all the dealers quoted me 45,000 for the mdx tech with entertainment package. I am in west virginia. Thanks.
  • Just bought a Cherry Red MDX today in the Raleigh, NC area. Paid $41,832 + TTL and a doc fee of $395. Inventory seems tight as I called several dealers and they didn't have many on their lots, so I was happy with the above price which represents $1500 below invoice (split dealer cash $1500 for me and $500 for them). We wanted either the Cherry Red or the Bali Blue and this red one just arrived the day we closed the deal. The deal was strickly for the MDX with no trade involved.
  • jjcdaddyjjcdaddy Posts: 10
    A tech/ent package runs 43.3K at invoice including destination. You need to do some due diligence to gain an idea of market value. Acura also has a 2k marketing support for the mdx. At the least, you should be getting quoted invoice price... people on this forum are regularly paying under that due to the marketing support. If you are willing to travel, you may want to try a dealers outside of w.virginia.
  • Has anyone else been looking to buy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

    I called today about '09 Tech Package Black ext. Taupe int. and the best over the phone deal I got was $42,500, not including TTL.

    I was given a speech about "that's the market price in Texas". It just feels a little high.
  • Just bought a 2009 Acura MDX sport package without entertainment. Paid $ 41700 + 6.5% tax + $600 title and $50 plate fee. Black ext and int. This car was like a demo in the dealer's office (31 miles from the meter).

    Not sure if this is a good deal. What's your thoughts?
  • The lowest online quote I've gotten in the Houston area is $41,286 for 09 MDX with tech package before TTL.
  • jbaby79 - What dealership were you working with? I contacted Gillman yesterday and the best they offered over the phone was $42,950.
  • brvbrv Posts: 2
    Just picked up a silver MDX (black int) with Tech Pkg from First Acura Seekonk, MA.

    $40,150 (including dest) + tax, title, reg, plates, & $238 doc fee.

    Very nice people, easy transaction, no hassles. They didn't have the int/ext color combo I wanted so they searched for one. They found one built in July 09...not bad.

    One tank of gas in country, back roads driving, limited city stop and go:
    20 MPG per computer and manual calculation of miles driven divided by gallons needed to fill tank back up.
  • Hi,

    Can you tell me which dealership is offering you this price in Houston. I know one dealer quoted me close to 43K I laughed a him and came back.
  • Raj71 and dfw_shopper,

    I'm working with Champion Acura in league city. Sterlin McCall said they would match my quote but they didn't have any MDX with tech left.

    Let me if you either of you decide to buy from Champion maybe we can try to get a better deal if we have more buyers.

  • Just paid $41100 for a 2009 MDX with the technology package in the Washington DC Metro area. I also took the Acura financing of the 3.9%. Got the right colors I wanted too. Was this a good deal? I had to play a couple dealers off of each other but it worked. The above price did not include the tax/tag/title/etc.
  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    which dealership you bought your MDX from in Raleigh? I went to auto park last month and the dealer refused to share any of the $2000 market support with me.

  • That seems like a good deal considering the prices I got down here in Houston.
  • We bought it at Leith Acura in Cary.
  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    that is the one i went to. I have a good trade (2004 CRV) for them and the guys there insist that they will held all the market support money!!!!

    Do you have any suggestion whom i should talk to in that dealership?
    I will buy a Q5 if i can not get a similar deal you got from them

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