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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • adduaddu Posts: 16

    Sticker price for tech pkg is 46,700 (inc dest charges). Invoice is ~ 42,900. I paid $41,900 + ttl three weeks ago. I have heard tax is cal based on your zip where car will be registered. Check on that before you go out of area. 52k quotes are crazy
  • rainedonrainedon Posts: 6
    Well, I got a dealer to go to $43,500 + TTL. Not warm and fuzzy yet. I may play the waiting game to see what happens as we approach the end of month. I am not opposed to going out of the state so we'll see.

  • docoo7docoo7 Posts: 1
    I am getting the MDX with Tech 2010 at 42,250, this includes destination, but I have to pay tax. Do you think it's good enough, or should I look around some more.
    I was really hoping to go to 41.5K but this is the best the dealer I was working with Offered to me.
    Please advise.
  • pangapanga Posts: 23
    OTD: 44,300
    Price: 39.989 (includes destination charge, 4 yrs of free maintenance - priced at $300 if I bought it as an add-on)
    Tax: 3671
    Title, DMV fees etc.: 730

    Polished metal with Taupe interior. The car has not yet been delivered to the dealer, but I should be getting it within 4 days.

    Bay area dealer. Negotiated entirely via email. Was within ~$200 of the best deal (depends on how you value the maintenance - don't think I could have gotten it at the dealer with the next best deal). Dealer was within 2 mi of home (vs. the other dealer who was ~2.5 hrs away each way) - not worth the drive with a 2-yr old in tow.
  • pangapanga Posts: 23
    Dealer offered me the following today when I signed the contract. (will be taking delivery in 3-4 days) Heavy-handed attempt at upselling that I resisted. Multiple 'let me check with the mgr for more discounts', 'I own an Acura and I have this and love it' etc. I resisted the attempts, but said I would decide when I go back to pick up the MDX.

    These are all Autonation offers:

    84 mo/ 100,000 extended warranty: $2,188 (listed at $3,522)
    Tire&Wheel (repair or replacement from damage by road hazard): 585 (list: 748)
    Appearance protection plan: 599 (list: 825)

    Would appreciate any input on the following (are they useful, is the price right)?

    Tire&Wheel and appearance protection seem interesting, but I am wary of all dealer add-ons ...

  • adduaddu Posts: 16

    $ 42, 250 is not a bad price. If you got quotes from others dealers as well, you should take that offer to them and ask if they beat it, you will buy from them. If you do not want to wait and feel good with this number then go for it. After all you are over $ 700 under invoice. Even I paid $ 200 over best price because I did not want to buy far from home and I wanted to get over with the search as I did not have anymore time for it
  • adduaddu Posts: 16

    This is personal preference and vehicle usage as well. MDX I bought is in my wife's use so max 6000 mile per yr so did not make any sense to go after warranties as I would run out of number of yrs. Also I normally do not buy warranties on Japanese cars and they have not let me down yet. This is my third one

    I remember Hopkins guys offering me this warranty for $ 1700 something so this seems pricy to me
  • bradcabradca Posts: 12

    Good luck at the dealer this weekend ... stand your ground, don't fall for the upsells, and go over the contract with an eagle-eye for hidden fees.

    As for accessories, if you have small children the running boards are very useful (my toddler loves being able to climb in and out by herself). And the cargo cover is definitely a necessity and should be standard but its not. These are the two accessories I got, $784 and $152, respectively, at dealer cost. No extra installation cost. Trailer hitch is useful for a bike rack but dealer was charging $800+ for it. I could find it cheaper somewhere else, and besides won't need it for another yr or two anyway.

  • bradcabradca Posts: 12

    Congrats on your purchase!

    I didn't fall for the extended warranty ... I figure its a Japanese car (and for that matter a Honda) and should be very reliable even if there are tons of electronics in the MDX. Besides, before the factory warranty expires I'm pretty sure Honda/Acura will send us info on extended warranties anyway. I'll take my chances on it being cheaper at that time if I decide to get one.

    As for the other upsells, they all sound like BS to me. : besides, we live in CA, right?

    Was this Autowest Acura? Never heard of Autonation ...

    - BradCA
  • pangapanga Posts: 23
    Thanks for the input, I guess the process of picking it up next week should be easy.

