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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • udeman55udeman55 Posts: 20
    Can I ask what dealership?
  • raswattraswatt Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    I am in the market for a 2010 MDX Tech/Ent in the Dallas, TX area. I visited a dealership over the weekend that did not have any Black Tech/Ent in stock and tried to sell me a Advance with Tech/Ent. They salesman and sales manager were not eager to find me what I wanted and even suggested buying an aftermarket entertainment for a Tech model. It's been a while since I last purchased a vehicle, but when I bought my Lexus RX the salesman found it at another dealership without hesitation. The Advance Tech/Ent was very nice. They offered it for $51,500 plus TTL and I would have had to pay another $1K for the roof rails, body side moldings, wheel locks and front window tint. I ended up leaving and rejecting the offer because ultimately I do not want to pay the extra for the Advance. The salesman said that most dealerships do not get many Tech/Ent MDXs in, but I felt like they were just trying to make a sale. I have been looking at this forum for several months and it seems I should be able to get what I want for around $45,000-$47,000. Does this sound about right for the Tech/Ent or should I really consider the Advance they have on the lot? If I buy at a dealership in another part of the state and bring it back to Dallas, do I still get the loaner vehicles and other service perks for scheduled service? I think from now on, I am going to do my dealing over the internet or phone because the pressure at the dealer was brutal! :confuse:
  • minihopefulminihopeful Posts: 14
    Raswatt, I recently purchased a Tech/Ent for $44,986 + TTL at Champion Acura in Houston, and they also threw in the window tint and the wheel locks. I don't know if the price quotes have gotten better since, but I do know the APR has (1.9%). When I was shopping for it, the Tech/Ent selection was quite limited for the polished metal metallic (medium gray) and tuscan pearl (white) colors, though palladium metallic (silver) was a plenty.
  • raswattraswatt Posts: 3
    Thanks minihopeful! I think you are correct about the 1.9% possibly having an impact on the negotiating. Was the $850 destination fee and document fee included in your price?There is another dealership in the Dallas area that has a Crystal Black Pearl Ent/Tech with Taupe Interior in stock and I am going to send them an email offer and see what happens. If things do not work out in Dallas, then I may contact Champion. I did get a call from the salesman I worked with over the weekend, but he just wanted to reiterate the offer he made on Saturday so I am not interested in working with them since they are intent on selling me what they have on the lot.
  • minihopefulminihopeful Posts: 14
    The destination charge was included in that price, but not the doc fee ($200). I probably could've negotiated more on the doc fee, but the deal was already $1,000 better than any other offer I got from the Houston area dealers. Wish I would've waited for the 1.9 APR, but oh well, hindsight.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    After e-mailing several dealerships I found one willing to order me a new 2010 Advance at Invoice (no dealer fees) but I decided to wait for an incentive or $600 under invoice. Anybody paying more than invoice needs to shop harder and be persistent. I verified that those Northern Virginia dealerships are selling at slightly under invoice ( some can get more than $1,000 below invoice) if they have to order the MDX for you.

    So, be careful out there and hold the line at or near invoice.
  • valueguy, what area are you shopping in? we're looking to buy either a base model or tech only....seems like folks are getting closer to invoice these days. how many dealers did you email. we're trying to figure out how to approach this.
  • skammaskamma Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    I am from Atlanta, GA. Any help will be appreciated. I quoted MDX w/Advance and Rear Entertainment for $48,000 + TTL at Atlanta. Following responce i got. Is it true??

    "Thanks for the response. I did some research on the different programs for regions, and I found that there can be thousands of dollars in total price difference state to state! Unfortunately Acura financial will apply whatever incentives based on what state your driver’s license is issued from, in the past we have had buyers from GA who wanted to go to TN or AL to get more incentives. So even if you drove up to PA where that forum said they sell the MDX for that price, you still might have to pay the same price as we sell it for here in GA. The biggest factor here is that the information you have is on a forum where people could post anything they want without proving it. If they said you could buy a new MDX for $1,000 would you believe it? I would use credible sites like, Kelley blue, or other places that have nothing to gain by spreading false information.
    We would love to have you as a customer, but I’m sure you understand that we are a business and it makes no sense to lose over $3,000 on a transaction.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Well, What if you pay cash? Why do you need a driver's license to BUY a car? You only need one to drive a car. There are Regional incentives but I never heard that a person couldn't travel to that region in order to get them. Most likely, the Northern VA dealers have VOLUME incentives going on right now.

