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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ginamberginamber Posts: 8
    You email is private. mine is Not sure how to get to you via email unless you tell me yours I guess. Or your sisters. I almost go a TL last year! Great car!
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    can you forward me the promotional email? Do you have a promotional email for the Advance package?
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    Not too much information here on the Advance package. Thank you for your input.

    I am also concerned about the transmission problems of Acura MDX in models a decade or half a decade ago. Anybody know for sure if they fixed the transmission defect in the new model?
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    cartcar, I live in Tampa. Send me an email at Maybe we can work with ginamber as well and get 4 cars from a dealer.
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Can you give some detail as to where you that great price? You can email me. My email is on a previous post. thanks.
  • ambrerambrer Posts: 1
    I got a OTD quote for MDX 2012 with Technology and Entertainment of 46,450.

    Includes Base w/destination of about 42700 + NJ tax (3000) + title (350) + doc fee (300) + luxury (175)

    Is this is a good quote? Will appreciate any feedback.
  • spicydocspicydoc Posts: 14
    Got initial offers (no real bargaining yet) of 48299 for the advance package? What is a realistic target price I should bargain for? Not much info on tech package here.


    What is FLex Cash?

    Should I be concerned about the Torque Converter and transmission problems that so many MDX owners have been going through?
  • cml4cml4 Posts: 8
    I got a price of 47,300 for an advance, but that was with a $1000 incentive for financing through Acura (.9 rate).
  • viola128viola128 Posts: 5
    wow. how did you get this price? i paid much higher for that, got it two weeks ago. I did get the bonus from Acura being bmw owner. also got a 0.9 percent loan. I am in CA, which state r u from ? heard that CA price is a bit higher.
    I got 3 quotes, picked the highest, went in, knock down another few hundreds. I also compared what my friend paid last year and mine was better. Maybe I should have bargain a bit more.
  • cml4cml4 Posts: 8
    Acura just released new incentives today (April 26) on the MDX and since I had not signed the papers yet, was able to get an additional $750 off, so my Advance was $46,995 + TTL.
  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    seems like a good price. Can you share name of the dealer? Also how are others matching up to this offer?
  • cml4cml4 Posts: 8
    Mac Churchill in Arlington TX. Was able to get another local dealer to match as well--with the new incentive.
  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    Folks - 44500 OTD good deal for a new 2012 MDX Tech? Getting this price (inclusive of taxes, everything) in NJ. We dont qualify for Acura Owner/Competition quest incentive.

    Can I negotiate anything better? Appreciate your response.
  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    cml4 - The post mentioned this as a NJ deal. Did you also get similar one in TX?

    ambrer - Can you share the NJ dealer who gave you Tech+Ent for 46450 OTD. Thanks
  • g35ingg35ing Posts: 9
    I got really lucky. I'm in the DC/MD/VA area. The price in CA is definitely going to be higher due to the tax. How are you enjoying your MDX?
  • g35ingg35ing Posts: 9
    I'm in the DC/MD/VA area. Most of the dealers will compete against each other here. Good luck!
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Thanks for the information. I got a great price on the plate right now. I will post once I finalize and pick up the car.
  • joemdxjoemdx Posts: 3
    I just negotiated an MDX Advance with Roof Rails thrown in for $45,500 + TTL in Northern Cali. I will be picking it up tomorrow. This price includes the destination charge.
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 137
    My son is negotiating for a CPO 2009 MDX. Does anyone know what the American Honda Finance rate is for this car for 48 or 60 months. I know that Mercedes is offering 1.9%/48months on the M series and I'm wondering if Acura is competing. The Acura dealer is offering 4.9% and that sounds high.
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