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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joetajoeta Posts: 1
    35.5k +TTL, + 810 destination

    got floormats, roof rails, crossbars, and cargo tray installed by dealer for another $300

    not sure how you want to count the accessories at dealer cost/list or whatever so I'll just post the #'s and make you decide whats best

    marin acura, CA

    it is my understanding that my tax-incentive here is approx $300, heh
  • Well guys after e-mailing back and forth with the sales person and agreeing on the price that I wanted I finally bought my white 09 mdx with Tech, and here is the price that I paid 39,000 get this OUT THE DOOR. I think I did real good. What do you guys think.
  • How would we know? OTD is pretty meaningless unless we know what youe state tax rate is and other registration fees. Please post what you paid for the car itself.
  • I just brought MDX TECH 2009 for 39k.

    The dealer gave me rail-roof and after market entertainment system. DO you think I got a good price ?

  • platt,
    what was the invoice excluding TTL. Where did you buy this.
    Seems folks r getting great deals now :)
  • baigbaig Posts: 2
    Hi There,

    I am also looking for MDX Tech in chicago. If you don't mind can you tell from which dealer you bought your MDX.

  • baigbaig Posts: 2
    Hi There,

    Can you tell me from which dealer you bought car. I also live in Chicago and am looking for MDX.

  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 22
    Looking at 2009 MDX and got these offers from NYC area dealers:

    1. Base $36,550
    2. Tech and Ent $41,850

    One concern is that inventory seems to be very low. Also since the 2010 model is coming in a month or so I am concerned whether it's worth buying the older 2009 model at this time.
    What do you think?
  • That's high, even for NY.

    I was able to get it down to around $36K for the Base in NY area 2 weeks ago. NY dealers don't seem to be going much below that.

    I wound up buying at Pohanka in VA for $34,100 (deal is now gone, but I still think it's available at maybe $500 more now?).
  • finally one dealer willing to drop the price to 35890... still higher than the price posted here but probably the best deal i can get in CO. Will finalize the deal tomorrow morning. I will keep you guys posted

    One more question: I am kinda tall, about 6'4", do you think I will fit in the driver seat easily? I tried Toyota, it's quite roomy. what do you think about the MDX? i have not had a chance to try one yet. ..any feedback will be appreciated...!
  • The invoice total was 41,734.27 tax is at 6%. He wanted for me to pay $41,999 otd, but after an hour of going back and forth I told the sales person that I was not going to pay no more then $39,000 otd and that if he was not willing to do! that i just would go somewhere else and look at a differant vehicle. He went back to his boss and told him what i said, at this point his boss and sales person come over and said ok we will do it for $39,000 otd.

    So at this point I think I ended up paying around $36792 plus 6% sales tax which is around $39,000. I bought this vehicle in ft myers, FL.
  • Ended up going with 2010 Lexus RX instead. Gave up the 3rd row and extra power for the interior refinements of 2010 RX. South Coast Acura - ask for Ken. Factoring in the rebate and the holdback (2.5% assumed), I think it would be realistic to lower price by $750-$900 or so with some negotiations. Good luck!
  • Platts,
    Can u pls share the dealership name here.

    So, the price 36792 does it include the dealer fee & tags(New or are you transferring tags?).
    When I asked the same 39k for tech otd to around 15 dlrs (I am also in 6%tax +200 tag trsfr), they literally mocked at me. :blush:

    I am in Jacksonville, would like to travel to get this deal.

    By the way this seems to be the best price I heard so far.
    Enjoy your new MDX. :shades:
  • longfrance, that's funny. We wound up doing exactly that last time we purchased a car. Found the RX330 just had more "features" than the MDX at a similar price point and was worth giving up the 3rd row. This time we wound up doing exactly the opposite.
  • I am amazed at the high prices of used 2008 base MDX. It seems a new 2009 can be had for between $34-36 thousand. How is it that the lowest price on a used 2008 base in the New York area with 20,000 miles is $33,000. Who wouldn't spend the extra on new?
  • I am in LA too. What's the price quote did you get from Ken?
  • Quote from Ken at South Coast Acura for your reference.

    09 Tech black on black with running boards and roof rack.

    $40,0084.00 price
    $529 government fees
    $3,512.16 taxes (8.75% Orange County rate)
    $55.00 doc. fee
    2 free oil changes

    As shared previously, I believe that the 40k price could be negotiated down 500-800 based on invoice price and holdback at 2.5%. That black-on-black was the only one on the lot on Friday... Good luck!!!
  • As of noon today 11/18/09.... The websites for the dealers below showed:

    Three (3) 2009 base models in Beckley, WV.

    One (1) 2009 Tech and One (1) 2009 Tech w/Entertainment in Roanoke, VA.

    I am not connected to these dealers in anyway, except I have traded with both of them. I was thinking about going with the 2009, but have decided on the 2010, but I still monitor the above dealers just to see what is being delivered.. I am one of those who likes the 2010 front. The new tranny scares me, but it can't be any worse than the problems found with the 2003 to 2005, which I own.... I am guessing the 2010 will cost me about $3k to $4K more, but I think it will be worth it to drive the newest version of the MDX.
  • So, since you work for an Acura dealer, can you tell me if they are still producing 2009? Or is it pretty much end of production, and they're ramping up production of 2010? If so, when are they going to come onto the market?
  • Thanks a lot for the information. I got the quote for 09 tech is
    $ 39000 +TTL. About the same price after adding running boards and roof rack.
    Still shopping around to see whether I could get $38000. Otherwise, I might wait for 2010 model.
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