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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    hi, igiban1,
    just wanted to tell you that i picked up my mats and trifold cargo tray today. the trifold cargo tray works great, but it cannot handle one 3rd row seat down and one up, as you had asked me about. when i was looking inside different mdx's, i'm pretty sure i did see something that looked like a cargo "mat" was not a tray, but did seem to offer protection to the carpet back there. and this cargo "mat" DID look as if it could accomodate one 3rd row seat down and one had more folds in than the tri fold cargo tray....i'm not sure what you'd call that accessory...
  • anand4anand4 Posts: 6
    What is a good price for a base MDX in cary, NC? truecar is indicating a price of $38,344. I am not finding a price lower than 41000. ACURA dealers are not negotiating much and seem to indicate that inventory is low. Any advice?
  • devteamdevteam Posts: 15
    Seems to me like the certified pre owned MDX's that are 2 or 3 years old don't provide much of a savings over a new MDX... for example a 2008 tech package mdx with 20k miles on lists for 38k (that's the special internet price!) -- while I'm fairly certain I can get a 2010 Tech for 42k in the NJ area where I live. The question is, what's the point of buying used? Unless that price is 4 or 5k more than what they'll actually take (i.e. if they'd take 33k for the 08 MDX) I see no value in buying a pre-owned vehicle. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  • Devteam-

    It's pretty simple. There are a lot of ignorant car buyers out there who would rather pay 2-4k less for a used car than just buy the new one. The reason is there is a perception you can't negotiate on the prices of these new and that $4,000 less is $4,000 saved.

    If all buyers were educated dealers would not be able to play all the games they seem to enjoy at the dealership during the purchase process.

    Mods, please delete me if this seems racist, but I'll also add (at least in my area) there is a diversity of immigrant cultures and ethnicities, and some of those groups tend to only buy a certain product, and don't know about how to buy a car here in the US and tend to be taken advantage of at the dealership.
  • hi devteam
    just wondering how you are so certain you can get 2010 tech for 42k, I am also in the process of buying a 2010 tech in NJ.
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    It is just me or is anybody else surprised at the huge price differences people are paying accross the country. I have read that some people are paying $350.00 over invoice and others are paying $300.00 below MSRP. I have followed this chat room and other in regards to pricing and I have never seen anything like this. I just bought the MDX in Denver and I paid $1,100 over invoice. I did that by working with a broker and they brought in the car from out of state. In Denver that is a great deal. Most of the dealers I am talking to would only discount $500.00 to $700.00 and they wanted to add in thier $399 dealer handling fee. That is pretty close to MSRP.
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    For those who got Tech or above pack, do you feel that the ELS audio is really that superior than base? Anyone did a comparison? I sat on a tech and listened briefly to FM radio and it's nothing that special. I did not test base audio. I listened to ELS on old TL once (05 or 06) and it's pretty good. I'd think new MDX's be even better but is it?
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    Hi lhh,
    So when both 3rd seats are up the tray stick to the back of seats? That's nice. But if you ever need to do one up one down, I guess it'd be annoying... I guess I'd not bother to purchase it but if dealer has room to throw in why not. What about the all season mats? I saw some on display in demo car and they fit well and are sturdy all right, but they don't seem to look refined. Kind of dirty on its own and make the car look less luxy. Snow country people would like it, but I am not sure for people in Cal. Maybe it's nice to put on when ski but not otherwise?
  • Not to mention that if financing the purchase, new cars can be financed through Acura Financial at 1.9% or 2.9% depending on term, while the interest rate for used cars is ~4% higher.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    hi, igiban1, ok so yes when both 3rd seats are up, the tray gets folded into thirds and lies fairly flatly in the back space behind the third row. if one of those 3rd row seats were up and one were down, you'd just do this same thing: fold the tray into not annoying really, i don't think. the question is: what types of things will you haul around in the back? stuff that might dirty the carpet back there?
    i think that the all season mats look fine. not luxy maybe but not tacky either. here's what i would use to make my deicision: what color interior are you going to get? i've got the parchment interior and i know from my volvo that that the tan carpet gets pretty dirty looking FAST. this time of year out here, folks seem to have muddy/wet shoes pretty often, don't you think? if you go with the taupe or black interior, i do not think that this is so much of an issue.
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    Good point. You must like that interior color! We have cream color in another car and it looks real dirty now. Don't they match color on mats also, so that can get dirty soon too, but at least it's not carpet. I personally like to use some clear mats that would still show the underlined nicer looking carpet mats, but they may not fit that well... Tray can be useful I gather for some dirty/wet stuff on back. Glad that I pushed you to get it. Not all dealers would give you that if not enough margin.
  • magbarnmagbarn Posts: 35
    For those who got Tech or above pack, do you feel that the ELS audio is really that superior than base? Anyone did a comparison? I sat on a tech and listened briefly to FM radio and it's nothing that special. I did not test base audio. I listened to ELS on old TL once (05 or 06) and it's pretty good. I'd think new MDX's be even better but is it?

