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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Khajokh,

    You are awesome man! Finally, someone is looking out for the acura car buyers during these bad economic times. I totally agree with all the information you provided. Please keep up the great work!
  • I bought the MDX Tech and Ent package at Pohanka on the same day Lex bought his..Missed to meet Lex since i was focussing more on my vehicle and admiring it. Anyways.. the business was smooth. Paid $41023+ the rest same as what Lexluthor paid.. since i am from NY too..thats it..I had a 7 hr drive back and the car was smooth as silk..just lov it...
  • cplincplin Posts: 2
    OTD is around $38K
  • Hi,
    I work for a local south bay area Acura dealership, AutoWest Acura of Stevens Creek. I've done a locate on the tech model 2009 in sterling gray and have found none. The current colors in this area are Silver/Black/White and Red. The other colors are out of production for the rest of 2009. I am glad to help you in any capacity that I can.
  • Paid $39.5K + $299 doc fee + $75 title + $50 registration + $2,468.75 MA sales tax @6.25% :cry: . OTD =$42,392.75 (before dwn pmt of $2K). put $2K down and got the 2.9% int rate. Can't say enough good things abotu Schaller Acura in Manchester, CT. Very smooth and easy, no pressure process. I had called around a lot of dealerships in New England. They had the best price and the expact color combo I wanted. Spent about 10 min with the fincance guy (who was great) and that was it. Since I live in MA they are getting it registered for me and to driving it to my house to save me haveing to drive to them a second time in CT. :)
  • I purchased a new 2009 MDX Technology this weekend for $39700 +599 +TTL in Jacksonville, FL (Orange Park). Price included wheel locks, side molding, running boards, roof rails, and trunk mat. Best deal I could find in the southeast.
  • Hi surfin29

    How was the overall experience with acura oforangepark, did u try duval acura also.
    I saw that duval had only base. Seems u got a good price (39k, deducting the accesories) +ttl.

    for me orangepark quoted 40552 for mdx tech +fee+ttl.

  • Has anyone purchansed 2009 Base in Colorado recently? Can you share your buying experience here? The best price I have quoted for is about 36800, which is a lot higher than the price posted here. The dealers in CO seem not willing to negotiate very much.
  • Caprice2:

    I tried Duval first, but they did not have the color I wanted and their price was WAY high. I had to spend a day of (tough) negotiating with Orange Park to get them down. I assume in the end they wanted to make the sale vs risk waiting to try to make a couple of more bucks on someone else. They had a lot of MDXs on the lot. The people at Orange Park were nice and professional. They spent a lot of time to show and set up the features on the car.
  • oisinoisin Posts: 2
    Just don't go to Marin Acura - those guys think they can bully you with their old-school full pressure sales tactics into buying a car, even one that you don't want at a price that is ridiculous. I can share a lot more if you're interested but I didn't think car dealers operated like that anymore because so much information is available to the consumer now.

    Thanks for all the information you shared!
  • Thanks Surfin29
    What color did you pick?
    I was thinking of the cherry red color, dint get a chance to see one in that.
    I will try my luck with the local in 2 wks
  • An Example
    For the purchase of a $30,000 vehicle with 7% state sales tax, the taxpayer would receive a $2,100 tax deduction. The actual tax savings depends on the amount of sales and excise tax paid in your state and on your tax rate. Ask your dealer about your state's tax rates.

    Keep in mind that its deduction not credit,,,
    So if you are 15% tax bracket your savings are 0.15*2100=$315...
    Thats just 300 on a 30K car...Is your time worth that much?

    Also if you are living in a high state tax states like CA, NY, NJ and are making >80K and have a mortgage deduction then probability is VERY HIGH that you are subject to AMT...then no deduction for you!!!

    I am not a CPA...but devil is in the details

    I believe tax deduction should not be considered at all in a anything that is an expense.
    For me if it is an expense it driven by two things
    1) Passion and/or
    2) Value/Utility

    This is what I would consider
    1) Do you like the looks of 2010 or 2009 (Front grill is different)
    2) New transmission for Acura. Are you OK with it? Last time when honda/acura went from 4 speed to 5 speed it was a disaster. Transmission failing at 65K to 70K miles. Go read threads on MDX/Accord/TL board regarding 2000/2001 transmission
    3) How badly you need car now
    4) Time value of money Vs. Timing of car buying
  • I agree with sanjaysdca about the tax deduction. There are not too much we can get from tax deduction.

    Does 2010 model has the same transmission for those in 2009? I heard about transmission problems about 2010 models as well.
  • Looking to buy an brand new MDX with tech package for 38-39K.Any good dealerships?
  • I bought a 2009 base model MDX. I paid $36,900 plus tax, tag and title. The price also included the added accessories of back up rear sensors, roof rack with kayak carrier. I think I could have gotten the car with those options for $1,000 less. Any comments?
  • ucarucar Posts: 3
    2099 MDX Tech/Ent - paid 39647 + 810 Dest. + 290 TTL. No other dealer accessories. Any comments ?

    Another question - should I buy extended warranties on MDX ? such as extra 4 year bumper-to-bumper from Acura Care. if so, what is good price ?
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Buyers of the new 2010 MDX should strongly consider a factory/dealer warranty on the tranny up to 100,000 miles. In fact, Honda/Acura should include this TRANSMISSION WARRANTY on all new '10 models with the 6 speed transmission. What better way to show the world you back up your products especially since Honda has a poor history with new transmissions?

    I plan on negotiating the extended tranny warranty with the dealer. I really don't want to pay the rest of the extended warranty. I just want a $100-$200 transmission warranty.
  • Well tax deduction cannot be 'the' consideration but if available why wouldn't one want know about it or wouldn't want to use it. I didn't know about the deduction, the dealer told me (Buick Enclave, which I didn't buy). The artcile showed to me by her was by Govt who anticipated an avg $330 back to the buyer. In my case, being in a higher tax bracket, the amount is decent.
  • White/parchment interior. I liked it the best.
  • There are some features on the 2010 that I really like. New hard drive Navi/music, cooled seats, standard power liftgate, 19" wheels but for what price / time wait vs just picking up a 09?

    It seems like if I purchase a new 09, not only will it be approx 8k cheaper but lots of extras can get thrown in. (rails, roof rack, mats, etc?) A couple questions for you all:

    1) 09 - What dealer "extras" should you get and at what costs?
    2) 09 - If you new 09 today, do they give you the latest 10 Navi DVD disks?
    3) 09 - You cannot get Sport with a Navi? (forgive my ignorance)
    4) 10 - Best guest estimated release date in US? Why the delay?

    I would love to just run down & pick up a 2010 Acura MDX Black/Black Tech & Advanced but wait till Jan/Feb & still pay MSRP+? ouch!
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