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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • free888free888 Posts: 16
    Unless Acura has some extra incentives I don't know about, I'm having a difficult time believing some of the prices I'm seeing on here. I've looked at TrueCar, and the dealer cost excluding holdback, destination and advertising is $41,825. Deduct another $2000 for Conquest/Loyalty and Flex Cash, this brings you to $39825.

    Some of the prices being quoted on here must exclude destination, and if they don't, then the dealers are giving up nearly the entire holdback. One price in particular makes absolutely no sense, as it would have the dealer selling the vehicle at a $1000 loss based on my assumptions in the first paragraph. The fact that the poster hasn't responded to requests for a dealer name makes me question its validity.

    I'm just starting to look for the MDX w/tech, and from what I can tell, anything below $41k (w/destination) would seem like a terrific deal. For posters with sub $41k pricing (and in one case sub $39k) a breakdown of the cost would be extremely helpful, along with the name of your dealer.

  • free888free888 Posts: 16
    zfar- were you able to get the GM to put anything in writing re the torque converter?
  • ginamberginamber Posts: 8
    The exact information I typed in is what was in the promotional email. if you list your email in your profile, which I think you are allowed to, I'll find email and forward to you since I think I can't post it per the rules of the forum. It is pretty much what I typed; don't think I left anything out... The email was actually an embedded "photo" or jpg file so I hand typed from that. Sorry it too a bit to reply... have not been able to check until today
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 21
    Hi - I am also looking for a MDX with Tech.
    You can email ay information you have to

  • maard68maard68 Posts: 2
    47,500 was after 1,000 Rebate and included destination. only extras would be tax(minus my trade in) roof rails(800) and DMV fees(200)
  • jay2013jay2013 Posts: 1

    I am looking to buy MDX with Tech pkg this month in DC metro area/Virginia. I was wondering if anyone else on this board are interested in teaming up and try to negotiate a better deal since we will be buying more then one MDX.


  • slimkslimk Posts: 3

    I am looking to purchase a MDX 2012 Technology Package with the following options:
    Sport Running Boards
    Roof Rails - Silver
    Body Side Molding
    Tri-Fold Cargo Tray

    I have only visited one dealer sofar and below is the offer I am getting for 36months lease 10k miles per year:
    $658/month including taxes and fees for 35 months
    Residual Value: $26,340
    Total Price of the vehicle: $45,151

    Any idea how far can I go. Thank you very much for your help.
  • slimkslimk Posts: 3
    I actually just got another dealer to lower the lease amount a bit. Exact same conditions as stated previously but 640 instead of 658. Would anyone know what is the best I can do before the end of this month? Thanks
  • @ ginamber - can you forward the jpg file quote to
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Hi Gina, I'm in FL as well and looking to get MDX w/Tech package. My sister is looking for TL. Maybe all three of us can go to one dealer and get a good deal. Send me an email to discuss.
  • Hi,

    Is there anyone in Long Island / NY planning to lease / buy 2012 Acura MDX w/Tech (and w/Entertainment) in the next few days / weeks ?

    Drop me a email to

    Maybe we could all try to get the best deal.

    Also, if there is a best lease quote (below 630 per month) someone around here received do let me know.
  • cartcarcartcar Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    Hello, I am interested in buying a mdx w/Tech as well - is the 41 k ( excluding tax, accessories, Tag ) price being mentioned in posts above real ?

  • It's quite real. If you can use the quest cash - this can be brought down even lower.
  • cartcarcartcar Posts: 6
    Thanks for the confirmation. What is Quest Cash ?
  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    edited April 2012
    Rajendra - I'm in NJ and looking to buy MDX Tech. Best quote I've seen so far is 42100 for Tech (no freebies/addons).

    Based on experience of all folks in NJ area, can I get a better deal, and if yes, from which dealer (woudl appreciate if you can share OTD prices).

    Also for lease, best quote I've so far is 540/month for 10K and 36 months.

  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    edited April 2012
    I would agree with you. Not seeing the kind of rates some posters have mentioned for MDX Tech. The best I've so far is 42,100 for Tech in NJ.
  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    Hi All - Need your expert comments to help us with our first MDX 2012 Tech buying. I have talked to 3 dealers in NJ and the best offer so far for Tech is 42,100.

    Can you share your experiences (with OTD prices and dealer details). Thanks much.

  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Can you get both the quest cash and the loyalty rewards? From what I was reading, you can only get one of them. Can someone here confirm.

    cartcar-- where ared you located?
  • cartcarcartcar Posts: 6
    I am in South Central Florida....
  • g35ingg35ing Posts: 9
    Quest (conquest) cash is when you are switching from another luxury brand (Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, etc...) to Acura. The dealer will take $1K off your price. The price/post mentioned by sleepybubba is definitely true. I just purchased a 2012 MDX Tech package for $41K OTD (includes tax and everything) and got 0% APR for 5 years.
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