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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kkaalankkaalan Posts: 3
    I got a quote of $42800 for MDX with Tech package. It looks like I can bring it down a bit more, but they were quoting a doc fees of $299/- . It seemed a bit too much to me. Can people who had bought around the Boston area please comment on the doc fees? Thanks.
  • Hi Guys,
    Picked up the car last night. It is a nice car with all the fancy features. One thing I did notice though it's not as quiet as my old Lexus RX, it's not noisy but just not as quiet.

    When we test drive MDX Tech at the dealer's, the Grey MDX tech has cargo net/cover installed. We decided to get a black one, but I found out the cargo net/cover is not installed. I called the dealer back and he said it's not included with Tech package. Is this true? Do you have the cargo net with your MDX tech?
    Thanks for the clarification.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Are there any truths about the 2011 Acura MDX Diesel option?
    TIA :)
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 31
    Hey Koolkiller. The cargo net is not included with the tech package. Shop around and you'll find one in the neighborhood of $30. $42,060 including destination is $909 under dealer invoice. That's a really, really good price if the dealer didn't hit you with any markup 'fees'. Enjoy your MDX!
  • tunractunrac Posts: 19
    edited August 2010
    If I am not mistaken, the true cost of the car to the dealer (invoice minus holdback) is around 41900; this might vary a hundred here or there depending on the regional advertising cost Acura charges the dealer.

    Therefore, at 42060, the dealer made very little profit; a great deal for you. Sometimes a dealer may offer a car below their true cost to meet some overall goal of vehicles sold. If I remember correctly, Honda/Acura also allocates more vehicles to a dealer that sells more (i.e. sell more this month and you will get more next month). This is advantageous to the dealer who wants more models on the lot.

    Once 2011 MDX get on the dealer's lots (Sept), Acura might give further incentives to dealers and you might see even better deals.... but have fewer choices in terms of color, etc..
  • tunractunrac Posts: 19
    edited August 2010
    To repeat from another post above, once 2011 MDX models show up physically on a dealer's lot, Acura might put out dealer incentives to move remaining 2010 models. This may be with or without an extension of current financing offers, or maybe a sweetened financing offer might be the incentive. It all depends on how much inventory is left after the production switch to 2011.

    Unlike last year, with a pending MMC to the model for 2010, there is no major changes for 2011. Also, if you read the news releases from Acura, the MDX has been selling much better this year compared to last year. So the incentive might be lower this year.

    So September will probably bring better deals, but there may be fewer choices in terms of color in your area.
  • Thanks for your info on the cargo net. I don't think I'll need it but just want to know if it's included or not.
    the final offer I got is actually $41,100+$860 d/h. And the dealer fees are pretty normal imo so I think I got a pretty good deal.

    After signing all the paper, I asked the sales guy why they are selling it at a low price since mine is about 1k below invoice price. He said the dealer got some extra incentives and they all expired midnight. that's why I have to come in that night to close the deal.
  • sbarciasbarcia Posts: 1
    Can anyone help? A dealer told me the last 2010 allocation for the MDX is coming within 2 weeks. I am thinking I should wait. Any advice?
  • I would like to thank everybody for the information posted in this forum. This information has allowed me to get the following deal on a new 2010 MDX w/ Tech Package:

    2010 MDX Tech - $41,652
    Destination – Included
    Dealer Fees - $599
    Trade In – None

    Towing Package (Hitch & Harness) – Included
    All Season Floor Mats – Included
    Wheel Locks – Included

    Sales Tax (6.75%) - $2,574
    New Tag - $450
    Doc Stamps - $158

    Total Out The Door - $45,433 (1.9% over 60 months)

    I will be purchasing sport running boards and a cargo cover directly from I countered the $599 dealer fees with the towing package (~$900 Installed) due to the amount of work to self-install versus the running boards.

    I chose the Grigio/Ebony color combination and the dealer had to overnight the vehicle from South Florida in order to close the deal for month end. I had a lower price of $44,900 out the door from a different dealership on a Black Pearl/Ebony MDX Tech they had on the lot; but I really wanted the Grigio/Ebony and they could not bring one in for this price nor could they match the $45,433 from the other dealership. I was negotiating with four dealers simultaneously on this deal; two in Jacksonville, one in Gainesville, and one in Ocala.

    I have had the vehicle four days now and love it. It appears there really is truth to “end of the month deals.”