    It is Autowest - they are part of some dealer network that provides these warranties etc.
  • jungle3jungle3 Posts: 5
    ThankYou very much BradCA and everybody else for all the wonderful input. I am heading to the dealer a couple of hours from now.
    Once I am back will post my experience back to the forum.
  • adduaddu Posts: 16
    Danabfly, the quote seems high compared to what people on this forum have paid
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    When we purchased our 08 RL, I did not want the ext. warranty. But my wife paid it and it cost her $1800. If I remember correctly, you can recend a warranty within a certain time period. Don't know the time limit, but it is brief.

    I wish you well in your new MDX.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  • bradcabradca Posts: 12

    You're welcome ... was curious why you would buy the car before its at the dealer and haven't test drove or inspected it yet? Was it a particular color combination you wanted? The dealers I spoke to always said I could put $500 deposit to hold the car then I get first dibs on buying it. I balked at that since I figured it would be very difficult to get it back if negotiations fell through.

    Anyway, good luck on the pick up and let us know if you had any problems. The "new car orientation" will take 2 hrs, just to let you know. Bring all your questions! :)
  • jungle3jungle3 Posts: 5
    Hello Everyone,

    I finally picked up my mdx last night. Its a TECH + ENT package(Grigio metallic/Taupe interior).
    paid a sale price of $44,598
    Got accessories worth of 2300(roof rack + cross bars + running boards + side moulding + tow package)
    total OTD price including accessories + taxes + fees etc was $51,980

    They were trying to sell me the 8yr/100k miles extended warranty for $2500. I resisted for now. They said if I buy it before end of the month, the warranty comes with a full money back guarantee, meaning if I don't make any claims between the 5th year until the end of 8 years, my $2500 is completely refundable.

    What do you all think about this?

    In the meantime, I am loving the car and still learning...:-)

    Once again ThankYou to everyone in this forum, it made buying the mdx a lot easier.
  • hanuman2hanuman2 Posts: 2
    Hi bradca,

    Congratulations for your new Acura mdx.

    Can you please let me know the dealer. I am in the process of finalizing deal with Steven's creek acura (Sunnyvale). I am negotiating for mdx with tech. package.
    finally what they are offering is 43K and 4 yrs. of free maintanance service. that includes oil changes and tire rotations.

    But what you got looks like better deal. with all that accessories you mentioned. Can i contact your dealer.

  • hanuman2hanuman2 Posts: 2
    can you please let me know the delear? I am in Sunnyvale CA.
    i am looking for exact same thing i mean MDX with tech package.

    The lowest so far i got is 43K.
    Please let me know your delear. so that i can try to get your deal.

  • pangapanga Posts: 23
    Fair question - the dealer had a color combo in the trim level I wanted - couldn't find another one within 50 miles ...

    I test drove an MDX, obviously not this one - didn't think of any downsides until you raised the question :) Wondering if I have the ability to walk away before I take possession if there are any issues (excessive miles, any damage etc.). Any experiences on this forum? Am also worried (now that I am thinking about this) about the dealer keeping me waiting for a while for it (transit delays? misrepresented the delivery date)?

    Regarding the pickup, I am usually a 'read-the-manual' kind of guy, so I will probably listen half-attentively and then be lost for a while until I really need something :)
  • bradcabradca Posts: 12
    I bought at Los Gatos Acura.

    Are you dealing with Autowest Acura in Santa Clara and not Sunnyvale Acura (in Sunnyvale)? Autowest is the only offering the 4yr free maintenance.

    $43k for Tech sounds reasonable ... from my shopping experience, although Autowest is a volume dealer (they have the largest inventory in the south bay area) they don't seem to want to budge too much on price. I had better luck at a smaller dealer but had to play the waiting game since their inventory wasn't that big.
  • bradcabradca Posts: 12

    I'm sure you have nothing to worry about ... I found the Acura dealers to be very professional, courteous, and respectful. I never got the feeling they would play mind games with me, it was a pleasant surprise. I have had some pretty bad experiences previously with Mazda and Ford, and didn't get a warm and fuzzy feeling even with Honda this time around (I was also considering the Honda Pilot).

    If your MDX is fresh off the truck it will probably have zero miles on it. :shades:
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