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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Would you be able to share the name of the dealership? thanks.
  • 2011 MDX Technology Package w/ optional steering wheel paddle shift
    Black on Black
    23,000 miles

    Best SUV I think I've ever ridden in... started out shopping for 2011 Cadillac SRX but engine was a dog and resale was terrible... Love our 'new' MDX!!!
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    This is what a dealer in MD sent me for a new 2011 MDX w/Tech.

    Sale Price: $42,008
    On the road: $46,056.52

    Good price? How much wiggle room do I have for negotiating? Can I refuse the $199 processing fee, too? Is $44,500 a realistic offer?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I think you are in the sweet spot, I see the majority of these cars selling around 42, but some folks got 40-41 plus TTL.
    The 199 is just a way for dealer to mark up the cars.
    So I suggest make your offer and if they did not take it, wait for them to call you again.
  • Park Ave Acura treated me well. Just picked up a 2011 MDX w/Tech $43,800 + TTL and a fair price for trade. They matched

    Good dealer.
  • I just leased a 2011 Acura MDX - Tech Package.

    I Live in Los Angeles

    - 3 year lease
    - 12K miles per year
    - 1K down
    - $645 per month (Tax Included)

    Did I get a good deal?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    It is too late for feedback since you bought it, enjoy the car, life is short
  • the price the dealer gave me by email Is 45300. It sems really high, as I was hoping for 45k otd
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    $45,300 before fees? That's too much for a new 2011. Everyone (in MD and VA) is quoting me $42k-$42.5k before fees for 2011 w/Tech ($46k OTD). I'm trying to get them to throw in the advance running boards at least with their $46k.
  • that's my feeling too. I really like the running boards because of my 2 little ones. What else are they adding in your quotes?
  • I have a < $40k quote for a 2012 base model, includes destination fee. I'm going to pull the trigger this week. I'll post my final deal $ and name of dealer once the deal is done.
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    Yea, I want the running boards to minimize splashing and for my short wife, lol. None of the dealers will throw in the accessories free but are offering 15-20% off accessories.
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    After several days of e-mailing several dealers, I found my best deal of $43,700 OTD on a 2011 Grigio/Ebony MDX w/ Tech. Dealer is also giving me 15% off accessories on top of the $43.7k. The only downside is I have to drive down to VA from MD. The nearest dealers either don't have the colors we want, won't price-match the VA dealer, or were not open today to answer any of my calls and e-mails.

    Will have to take off work tomorrow but wanted to take delivery tomorrow to take advantage of the 0.9% financing special ending tomorrow.
  • Great info! Which dealer in MD or VA? Best price I am getting is 3000 below sticker for a 11 mdx with tech package, and 2000 below sticker for a 2012. Of course the 20012 I can't get the special financing that ends tomorrow. A price of 42,000 sounds amazing (2,000) below my 44,000 price in MD for a tech package. Can you let me know which dealership is offering that price? I want to buy tomorrow! Thanks a million! you just saved me 2000 if true!
  • sr1999sr1999 Posts: 3
    Could you share dealer info and final numbers please? Thank you,
  • Are you asking me? I was asking Ed_head, who it looks like he got 2000 lower thei got today! Ed, can you share your dealer?
  • I purchased a brand new 2011 MDX Tech over the weekend for 41,450 w/ free wheel locks included and 10% off accessories. This was before the 885 and 199 dealer charged fees, and before any state and regulatory taxes and licensing fees.
  • Cool! You got a great deal! What dealer?
  • Norris acura west. I had to haggle to get that price.
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    Good price. I was working with them via e-mail for most of last week because they had the best price so far. However, they were not willing to budge from their initial $42,008 sale price and sticking to their "we routinely shop other dealers and this is the best price around." I don't think the GSM was too happy with me. They lost a sale but their e-sales guys seemed nice when I met them in person.

    I got the best OTD price and accessories discount from Radley Acura in extra 45 minute drive but saved me at least $2,500 compared to Norris. Ironically, the OTD price at Radley was lower than my initial offer to Norris.
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