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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The price did not include Tag or Title. It did include the "so called destination cost" of $810.00. My negotiation begin at invoice cost and I try to work my way down from there! Again, research the numbers in your area of the country, man-up, and be polite yet stay firm (stay in control) in the dealership. Always be prepared to walk or shop to find the price you are comfortable with. Can't say enough about how the person holding the money has the power (you the consumer)--they want your money badly in this down economy.

    The MDX was the choice for us with competition against the ML 350, GL320 and 450 (used), XC90, and the BMW 535Xi wagon. Reviews on the MDX were very high and the maintenance cost was very reasonable especially when compared to our Audi. We were replacing a 2004 Audi allroad wagon as the family hauler.

    Hope this helps
  • matth2matth2 Posts: 12
    How much negotiating room is there with accessories? I would assume there's more profit in these items than the car itself, yes? Let me know what you paid for advanced running boards, rails (and cross bars), and all weather mats (including trifold rear mat).
  • jeff2010jeff2010 Posts: 6
    Keyes isn't really closing - just changing owners. They sold the franchise to the owners of the Mercedes dealership down the road. Much of the staff will stay the same.

    Here is an out the door price on 2010 MDX tech/ent from them: 45331

    A little cheaper than most of the other quotes I got from LA area dealers, but they are a pain to deal with - always trying to put extras on the bill.
  • Maybe it's just me but it seems like Acura dealerships are some of the biggest scam artists around. I keep reading post after post about how hard it is to negotiate them down off of the sticker price. Makes me not want to even step foot on an Acura lot. I hope I am wrong though...
  • If you like the MDX then do the negotiation over the phone or email. That’s what I did.
  • How can you hold them to what they quote you over the phone? For instance, if a dealership that is over 100 miles away quotes me the best price over the phone and I drive all the way out there, what could keep them from trying to get more out of me and/or bait and switch? I only ask because that happened to me a few years ago...
  • How do you find out if they have an "internet salesperson" so negotiaions can be done over e-mail? I went onto our local Acura dealer's website, and the have an e-mail contact for someone in "sales" and another e-mail contact for "Customer Relations." Which person would I e-mail to start the negotiations?

    Also, I want to do a test drive, but I don't want them to try to get me to negotiate at the dealership. How do I avoid that from happening? Do I let them take down my name while I'm there for the test drive? I figure they'll remember me if I go in for a test drive and then a few days later start e-mail negotiations. I wonder if having met them first will affect the deal I get or not??
  • jeff2010jeff2010 Posts: 6
    Edmunds has a quote service - you can select a few dealerships and they will send you back quotes on the cars. Responsiveness varies from dealer to dealer, but I've had pretty good luck in getting at least initial offers from a number of dealers, which let me compare. The more quotes you get, the better.

    Personally, I'd do a test drive at a dealer I wasn't interested in - perhaps the one that gives you the worst quote - I'm sure dealers hate that, but it isn't like they always treat their customers fairly, either. Whether test driving and then emailing would affect the quote you got probably varies from dealer to dealer.

    Nothing stops them from trying to change the deal when you get there, although having a printed email with a specific number helps - then I'd just watch for "extras" like protection packages and the like (just say no) getting added to the bill. To be fair, some dealers are worse than others - the TL leasing experience I had in 2007 (at Metro Acura, for anyone in the Los Angeles area) was great - all the terms worked out over email and on the phone, no funny stuff when I came to get the car, no upselling. Still the most painless experience I've had buying/leasing a new car. I've also had the opposite experience at other dealers, where the bait and switch was in full effect. My best piece of advice: if you think you have a deal, and then they change it when you get there, walk out.
  • I dealt with them as well - they must have some arrangement with corporate where they will take any extra inventory other dealers won't, sight unseen, in exchange for better pricing.

