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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    ursamajor1--the saleman you mentioned is now at stevens creek acura (autowest) in san jose and i also found him very easy to work with...
  • mike_charlottemike_charlotte Posts: 18
    edited February 2010
    Hi, I have choice to make by this weekend.

    Price is $41,500 with tax and everything

    Option 1: New 2010 Base model MDX

    Option 2: Used 2009 MDX with Tech package
    3000 Miles

    Which one would you recommend?
  • fumdxfumdx Posts: 7
    get the 2010 because in terms of resale value you're better off with the 2010. 2010 model also resolved some tsb issue that 2009 had before. imp but the choice is all yours.
  • May I ask which dealership you purchased from?
  • When do the 2011 MDX's start hitting dealership lots? I ask because I want to score a 2010 model right before the 2011's start arriving in hopes of getting a killer deal.
  • Yes I went to Ocean of Acura in Ocean NJ ---- Please ask for Robert Super great guy....Tell him Irene referred you....
  • jayg6jayg6 Posts: 9
    Hello Ihh,

    What price was acura of Los Gatos willing to sell you a MDX Tech for? Can you share the exact dollar amount?

  • I am working with a dealer in NJ to get a 2010 MDX Advance without the entertainment package. This AM she told me the factory has stopped making the Advance trim without the entertainment package -- she is only seeing the Advance together with the entertainment package.

    Has anybody else been told the same thing?
  • I'm also looking at Keyes Acura for an MDX. I wonder if there's any harm in purchasing a new car from a dealership that's scheduled to close? I still get the Acura Warranty, hmm...?
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    You still have plenty of room to work with. The price you have of $45,500 on a MDX Tech+Ent is about $1000 over invoice. Then they have about $1400 in holdback money they are making on the deal. So at this point the deal nets them about $2400. If I were you I would make an offer of $44,500 and work from there to where you feel comfortable. Does this dealer charge a Doc fee? If so take this into account when you make your offer. This is pure profit for them and there are many of these Acura dealers who charge $500 just to do the paper work.
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    invoice is $39,486 and they have $1267 in holdback money so the net cost to the dealer is $38,219. My first offer would be the $39,500 plus tax, Lic and Doc fees so that would seem to be a pretty good deal depending on your tax and lic rate in your state.

    No question for that money go with the 2010.
  • Thanks, I will. Did your price of 45,300 include the destination charge? did they also charge a documentaion fee?
  • Any recommendations on where to get the best deal in Dallas?
  • definitely not at mcdavid plano acura nor goodson acura

    vandergriff service is bad but depending on the sales person you can get the best deal. although my last dealings with vandergriff was bad.

    Out of the last 4 MDX i bought I bought 2 from vandergriff and 2 unfortunately from mcdavid
  • aka57aka57 Posts: 10
    I am ready to buy a Base 2010. Keyes (Van Nuys) quoted me 1K under Invoice and when asked to give me a written total (out the door) price, they were 2K over what the OTD price should have been. Off my list.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    hi, jayq6,
    los gatos acura told me that they would give me an mdx tech at invoice cost. NOW, that being said, that quote was not put in writing or firmed up, since i told them that i'd already bought the car from stevens creek. but it was my sense that the los gatos guy was going to give me the car for invoice and he made a comment to the effect of "now we're all selling them at invoice"....
  • jimocjimoc Posts: 1
    do not know new car world. I am in raleigh nc. just got quote for MDX with tech and entertainment package at 45,765 plus admin fee of 398 (all before tax), so call it 46,000 before tax. do not mind them making alittle something, but do not want to be stupid

    Based on prior postings I saw, this looks to be about $1,000 over invoice/ aliitle to rich in favor of dealer.

    Would 44,500 be good offer, is likely to be accepted
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    edited February 2010
    I just picked up a 2010 base for 39300, other quotes were from 40400 up to 41000
  • I didn't consider them to best to work with either...I asked five times for their quote, and would never give me a written offer...I sent them a buying price, and they kept arguing with me...You would think they would be more willing to help, seeing that their dealership is closing...
  • autksautks Posts: 2
    Did the $39,300 include everything except TTL? We are getting ready to spring for one soon in the Phila area.
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