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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think $46k OTD for a 2010 MDX adv/ent w/ only 2k miles is an amazing deal. Congrats.

    By the way, does anyone know why some dealers list their MSRP price different than the others? For example, some list $48,155 and others $49,015 for Tech/Ent model. A $900 difference.
  • Thanks!

    Could that $900 diff be due to the destination charge? Did you check?

    Happy New Year!
  • that is a bit too high on the price, I got a price quote for 41500 before tax, tag and doc fee from a dealership in VA
  • kramskykramsky Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    I am looking to purchase a 2011 MDX Tech and Entertainment package in New Jersey. I can purchase it now or wait until the new promotions, deals and rebates come out in January. I would appreciate it if you can advise me of the best price out there in NJ inclusive of taxes, tag, destination, licensing fees, etc. I can go to any dealership in New Jersey.

    Also, what is the best financing plans for 60 months or longer.

    Your input is greatly appreciated.
  • rdealsrdeals Posts: 4
    Just started researching prices for 2011 MDX. I became anchored on $42k price for the Tech package based on some comments in this forum. Admittedly, it seems the $42k price was coming from dealers in SoCal - any one seeing these prices in Seattle (or somewhere within a couple hour drive)? The price I got in Seattle after much haggling and at 7:30 pm New Years Eve was $44k and change (before taxes)and $41k + change on the base. Do I just not know how to haggle, or are Seattle prices that much higher? We took a pass because I am willing to spend a few hours on the road to save a few grand. Any suggestions are appreciated. We are hoping to find $42.5k (before taxes) for the tech package and ebony interior.
  • In Dec you could have gotten the $42K price point in Northern CA, Southern CA, and Vegas. I didn't check elsewhere.

    For the last two car purchases I've made, I've avoided going into the dealership to negotiate a purchase. I figure dealerships are negotiating multiple deals a day and have every advantage when I'm dealing with them on-on-one in their showroom. (This last time, even though the price was already negotiated and agreed upon, I still brought my ipad with cellular service so that I could pull up emails or check things on the net.)

    Here's what I've done instead:

    - Priced the car with Costco and Sam's Club (not great prices, but it gives me a high end for the range)

    - Email dealerships using a bunch of sites (Yahoo, Cars direct, MSN, Edmunds, etc.) throughout the area I'm willing to buy -- I can fly to Vegas for $100 from LA and drive the car back if the price was significantly better out there

    - I only specify the package/options I want, and I do not specify the color. I leave color open because I tend to be somewhat flexible, but also because I expect that dealers want to preserve margins for popular color/package combinations.

    - Not spoken on the phone or live with any dealership until I have an agreed upon price and terms (including break down of out the door pricing) that applies to any vehicle (color/package/etc. combination) they have in their inventory.

    - Only spoken on the phone with the dealership to confirm the price I received in email and schedule the appointment to review colors and make the purchase.

    There's one exception to this process, which is also the most challenging. After I price Costco and Sam's Club, I visit one dealership to do a test drive. Because I don't intend to buy during that visit, I tell the sales person I won't be buying that day, that I'm going to price the car online, and that when I'm ready to buy I'll give them a call to see if they can match the price I find.

    BTW. Assuming the car model has been around for a while, I like to test drive a used car -- 1 or 2 years old, lease return or trade-in. It probably makes no difference, but I figure it's worth seeing what a used car runs like and how it's held up (i.e. performance, interior, etc.).

    Best of luck in your purchase!
  • Hi mbmacura,

    I'm about to purchase a MDX from Serramonte. We've talked them down to to a pretty good price, but they are dragging their feets. Which sales guy did you talked to for your MDX Tech/ent.? Maybe your guy has his $h!t together.
    thanks for any help in advance.

  • rsmittyrsmitty Posts: 11
    Yes please share as i am about to purchase as well.

    RT - which guy have you been dealing with?
  • This deal is comparable to the adv/ent I bought couple of days ago (see yesterdays posts).

    I preferred perforated seats as well. Adaptive cruise sounded more useful to me than collision detection. 19"wheels is a plus too.

    Good luck!
  • rdealsrdeals Posts: 4
    Thanks for the background and suggestions. We started looking outside the Seattle area just to see. Only had contact with a couple dealers in Portland, OR and their prices were actually in line with Seattle prices (+/-). Still pushing to find the $42.5k with tech; although, we may ultimately go with the Base or settle for the Mazda 9. Will let you know either way.
  • The site doesn't allow posting salesman name, please send me a pm.

    As indicated in my email, I didn't have a good experience with them either.
  • two offers w/ advance running boards, black rails &cross bars, trifold mat ans all season mats:

    1. $51,500

    2. $51,750, plus two free maintenance visits

    one dealer was pleasant to work with the other not so much. Dealer cost is around $50k with accessories.
  • These prices must be before TTL, looks reasonable to me as running boards+black crossbars alone cost 1200+. Add mats to that it is a good deal!
  • New to the whole forum thing, how do I send you a private message?

  • grmrgrmr Posts: 3
    I got 2011 MDX Tech/Ent for 47.2K including everything
    (2 additional accessories: running boards, remote start both 1450 included in the above price)

    Hope this may help some for pricing.
  • rsmittyrsmitty Posts: 11
    Wow - that is pretty amazing. How much of that was sales tax and registration?
  • I'd like to thank you too..yesterday I leased a 2011, MDX with Tech package, running boards and all weather mats, 12000 miles per year from Glendale Acura. The initial out of pocket was $1248.45, first month $602.31 and license. Thanks again
  • rswmkwrswmkw Posts: 6
    Looking at a 2010 MDX with Tech just traded to a high end Local car $41951 Showing Us 28500 for our 08 Tech/Ent with plus 40K on it. Car has side running boards very clean and Clear Auto Tape on the front Any thought's would be welcome
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