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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    ok, igiban1, i read through a lot of thread on tranmission issues and the mdx. after reading through it all, do you feel that acura has fixed the problem in the 2010's or not? will it keep you from buying one?
  • We are looking to purchase a 2010 MDX base model. Although we haven't gotten down to the nitty gritty of the haggling process yet, the best price we've been given so far is $41,500. I am curious if anyone has purchased in the Dallas area, and if so what did you manage to get off the MSRP? Thanks!
  • Would it have concerned you? Now I have not seen much complaint from 07+ mdx so that's a good sign. But then they might be just too young to be sick. 10 mdx got a new tranny. Hope that's better but only time will tell. Anyway, it's not like any other brand would for sure fare better these days....
  • Okay, how much is TT+L on a 2010 Acura MDX?? I told a dealer that I want to walk out without spending more than 39,000 on a new base model MDX and he said that would make the sale price around 36. Is TT+L really around 3,000 dollars?? Thanks.
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    That totally depends on your tax rate. In Colorado the tax ranges from 4.1% to 9.5% depending on what county you live in. You need to research your tax and title fees for you individual area.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    the cry for a class action law suit in the transmission thread is concerning to say the least. but, as you say, the 2010 does have a new transmission and wouldn't you hope that honda would have figured out what the problem was, with 10 years of data? wishful thinking, perhaps. but, as you also comment, would you feel any better with any of the competitors?...seems that there are issues with other makes, too....
  • was just wondering if anyone has any info on buying a vehicle out of state? Say buying in Nevada and driving back to Cali where i live to avoid the sales tax. My wife and i are going to get the MDX this year and i was thinking if i could save about 3500 bucks. Anyway, just thought i'd post up here for comments before i started digging on the net for info. Thanks
  • If that worked, noone would buy a car in California again! They will get the taxes with registration.
  • carrera993, what are the freebies thrown in on your $43500 mdx? mats, tray and locks or just some of them? BTW, what's your OTD price (in either 9.75 or 9.25 tax rate)?
  • When you go to register the car, at least in the state that I live in, that's when you pay the sales tax. So you could buy it in Nevada, but when you go to register the car in California, you've got to pay CA sales tax -- I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  • There is a lot of recent discussion about tech/ent pricing. Anyone have feedback on Base pricing?
  • Best pricing I'm getting for a base model in DFW area is $41-ish. About $2000 off the MSRP. In the OKC area the lowest quote we've gotten was $40,300 on a base model.
  • thanks, seems i forgot about the state registration. I was thinking on the smaller items such as if you bought a lcd tv out of state and could save the state sales tax on a 2500 dollar item......thanks guys/gals
  • sascsasc Posts: 14
    just had a dealer in ri give us a complete brush off, not even a civil reply, when we got an email from him telling us he had some due to arrive soon, we have one on order with a great boston area dealer, but asked him if he could do better than 44,030-we got back a 3 worded reply!!! no nice salesmen like reply or sorry we can't -so am wondering if this is a fluke, or is it just business as usual with inskip acura??? really 3 words-better buy in boston.......
  • Pretty much set on getting a 2010 Acura MDX w/Advance Package

    How would you suggest soliciting the best prices from dealers? Is it wise to pit dealers against each other? I have 5 in IL that pretty much are the same distance from me.
    Anyone know what the CostCo price is w/Advance Package?

    Of course I plan to negotiate price first before even talking about my trade in or financing. Pretty much plan to walk in with preapproved financing most likely directly thru Acura & dont expect a problem. I have just had some bad experiences with dealerships pulling my credit reports in the past & plan to secure my own.

    I do have some time on my side but looking to this in the next month or two...
    MSRP $51,855 Invoice $47,504
    What Others are paying $49,149
    +$810 destination charge +TTL
  • coffeerequired: I would definitely pit dealer against dealer if you far that is how we've gotten our best prices. One of the dealers we've been talking to asked if I could actually forward him the email from another dealer, and within ten minutes of getting the email he had beat that offer. It may seem slimy, but I'm afraid with car buying it's the name of the game. I don't really feel any loyalty to these people, I just want the best possible price! I think it is smart to deal over email alot in the beginning-documentation is a good thing.
  • I have been checking the price of 2010 MDX tech+ent for last 2-3 weeks. One dealer was offering it at $43,650 (including $810 destination charges) but now asking $45,650 in San Francisco area. I spoke to him and offered him my last price at $44,000. I haven't heard from him yet. Meanwhile another dealer is offering it at $44,800. Has anyone bought this make/model with same trim in last couple of days and what price? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
  • Which dealer gave you $43,650 for tech/ent? Sounds more like a mis- quote.
  • Did anyone hear from dealers saying that the invoice for a new mdx+tech now is 43268 not 42919 (seen on Edmund) anymore?
  • for $41,100 from broker, including destination charge. Hope that helps.
    Went to dealer and they would not budge from 42,000. Gave a call to broker and got 41,100 after he searched around. APR 2.99 from Honda finance.
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