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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fumdxfumdx Posts: 7
    I got the x with the tech package. I personally think the entertainment system is useless. If you're planning to get it you might as well just get the advance package. I paid 800 over invoice and got all weather mats.
  • Has anyboby heard about Honda/Acura are recalling some of their products? I am wondering how this would have impacts on the sales of 2010 MDX?
  • Good to see what others are actually paying. Closest dealer has added a "Protection Package" of $998 to all cars and they offered to sell it to me for MSRP. Yes, we walked out.
  • I just purchased a 2010 MDX Tech/ENT for 44500 + tax
  • Be specific with the Orange Park dealer.

    I got a quote from them, then the vehicle had $2K worth of profit pack and
    accesories on a bump sticker that needed to be added to my quote.

    And their dealer fee is $600.
  • Got a quote for 44000 tech pkg w/ running boards (total out the door is 49000 including taxes...buying car in CA but live in Utah, so I assume the total should be less since I will pay the taxes in Utah). Is this a good deal? I am seeing some quotes that are similar for tech/ent...

    Got another quote for 43416 before ttl and fees...

    Appreciate any advice...
  • jayg6jayg6 Posts: 9
    Can you please share the name of the dealer that offered you 43416 for MDX tech? Also, what dealer has given you the lowest quote for MDX tech+ent?
  • Which dealer did you buy your Tech/Ent? I'm looking for the same deal in Texas.
  • I haven't received any quotes for tech+ent...

    The dealer renged on the 43416...starting over again...will send an update next week
  • Check your assumption that you'll be paying Utah taxes on a California purchase. I bought my '08 MDX in 2/08 from Sunnyvale Acura in NoCal, and drove it back (and registered it) in Park City. I tried to get Utah tax applied, but the dealer said they legally had to collect California sales tax on any vehicle that left the lot.
  • sasc, do you mind telling me which dealer in the boston area you are working with? $44,030 is about 1K over invoice which is right around the TMV and average price achieved by people posting here. I am out in the 495/mass pike area. I have been looking since about mid-december when the 2010's came out, looking at Tech+Ent. Not in a big hurry yet. Been doing most of my looking and test drives at Herb Chambers in Framingham. Salesman I have worked with seems nice enough and they have had a reasonable inventory, but I have not gotten into details/prices with them yet. Do not really care where I buy it, just want a good/fair price. Thanks.
  • Paid 43,500 for a 2010 MDX Tech in the Northern NJ area after internally quabbling with myself over whether to buy new or used for quite some time.... there are some great used deals out there for 2008's you can pay about 35 - 36k for tech/ent ... paul miller has one they're willing to let go for 36.5k it has 13k miles on it. Ultimately, I just found it to be not worth the price difference to go used -- who knows who was driving the car before me, they could've beat the hell out of it. Those are my thoughts anyway.
  • pvdesipvdesi Posts: 9
    edited February 2010
    Thanks for the info ursa...
    Does that mean you didn't pay CA tag and registration (paid in UT)? Also did you have a time limit to drive back to UT (like a 96 hr temp permit)
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 70
    I've been contemplating the same decision: new vs used. I am willing to go the used route as long as I think I am getting a "deal" by going used.

    I had one really good deal fall through, and now I think I have found another nice deal. It is a 2008 base model w/ 20k miles for $31k. One owner with a clean carfax. This seems like a very good price compared to other used deals out there. The only thing that bothers me is if I compare it to the deals a few were getting when the new 2009s were get closed out at $34.5k. Any feedback on my price for this 2008 would be appreciated - I'm leaning towards pulling the trigger this week.

  • That's a good price. The best price I could get for a used car (2008) with the Tech package was 35k. I have a login to Mannheim and I can see how much the used MDX's are going for on the auction block. It's pretty much what these guys are selling them for.... 31k is a great price for a base model with only 20k.

    The only thing that bothers me about used is that I have no idea if the person driving it beat the hell out of the car or not, since chances are you won't know the previous owner.
  • sascsasc Posts: 14
    we have been at prime acura in walpole, but may have a problem, called yesterday to check on delivery of car on order and were informed that the salesman quit a few days ago, mgr looking through his paperwork, only found old order(we originally ord. a base) and needs to have sales mgr get back to us.... we are waiting... they have been good so far, but now hmmm I want my car, and i want it now..having kids rubs off on a person.
  • For what it is worth, we bought a 2010 MDX to replace out a totaled 2005 MDX. It was a Touring, but without DVD. Insurance Co's initially offered us $20,900. We told them to check their math, since the car only had 32K miles on it. Not sure where we will end up on it.

    Curse the lady that took the turn in front of us!
  • 43434343 Posts: 8
    What about an '08 Tech with 24,000 on it?

    A local Honda dealer has one that he's asking $38,877 for. It's in great shape and has a clean CarFax. Locally I've been told that around $34,XXX would be a fair price.
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 70
    FYI - For comparison, a local dealer has a 2008 MDX with Tech and Entertainment and 40k miles. The lowest they would take is $32.5 for it. The best deal I have found is still a 2008 base with 20k miles for $31k. I'm leaning towards the base and installing aftermarket DVD for the kids.
  • Just bought a 2010 Tech/Ent with $48500 (OTD). I am in Northern CA. They gave me a fair price for my trade-in and throw in wheel-locks. I also bought some accessories and total cost is $50800 (OTD).
    I am not very happy with the mileage. It is a new 2010 but has 180 miles already. I guess it was transferred from other dealership....
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