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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm not sure why he'd lie about the price he got, but I know for a fact that he's telling the truth about the financing deal. Trying to get in on the special financing on the 2011s myself, I spoke to the finance manager of his dealership directly and he confirmed that the did mistakenly give the deal to him. So that much is certainly true.
  • I wouldn't go any more than $1000 over invoice on a 2011. some dealer will do it for you, especially in this economy.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    You are mistake now I remember that the stiching is diffirent and I assume the leather is probably a better grade...still not worth it to me including all the tech...but to each it's own...we are talking a difference of probably $3K
  • So it seems reading over the last pages of posts, should you expect to get a 2010 MDX for 300-1000 UNDER invoice?? Are they primarily just making money off the holdback then? As far as 2011, 200-500 over invoice seem fair? I'm looking in the denver area... I guess if I could get a 2010 for 1000+ cheaper and 1.9%, I'd go for that, otherwise a 2011 w/ BOA 2.99 seems pretty good as well.... thoughts? Thanks in advance for your replies!!
  • vvr1vvr1 Posts: 4
    Thanks everyone. I bought it today !

    Price was 41,300 - MDX with tech 2010 (inclusive of destination) ..not inclusive of tax ..etc..

    The lowest offer i got was 41,050..but they did not have the color i was looking for.

    Thanks everyone.looking forward to picking up the vehicle in the coming few days.
  • Like i mentioned earlier I got my 2011 (yes 2011) MDX base just below invoice. I am in Chicago area. I talked with 4 dealers and 3 finally offered me below invoice. I am in lake county but brought it from Cook county- Hoffman estate. I paid 0.25% extra tax ($100) due to this but even then it was a good deal. The internet sales manager name is JP.
  • Tech package well worth it when you consider you have to replace Bridgestone Dueller tires on base before you drive in rain or snow-the Michelins on the Tech will be $1000 to get. See rating or any other reliable rating.
  • I didn't relize the tech came with different brand tires. Seems odd.
  • That's $2000 below invoice???
  • leexleex Posts: 7
    Hi vvr1

    Can you share these two dealer's name and contact information, and I am in the market for 2010 MDX w/tech. I am in North NJ. Thanks
  • mdx2011mdx2011 Posts: 5
    edited September 2010
    Hi All,

    I posted my message about the great deal I got last week on MDX Tech/Ent 2011 NOT 2010 (with 1.9% financing for 60 months) so everyone can see that there are good deals out there if you are willing to do some your homework and be prepare before walking into dealership to make a big purchase.

    I don't have anything to gain by lying. As freedm2 stated, he called the finance manager at Acura dealership in Westmont, IL to confirm that I got 1.9% by mistake. As far as the price, I know for a fact that the TRUE dealer invoice price for MDX 2011 is $44,168 so I paid about $300-$400 over invoice.

    Also, $860 destination charge is already included in the $44,168 invoice price so don't let the dealer tell you otherwise.

    Good luck and let me know if I can provide any additional information.
  • Thanks MDX2011 for the info; so a couple of questions since you offered :) So the 44168 invoice is essentially the same price lists for invoice less destination (44149) - you say that destination is already included; not according to the website, etc - so you're saying it's just essentially extra profit? I'm looking at base 2010 vs 2011 - so if we use the same numbers, the true invoice is 39094 for the 20110 and 38776 for the 2010? Do these numbers seem correct for you? Any comments from anyone are appreciated! Thanks!
  • gf28gf28 Posts: 3
    Hi Everyone. I'm new to the board. I'm shopping for a 2010 Tech and the lowest price I've gotten is $42,201. From what I've read on the board, I should be able to get this car $500-$1000 below invoice. Would this be true in the LA area, as well? Also, should I get the pre-paid maintenance which covers 6 oil changes and 3 tire rotations for $225?

    All feedback is appreciated in advance!
  • gf28gf28 Posts: 3

    New to the board, but that was a great post. Thanks.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    If I correctly recall the invoice according to Edmunds for the base model including destination charges is about $39,954..I just bought a 2011 Palladium/taupe base in northern NJ for $39,900 plus all the taxes etc. I think the 2011 is too new to get under invoice, but anything is possible...someone said that the prices are better the further away from the North...possible,,,I don't know good luck to you...I willick up the X tomorrow am..
  • leex,

    i leased my MDX tech from the ramsey dealership. i got it for $42,500 which was the lowest of about 10 dealers i requested quotes from. this was back in late may.

    talk to the internet mgr there. he was super helpful and a straight shooter.

    good luck.
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    I spoke to a dealer and when I asked about the 1000 incentive, he said yes, they did get one. He said it is not advertised. So how can you find out if the dealer has an incentive, I can not find it anywhere, including
  • There is no incentive on the 2010 MDX yet. Maybe he thought you were asking about the RDX, which does have a $1000 dealer incentive.
  • The $1000 incentive does indeed exist. I just to my local dealer not more than an hour ago. Only on the 10 mdxs, though. I'm pretty close to closing a deal on a tech/ent...
  • I was in the market for a 2011 MDX Tech - I was told by 50% of dealers that the 1.9% does apply to the 2011's, the other 50% say no, it was a mistake.

    My local dealer has about 7 2010's Advance's in stock. They just quoted me invoice..... That seems pretty crappy considering another dealer quoted me $700 below invoice on a 2010 base and that was BEFORE the $1000 incentive.

    I'm thinking the 2010 Advance should be $2K UNDER invoice. Can anyone else speak to the price quotes they recieved on 2010 Advances? Can you also tell me when it was quoted?

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