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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    There is no set special rate financing from Acura Financial on Certified MDX models. The only current special rate offered on used vehicles is for Certified TL's at 1.9-2.9%.

    On Certified it is specific to the consumer, their credit history, the vehicle and year, amount financed, etc. 4.9 sounds good on a used 2009, unless you have been legitimately approved elsewhere for the same amount and vehicle at a lower rate. In that case, give the dealer the info and have their banks match or beat your rate.
  • free888free888 Posts: 16
    It looks like the target prices for MDX's should be approximately $4000 below invoice, assuming you can get the conquest or loyalty incentive. Was able to get a tech for less than $40k before TTL.
  • cml4cml4 Posts: 8
    Great price! What incentives were used, if any, to get this price?
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 21
    OK - Just finalized this deal....
    MDX Tech, Roof rails, cross bar, body side molding and trunk mat for $40,250 _TTL.
    I think it is a good deal....
    \ :)
  • cm1379cm1379 Posts: 11
    Nice! Where did you buy this one? I got Tech with all season mats, wheel locks and cargo tray for 40970+TTL in NJ....
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 22
    yeah, where did you get this deal...seems like a good price...although, after i made my purchase, another dealer came in with a late offer of 39k (after conquest and flex cash) for an mdx tech with all weather floor mats.
  • isidroisidro Posts: 2
    Visit a dealer and Got a 2011 Cetified MDX with 6k miles for $36,400 plus TTL. Was able to get new floor mat, wheel lock, cargo net. Hope I didn't get a bad deal.
  • cpolisecpolise Posts: 2
    Yes, I think there is still room to negotiate. Just got mine for: 43742 OTD including taxes and fees - 2012 MDX TECH.
  • joemdxjoemdx Posts: 3
    We had the $1000 competitor promotion because we own a BMW. We just bought the car today without the rails for $45, 000.00 + TTL for the Advance package. For some reason the dealer didn't want to throw in the rails, but agreed to take another $500 off the original quoted price. Go figure.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
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  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    You can get a new for about 1-2K more. Not sure which MDX did you get for that price. I started out looking for a CPO or used MDX with Tech but found out that new ones cost about the same or a little more.
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Thanks to everyone on this board. I justed picked up my new MDX with Tech package this past Saturday. Had a great experience with Regal Acura in Lakeland. Great SUV!
  • koacatkoacat Posts: 3
    Looks like several people on here were able to get a tech for around $40K, will any of you share your locations? I am negotiating in the Seattle area and can't get them below $43K, before TT&L. I don't mind road tripping a bit to save a few thousand. Thanks!
  • isidroisidro Posts: 2
    I agree with you... The folks have mentioned price at $36.9K for 2012 Base Model. But it's probably with conquest/Flex cash which I am not qualified for. so the new one will probably cost me around $38K. But the MDX I reserved starts service in 09/2011. So with additional one year warranty, it's covered longer than the New MDX. Not sure whether my logic is right...... Haven't pick up the car yet..Still can back off...That's a really hard decision for me.
  • I am also looking in the Seattle area for a 2012 MDX Tech and can't seem to get them down below $43k... I'm thinking of calling around to Portland area dealerships saying I will pay $40k and see who bites. Not sure why Seattle area dealerships demand such a premium.
  • racemracem Posts: 8
    Where are these folks getting 36.9k for base model? I am in Dallas/Fortworth area, the best I can get is around 38.5k. Could someone advise on how to get a better one?
  • kwokdogsfkwokdogsf Posts: 1
    I am in the Bay Area - was at Acura Marin and I am in negotiations right now for a Tech with rails and roof rack

    Putting down 20k

    They want 481 / month (1.9%, 60 mo) which, if I calculate TTL at 10%, comes to about 43.2k base

    I told them I want to Tech with rails, rack and 18 inch wheels for 475 / month out the door which comes out to about 40.8K base .... thinking they won't go for it!

    Looking for your local knowledge bayman!
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    Very difficult to compare the way you have priced out.

    Also it does'nt makes sense or the dealer is taking you to cleaner for BASE package

    481 per month @1.9% for 60 month = 27.5K in initial loan amount
    Add 20K down payment = 47.5K This is what the car will cost you after principal and int.
    Subtract int over 5 years = 47.5K - 1300 = 46200 is your OTD cost
    Subtract 10% TTL = 46.2 - 4200 = 42K...your cost for the car alone
    I might be off by $50 to $100...

    BASE MDX for 42K...dont think its a good deal.
    For Tech with roof rack and rails it is in line with what other folks are paying.

    You are negotiating for monthly pmt/loan...not the car.
    As always the advise on the internet is worth what you paid for
    Pls do your own calculations..I may be off
  • koacatkoacat Posts: 3
    Yes, I was thinking of doing the looks they had more inventory than the Bellevue folks, so hopefully they will negotiate a little more. Please let me know what you come up with and I will do the same.
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 21
    I got mine on Monday.
    Tech with body side molding, roof rack, cross bar and trunk mat, $40250.
    How did you make out?
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