    I first started talking to them about buying a tech mdx in april 09 - they were offering around 38.5k OTD at the time. Ended up waiting and buying a base closer to my home this past fall, but even then, they were willing to sell a base MDX for 34.3 + ttl without much negotiation. And it was the same story for Pohanka.
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    I don't understand being intimidated by a dealer of any brand. Granted Acura can be a little harder to deal with at times but all dealers are trying to get the most money for the product to make a profit. Just do your homework and know the invoice price and decide what you won't go over. Be fair and polite and treat them the way you want to be treated.

    I have found most dealers will sell at invoice. I give them my price after my research on the web and then if they say no I tell them that's my final offer and if they want to sell the car to give me a call. I am always ready to buy when I contact them. I never purchase extras during my negotiations on the car. I wait until after I take delivery and then ask how much the stuff I want will be. I then leave and check on the internet to make sure its a good price.
  • I guess all dealers are different. The one I worked with is in Chapel Hill, NC (Performance Acura) and they were honest about everything. Price we agreed which was out to door so I did not have any surprises other then they offered protection plan and extended warranty which I declined since it was out my budget. You should ask the sales person exactely what model and color you want and make sure they have it in stock before you go.
  • brian30brian30 Posts: 11
    Has anyone purchased in Texas recently? I am looking for a Tech and best deal I have been quoted is $44,318 +ttl. This includes the $300 local advertising and along with "throw ins" of tinting, wheel locks and nitrogen for tires...whoopee.
  • 99sub99sub Posts: 11
    I tried to get MDX with Advance Pkg in Houston. The lowest they quoted me was $49995. At that point, I walked and told them that I was more like $48000. Now, it didn't take long to get to that amount, so they might go lower. They didn't have the car on the lot so I didn't feel it in my best interest to try and get them to go lower without them having it ready to go.
  • brian30brian30 Posts: 11
    edited March 2010
    Thanks. Where did you buy from and when? Who can I talk to? Edmunds shows the invoice for Advance including destination, but without marketing as $48,314. If before the January invoice increase it would still be $47,914. $48,000 sounds like a great deal.
  • 99sub99sub Posts: 11
    I didn't buy. Since they didn't have the car and was only "hoping" to get it in, I just walked. There last price was 49995, I didn't get them to 48K. The true cost of the car is around 46500 (that includes their mfg holdbacks) so I figure if I offer 48000 that's a profit of around 1500. I don't know that they will acutually take that price but I will wait and see until they have the car on the lot. As far a tech pkg. their true cost is around $41200 and I probably wouldn't offer much more than 42,800. Good luck.
  • kss17kss17 Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    I bought a mdx last week with Tech package for 43000 + ttl (quote - 43K includes the destination charge) from performance acura in chapel hill. I had a particular trim/color in mind and they had that in stock at the end of month (February). That probably helped in the negotiation. Most of the other dealers around the area don't seem to have many mdx in stock.
  • Congratulations! I got mine from them too...which color did you get? Did you buy any accessory?
  • I"m looking to LEASE a 2010 MDX with the Tech & Entertainment package.

    I was offered:

    36 month lease, 10k / yr.
    $2,000 down
    $719 per month

    Is this a good deal? Anyone else lease this car with these specs recently?
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    Wow, I don't know if I would pay that much for a lease on a MDX. What's your cap cost or how much are you paying for the MDX? It's impossible to tell if it's a good deal with out some numbers. What is the money factor? If you figure a lease with purchasing at invoice and Honda's best interest rate the payment would be 628.07 plus sales tax.
    The out of pocket would be first month payment, lic and doc fee. I would guess those to be $1165.00. Seems you are paying a little more than you should.
  • i'm a real newbie, so bear with me.
    I keep reading about cap costs and money my question is why would the cap cost be different on mdx's assuming they are the same year, same car specs (just different location in the USA).

    I guess what i'm trying to say is: doesn't acura make the car for "X " amount of dollars and then ship it all over the place. If my dealer says this car sells for $45,000 and your dealer says this car sells for $50,'s it all bull? they get it for price "X" from acura and then they make their own market. right?

    why can someone in Detroit lease this car for $650 per month and i lease it for $700 per month ? it's the same car, just a different location in the USA.
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