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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey Bud, do you mind posting on how much you paid for your lexus rx.
  • Hi, I was interested in the MDX Tech and wanted to check in with Pohanka to get a quote Can you advise who to contact at the dealership? Thanks for your help.
  • I am about to buy a 2009 MDX base model - at my local dealer, the price quoted is 36.7K. I have to pay extra for additional options like the running board, wheellock etc. The tech package is 40.9K. Financing at 2.9% for 60 months. Are these good prices or should I search for better internet pricing ?

    I am neutral between MDX and Lexus RX350. I am not sure if I am actually paying a good price for the MDX. As I read this forum, it seems that everyone else gets a very good deal on the MDX.

    I do not really need a new SUV but it is good to drive one before TG. But I can wait longer if I can get a better discount like 1-2k cheaper.

    This is my second time buying a car in US. My first was a 2008 camry and it was a good deal. Any advice on should I wait or should I commit ? They have about 20 more cars sitting in their inventory - a mix of tech and base models.

  • The forum here says not to posts salespeople. If you provide your email, I can give you the contact information.
  • Hi, thanks for sending along. My email is
  • Could you help to send me contact as well?

    Thank you.

    E-mail address:
  • Hi Platt,
    I thought u already bought an MDX, If so could u pls share the dealers name & send me the salesperson name(pls email C A P RICORN-70@ HOTMAIL.COM).
    I requested quote from SCANLON ACURA for 35.8k for mdx base + ttl+dlr fee = 38.8k otd.
    Thx in advance
  • anyone buy 09 mdx tech recently in chicago/midwest area? Trying to get 18.5% discount and want to make sure I am not being unrealistic.

    45040 MSRP
    +$810 Dest
    $37,517 + Tax/Title

    Let me know if you have done as good or better.

  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 22
    Here is the latest I was quoted in NJ:

    Tech/Entertainment: $40,830
    Tech: $39,243
    Base: $35,350

    Plus $810 destination charge, tax, dmv fees and $249.00 documentation fee.

    What do you think?
  • I went shopping for a 2009 MDX with the Tech package today. The dealer had both a new 2009 and one with 2500 miles on it. For the new one he asked $40,900 (which is the KBB price) and for the one with 2500 miles he came down to $40,000. The documentation price at the dealer is an additional $600 (which seems ridiculous!).

    I figure a fair offer for the one with mileage is $38000 + TTL. I would also ask them to throw in the running boards and roof rack. I just wanted to get a feel for if people think this is reasonable. Thanks!
  • t140dt140d Posts: 2
    Also looking for the name of the salesperson. My email is

  • That is good but you can still probably go down. A week ago I got the quote for 38200 + TTL for the Tech package. Pickings are getting slim, however.
  • 41k even. If you want to know how, click over to the Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid Forum. I explained in detail. Thx.
  • Also looking for the name of the salesperson. My email is

    Thanks a lot!
  • nbhnbh Posts: 1
    I bought this car yesterday for $43,500 (out of door) from McGrath Acura.

    It cam around $39,100 + 810 destination charge+150 doc fee + 8% tax + 300(new plates, license,title).

    They also give me weather mats for 1st and 2nd row and also for trunk mat worth of $300 with this.

    I think it is decent (if not best) deal since they have last mdx (tech+ent) in black color with interior in black color.

    If anyone wants salesperson's email, post your e-mail address and I will send you it in e-mail.
  • Could you please also give me his email address if you have?

    Thanks again!
  • I need the salesperson's email, my email is
  • tk17tk17 Posts: 6
    What other dealers did you look at?

    Thank you for the email address,
  • Could you please give me the contact info for the person that gave you the quote for $38,200 on the MDX tech. The best I got yesterday was $39,900 in northern NJ. My email address is
  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 22
    Can I get the dealer contact too? email
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