    If you're basing a quality of a stereo by how it sounds in fm, maybe you should stick the base stereo. The base stereo is decent, but pop in a DVD audio or a well mastered cd in the ELS and be prepared to be blown away. A good stereo will just magnify the flaws of your audio source and fm radio is of the most flawed out there
  • Does this include tax???

    Total out of pocket was $ 335.00???
  • If you dont mind me asking what dealership offered you 44,659?
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    yes, igiban1, i cannot thank you enough for prodding me into asking for the mats and cargo tray. it seems silly but that made me feel so much better about the whole deal. yes, i am partial to the parchment interior color. i liked with my old white car and i think it looks sharp with the black mdx. but you are right, it does show the dirt. i think that the clear mats would be the answer for you if you could get ones that fit well....and yes my mats are beige to match the parchment interior but should be easy enough to hose those off....
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    How did they handle your request tho? Did you threaten to void the deal for that or just showing being grumpy, and they just said all right... I guess they'd have said it's not part of the deal.. But at the end I think there's enough margin for them to do good deed. Of course it'd be even better they just yanked $200 off the total but I guess that'd be harder... Black+Parchment is one sharp SUV... But prepare to wash inside out often! Enjoy it.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    so the salesman i was working with made a HUGE deal about my being HAPPY and telling that to acura when they called me after the purchase. so when i went to pay for the car, i said that i was no longer feeling happy because another dealer that i had also been working with had called me that morning and offered me the car at invoice (this was true). so, now i said that i was feeling as if i'd overpaid by $500. i first asked for $500 off the purchase price but they said they couldn't do that since i'd basically signed everything except the check. so i said, well, then you need to throw me a bone: how about mats and a cargo tray? they hemmed and hawed and finally i asked to see the sales manager and he gave them to me and called them "add ons". i would not have thought to try this tack if you had not mentioned the accessories to me....
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    IMHO, the ELS audio system in the 2010 Tech is one of the best car audio systems I have ever heard.
    I recently purchased 2 DVD audio disks (they are hard to come by) and was blown away with the quality of sound. I listened to one of my all time fav albums (Moody Blues Days of Future Passed) and it was as if I had never heard it before.
    The USB connection for my iPhone is seamless and even the most compressed tunes sound incredible on the ELS system.
    All this combined with the improved noise dampening have made my 2+ hours a day in the car a most pleasurable experience.
    I love this car!
  • jayusjayus Posts: 2
    hopkins acura in north california
  • Two questions:

    1) When will the 2011 MDX's being hitting dealership lots?
    2) What is about the best price I'll get on a 2010 MDX Base?

    I don't really need the navigation, surround sound, rear seat DVD, Milano leather, and the other what nots. My main concerns are the functionality, dependability, and high resale value of the MDX.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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