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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree with Suharsh that it depends on your need and time you have to invest in search/wait for best deal. If you are like me who can afford to wait and get a good deal, then 2010 may be the better option.

    Acura will discount the 2010 models - their sales are nowhere near where Acura would like them to be. Also, RX 350 is eating Acura MDX lunch if you look at the sales numbers.

    Don't get me wrong - I love Acura MDX, but I refuse to pay this high a markup for the dealers who essentially are doing very little 'add-on' services especially for new cars. These cars will sell by themselves if they price it right. I will certainly wait for 2010 to see what they offer.

    Here is one more article that gives an idea of the kind of incentives dealers are getting (and refusing to pass on to buyers)

    Suharsh, your 38.7k deal is actually not bad. Where I live, the dealers politely show you the door for any asking price less than 40k for tech even without any freebies.

    If there are more dealers like the Pohanka, VA dealer who dealt straight, there will be many more buyers.
  • suharsh,

    What's this stimulus new vehicle tax break you speak of?
  • Those are very good comments. I read the artical you recommend. For 2009 MDX, there are 8500 incentives. is it from MSRP or invoice price?

    For base model, 34000+TTL is already 3000 below invoice price and almost 8000 below MSRP.

    When is the good time to buy a 2010 MDX?
  • Assuming incentives are from MSRP, here are my calculations for dealer per car cost. I have used msrp and dealer invoice from -

    2009 Acura MDX Base
    $40,990.00 (MSRP) - 8500/- incentives + 810/-(Destination) = 33300/- dealer cost
    (invoice = 37252/-)

    2009 Acura MDX Sport and Entertainment
    $48,890.00 - 8500/- incentives + 810/-(Destination) = 41200/- dealer cost
    (Invoice quoted = $44,415.00 )

    2009 Acura MDX Sport Pkg
    $47,140.00 - 8500/- incentives + 810/-(Destination) = 39450/- (dealer cost)
    (Invoice quoted - $42,829/-)

    2009 Acura MDX Technology and Entertainment
    $46,790.00 - 8500/- incentives + 810/-(Destination) = 39100/-
    dealer cost
    (Invoice quoted $42,511/-)

    2009 Acura MDX Technology Pkg
    $45,040.00 - 8500/- incentives + 810/-(Destination) = 37350
    Invoice quoted - $40,924)

    It shows that dealer invoice is useless b***s***. I am willing to pay a markup of 1000/- per car more than the above dealer cost for dealers to stay in business and cover other costs. But any markup more than that (per car) is difficult to justify.

    Regarding when to buy 2010, it is hard to tell right now since 2010 MDXs are so late and have been pushed out to likely next year. Perhaps 1-2 months after the release may be a good time. A month end/quarter end always is a good time.

    My local dealer recently told me that 2010 MDX will be in by end of November (as a part of his sales pitch of 'buy now or you may regret'). I pointed out that I have read on the web that release date is likely next year, and he backed off.
  • Where are you getting the $8500 in incentives number from? How accurate is that really?

    I don't think it is. The NY/NJ dealers wouldn't budge much below $36K for the MDX base, so no way they have a cost of anywhere near $33,300.
  • Lex,
    >> Where are you getting the $8500 in incentives number from? How accurate is that really?

    It is from

    I would tend to give a published independent source more credibility than any statement from any dealer.

    I am assuming the incentive should be marked off from MSRP. I remember reading here that the Pohanka dealer gave the MDX base for 34k/-. The markup of 700/- is quite reasonable.

    Anything over 34.5k/- for base is overpaying the dealer.
  • think about it... your the dealer and you have only so many of the highest in demand mid-sived SUVs. Everyone that comes in to buy has great credit and wants a deal. Wait....people keep comeing in w/ great credit, forget giving them a deal! Keep your inventory for the profit! You'll have to basically buy the new car manger a steak dinner and promise him you'll always use his service department to get discount. and good luck trying to find a used one...........just pony up!
  • That is a very detail summary. It seems that it is a good deal if I can get 34000 for a base model or 38000 for a tech model. I searched online. There are more base models in stock compared with tech models. It is easier to get the price down for the base model.

    Nobody can predict what happened next year. My friend got 08 sports model last year for only 37000.
  • Lex,

    Below is verbatim from another auto site and also has a link to details from the horse's mouth - IRS!

    I believe I have understood it correctly, if not don't hesitate to correct me.


    The recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 gives new car buyers a boost — an income tax deduction for state excise and sales taxes on the vehicle purchase. There are taxpayer income and vehicle price limits, but many buyers will be eligible for this benefit. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), here are some of the basics:

    The vehicle must be purchased after February 16, 2009, and before January 1, 2010.

    The deduction is limited to the tax on up to $49,500 of the purchase price for an eligible vehicle.

    The deduction is phased out for individuals with adjusted gross income above $125,000 and for joint filers with adjusted gross income above $250,000.

    The deduction is available only for new cars weighing 8,500 pounds or less.

    The tax deduction is available to taxpayers who do not itemize as well as to those who do.

    An Example
    For the purchase of a $30,000 vehicle with 7% state sales tax, the taxpayer would receive a $2,100 tax deduction. The actual tax savings depends on the amount of sales and excise tax paid in your state and on your tax rate. Ask your dealer about your state's tax rates.

    Your tax break is in addition to any incentives or rebates offered by the dealer and manufacturer. Check out dealer specials in your area.

    For more detailed information on these tax benefits, visit,,id=204519,00.html.

  • Those incentives are for Canada, right?

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • No sir, US. Don't know if there are any such breaks for Canada.