    Most dealerships can't sell an MDX for much less than invoice (maybe a few hundred under invoice); but, all can sell you at Invoice with no dealer fees.
  • raswattraswatt Posts: 3
    I just did some email negotiating and got the Tech/Ent in the colors I want and dealer agreed to $45,500 plus TTL with wheel locks and window tint. I feel pretty good about this deal and just hope there are no surprises when I go in tomorrow. Thanks for all of your help.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    edited May 2010
    oh boy was this dealer slick or what?....The "dealer incentives" part is true, it goes by region or states but if you want to nuy a vehicle in PA and there is an agreement between the buyer and seller (dealer) on a price, that will be it!!!!! ..the rest is nonsense...a dealer will sell to the devil if he needs to in order to do business and Acura and dealer couldn't care less where you come from...I ahve neighbors here in NJ that have purchased cars in MD because that is where the best deal was given at he time....what goes on between Acura and the dealers in reference to incentives is their business not ours as consumers.
    That dealer took the truth and twisted it "slightly"...the incentives that he was refering to was those that Acura offer to the buyers and yes those go by state, but I wonder if they (Acura or dealer) will renege on it if the buyer is out of state.hoping
    Mind you,all I said before is based on my expiriences buying cars for 30 years...yes I am , if some one knows different please shine in...
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872
    I have to agree.. unless it is a special lease or finance rate that's only offered to residents of certain states, then the price quoted from another state should be just as good for you..

    Plus, who is going to take a trip, without the deal being done on paper, anyway?

    Of course, if you are only using a price from a thousand miles away as leverage with a local dealer... they aren't likely to be too impressed... 99.9% of people won't buy a car out of their local area.


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • aberabeeaberabee Posts: 2
    well, some of what this guy says is true. for example, I live in FL and heard through one of my old contacts that Acura was offering 1.9% APR for 60 months, but none of my local dealerships said this program was available. I drove all the way to SC just to find out that different regions have different programs, and since I was a resident of FL I had to use the programs designated to my region. They actually were nice enough to show me the internal sheets they got from headquarters outlining the different programs available to each state.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    Absolutly, that is exactly what we were saying, except that he (the dealer) put a little bit of twist in his statements to the prospective buyer...again the host was correct when he/she made a statement in reference to the financing offer..but the incentives directly from Acura to the dealer that affects the vehicle pricing is available to all....
  • DCH Heart Acura in NY is offering base model MDX for $39,997 as their "internet sales price." That seems like a pretty good offer...thougths?
  • I'm planning to buy a 2010 MDX with Tech within the week. The lowest price quoted so far was $41,998. This does not include destination ($800), processing ($90.00) or TT&L. So this deal would really cost close to $42,800 before TT&L. Is this a good deal? I've been on the phone with Pohanka in NO. VA. and haven't heard back. The quoted price came from Rosenthal in Md. Should I try to get them lower? Thanks for any help.
  • skammaskamma Posts: 2
    Carlva , Thanks for your message.I sent couple of E-mails and called couple times left message. No response and terminated call once I said that I am from Atlanta. Very Rude.. May be Pohanka don;t want to sell to Out Of state.
  • vsk1vsk1 Posts: 5

    Today I got quote for MDX base for $40,500+$ 289(Doc fees)+TTL. They are ready to up to invoice price.

    Does any one have a better offer in Boston area?

    I was looking for Polished Metalic with Ebony interior and I couldn't get any in Boston area.

    One more last question, Does any of you know when the 2011 MDX will be available? Is it better to wait for 2011?

    Thank you
  • blkcarblkcar Posts: 2
    I'm looking to get '10 adv + ent. How much is a lifetime drivetrain warranty worth (I'm buying, not leasing)? This dealer has given the best quote in the area which includes this warranty.

    Let me know what you guys think.
  • I never heard of a "lifetime" drivetrain warranty, certainly not from Acura. There is an 8yr/120K mile full warranty from Acura available for about $2500.
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