    Thanks again to all of you that have posted your numbers in this forum.
  • billybladebillyblade Posts: 4
    edited August 2010
    This is a quote I just received for a MDX/Tech 2010 from Joe Bullard of Mobile, AL
    This seems real high... I wanted roof rails and running boards added to MDX.
    Here is the quote: This is a Cash Price Quote

    Base $45,108.00
    ProPack 495.00 TriFold Cargo Mat, All season mats, Wheel Locks
    Roof Rails 492.00
    Running Boards 979.00

    Total Sell Price $ 47,074.00

    Doc Fee 579.00
    Alabama Tax 2,263.00 4.75%
    Title Fee 16.50

    Total Price $ 49,938.50

    I think this is a real high price. Whate price should I start with in dealing with this dealer?

    Thanks for all your advice and help

  • Diesel options have been promised by both Acura and Mazda (for the CX9) for several years but neither has come through. There must be some pretty big start up costs and the potential market size in the US just doesn't seem to justify it. Too bad as I would buy either an MDX or CX9 with diesel in a flash. Today and for 2011 your only SUV/CUV diesel choices are the Mercedes ML/GL or the VW Toureg (and Jetta).
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 31
    Hey Billyblade.
    I agree with your instincts. This dealership is not doing you any favors with this offer. The dealer invoice on an MDX w/technology is $42,969 including the destination charge. And that 'document fee' of $579 is nothing more than a markup for the dealer.

    You mentioned that you wanted the roof rails and running boards, but also listed the tri-fold cargo mat, all season mats and wheel locks. Did you want those items or are they listed because the dealer wanted to sell you his 'propack'? If you want those items I just priced them at Bernardi for $284 total before shipping.

    There are various running boards and they are all in the $450 range for the parts only (except the chrome ones run about $80 higher) , and obviously need installation. Roof rails come in black $166 and silver $530, again these are parts only prices and would need installation. I got my dealer to throw in black roof rails for free (installed) when negotiating my deal. I picked it up last Saturday and paid invoice, but I've seen some others here who were able to do better than that.

    I'm not in your area, but I'm sure you can find some posts from others in your part of the country to see what the market bears down there.

    Good luck!
  • kiddingyoukiddingyou Posts: 30
    edited August 2010
    wow, one of the best deals recently. fitzram, could you please tell me the name of the dealership? I'm trying to get one in Tampa Bay Area.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    thanks for your response. if memory served me right, i read an article on this thread somewhere stating that acura may provide diesel option for the 2011 mdx. it was a very recent article too. they have been mum-ed about it but provide several good incentives, ones that we have never seen before (financial cashback and the APR). i think i also just recently saw MDX commercial promising such on tv here in the NY-NJ tristate area.
    previously, whenever acura was going to come out with new cars, they keep a tight lid on it until the car comes out. example: RDX and ZDX. they just keep it as concept vehicles info for the longest time. i would go to the dealerships, and each one of them would not say a thing and say that they didn't know when it would come out (when in reality, it was coming out in the summer).
    so i'm just wondering if anybody has any info on the 2011 or 2012 acura mdx diesel. i know that honda makes diesel engines anywhere else in the world and perhaps previously in the USA. if there is a chance that MDX is coming out with diesel engine, i'd rather hold out for the diesel engine.

    BTW, we test drove AUDI Q7 TDI and the Benz Bluetec. Performance is horrible... average at the most, perhaps that's why the demand for these cars isn't that high. BMW 335D on the other hand rocks.... unfortunately, it only comes with the rear wheel drive and not AWD.

    Any info on the Acura MDX diesel will be greatly appreciated as always. Just need to know the timing :P
  • hmd2hmd2 Posts: 6

    We have family in Mobile. You really need to call Birmingham (King Acura). It would be worth the drive to save 3,000! I talked with Mobile and they would not deal. You could also call Ray in Athens, GA. He might drive you the car.
    We bought another car from him great guy
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 70
    So a question for the "end of month" purchasers:

    Did you purchase on July 31st, the very last day of the month? Deciding if I should contact dealers now or wait until August 31st or Septemebr 30th.
  • You could try Regal in Lakeland too.

    I bought there in Feb. as Crown/Ferman were still working off deposits and sticker.
  • Thank you Fitzram for your information.
    Bought a MDX Tech / Burnt Cherry color today from Tim Smith Dealer in Fort Walton, Fl

    The price included the mats, cargo mat, wheel locks, and sports running boards
    for an out the door price of $ 45,244 including Admin fee $ 200 plus tax and title...

    Picking up the car tomorrow...
  • Thanks smitty1krr, I will keep that in mind.
  • bcngator,

    Thanks for the info.

    I have a questions regarding Acura finance.

    How much is your loan processing fee?
    IF your OTD is $45,433, and you did not put down any down payment, your dealer or Acura added any loan processing coast? I've never financed via dealer, and I don't have any idea. I would like to know any standard loan processing fee applied to the principal or not?

    thanks for your info!

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