    I am sorry if I gave an incorrect impression. I didn't realize that there were some members from Canada.
  • 38.7 definitely is good. The dealer in my area gave 40,088 saying it included lifetime oil change for $100 and lifetime nitrogen for the tires at the same price but refused to budge below the price. Seemed like the dealer wasn't worried about selling the rest of the 09 since there were like 5 left on the lot. Just worried that when the 2010 model comes out it'll be awhile before the dealers are willing to budge on the price.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Folks, the link to which the poster has, for the $8000 rebate. IS FOR CANADA only. does NOT apply to usa.

    it says....RIGHT AT THE TOP of the website....for canada customers.

    What they're offering
    Here is a look at recent incentives offered by manufacturers in Canada. All offers are subject to change and often do so frequently and without warning. The deals listed here were ‘live' through last weekend.
  • Vchad,

    Honda "manufactures" Acura MDX in one place called Alliston, Canada (and as-of-now nowhere else - even though there is some discussion of moving MDX production to a plant in Alabama to ramp up for more Civic sedans in Canada)

    Let us not confuse 'manufacturing" from "selling". The article from GlobeandMail refers to manufacturers in Canada - not where those cars are sold.

    Again, not being associated with either car manufacturers or dealers, I have no way of knowing whether this incentive is true or not. But the numbers that one derives, after assuming that these incentives exist, are very, very close to the deals a select few dealers are willing to provide.

    This, in itself, should raise the question - why is a dealer in Pohanka, VA willing to sell MDX base for 34k where as a dealer in NY/NJ would not go down below 36k? Where I live (about 1500 miles from Pohanka :-( ), the lowest base MDX quote is over 36.5k.

    I have no other motivation other than to research, educate myself and get the best deal. I simply cannot understand why I have to pay 2-3k more than what others are paying for the same commoditized product to which dealers add-on very little value. If others have more access to information on true incentives/better deal structuring, please do post.

    From my anecdotal research, it appears that there are a lot more buyers of Acura MDX if the dealers are willing to pass on the manufacturers incentives to buyers - not just keep them for their profits. Acura sales may not be suffering due to a lack of buyers, but more because of their dealer network pricing structures.

    Given the current incentives, here are what I believe are the reasonable prices one should aim for -
    Base - 34k-35k
    Sports/Ent - 42k-43k
    Sports - 40k-41k
    Tech - 38k-39k
    Tech/Ent - 40k-41k

    Anything over this will be an additional dealer markup. I am not making any buy/don't buy recommendations - I understand that is a personal decision based on many other factors. But let us correctly educate ourselves on what are the true cost/pricing structures and know what we are giving/gaining when we make these big transactions.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97

    I appreciate your reasoning. But I can assure you, the 8k rebate is FOR CANADA CUSTOMERS ONLY!!!

    Your very mixed up with your information. The article states, that the MANUFACTURERS(they have over 10brands on that list) are providing such and such deals, for CANADIAN customers.

    Regardless of where the MDX is made, your understanding of there simple explanation is way off. They are simply saying, a manufacturer such as (, mercedes, etc.) are offerings these deals in CANADA at the present time. Your over analyzing this article.

    As for your varying of prices, IT HAPPENS, thats capitalism for you. My local (small) town, honda, toyota, audi, mercedes, will balk at invoice or barely over invoices offers. i drive 3hours to chicago, and they discount from invoice. Its just a matter of VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME. A larger dealership(such as pohanka) in a bigger city, with a competitive market, sells at a lower price, but also relys on volume of sales. As for local/smaller town, anywhere in usa, they rely more on profit per car than volume.

    Bottomline, this logic can be applied to any brand etc. and the 8000 rebate is FOR CANADA ONLY! canada's car market prices are usually 20-25% more costlier msrp's for the same exact car, so when they do get such rebates, they are larger, and you have to factor into exchange rate. Canadians have always complained of high msrp's, hence lot of them would cross border to buy in Michigan, or elsewhere in usa, but manufacturers caught on, and started voiding cars warrantys if they weren't bought in original country of residence.
  • The website is for a Canadian newspaper...

    Those incentives are for Canada, not the US.. You can look up current incentives right here on

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Didn't we resolve this last week? Someone posted that thread in another forum where it was described how *some* dealers are receiving up to $2500 in extra funding on the MDX.

    I made it perfectly clear to about 10 dealers that I'd be in within an hour (or as long as it would take me to drive there) to purchase if they could hit $34,500 for the Base MDX. Still, I couldn't get any dealer to budge below $35,900.

    There's just no way they have the same deal with Acura that Pohanka has.
  • As a Canadian I can confirm the $8500 rebate on the MDX. We have had that reabate up here for pretty much all of 2009. It was designed to blunt the effect of a higher Canadian dollar than in the past. It has only partially done this,

    The rebate is applied AFTER tax. Therefore the best price you can get up here (Ontario, Canada) for a Base MDX all-in (incl. taxes) is about $51,000 Canadian. Based on the current exchange rate that is about $47000 U.S.

    That is why many Canadians buy in the U.S. despite Acura cancelling the warranty.
  • how negotiable are these so called "fees", which seem like pure extra profit :mad: ? What "fees" have other paid?
  • At Pohanka, for the Base MDX, I paid $33,700+$399 processing fee (they originally quoted $34,099, so how they broke it out on the bill didn't really matter to me), NYS State Sales Tax, $350 for Registration (which will yet be a true-up based on what it really comes out to for NY Registration) and $57.29 for Dealer License Tax. That's it.
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