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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jayson5jayson5 Posts: 3
    From my understanding the more equipment the lower the residual values go. Because the equipment gets outdated as time goes on. This is what I have learned from my researching.
  • junkleojunkleo Posts: 5
    The forum rule forbids posting the sales name. I think you may get better deal like others to pay $40250 for MDX Tech pack w/ some accessories because I didn't push it hard. Since 2013 MDX may come up soon, dealers will sell 2012 MDX on big discount. Just tell the sales that what price you want to buy, they may match it.
  • junkleojunkleo Posts: 5
    It is good price, but IMHO the DVD screen is not so big for viewing and may block the rear view, also the central console will have more buttons. I will just throw the iPad to kids for the long trip. But again it is just my own opinion.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 147
    Seems like a great price. Just checked and the current True Car average price is $45,760 for a 2012 with Tech and Ent. Getting close to the time for me to buy an MDX.
  • I got mine for about that price last week
  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    I received a quote for $40,371 plus taxes and tags for a 2012 MDX with Tech package from a dealer in NJ. Is it too good to be true?
  • No, Its not. In fact if you are willing to drive to VA, The deal here is 40k for tech model including destination +TTL. Dealer is Radley Acura, they just sent a flyer out too mentioning the same.
  • Check the lease section... someone just got a deal at Pohanka for $41,500 (maybe a little less) for a tech w/ent.
  • alex917alex917 Posts: 2
    Signed a purchase agreement for MDX + Advance package $44,595 - before accessories, title, etc. It reflects $1,000 rebate from Conquest - Acura's competitive program (we own an Infiniti). I submitted a quote request on Edmunds yesterday and got a price of $45,595.
  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    I bought a 2012 MDX with Tech and the quoted price of $40,371 price was right on. The dealer is DCH Montclair Acura. Surprisingly, the whole experience was relatively painless. All the other local dealers that I contacted weren't even able to break the $42K bar.

    I would have loved to have come down to VA but with a 2 year old and both my wife working full-time makes such a trip a little difficult. But I am happy with the deal that I got.
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    Guys can anyone tell me if Acura is offering 0% APR or 0.9% APR. I am debating on buying a used MDX Tech or new one.
  • alex917alex917 Posts: 2
    They have 0.9% for 36, 48 or 60 months. Good through end of June, may or may not be available after that.
  • buikbuik Posts: 2
    what dealership gave you the $42,500 quote?
  • ckrtckrt Posts: 4
    Piaza Acura, West Chester, PA
  • ccqqccqq Posts: 1
    Bought the 2012 MDX w Advance package w/o DVD at Radley Acura in VA.

    $44,500 plus tax, title, destination, and $395 processing fee. Is that a good price?
  • buikbuik Posts: 2
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    Can you please tell me if $40,371.00 is including dealer processing fee and destination charges?
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    just now i sent you a standard quote that i got.
  • I just posted this in the lease section, but figured I'd post here also. Picked up a 2012 MDX Tech this evening for $40,350 (that includes destination). The dealer also threw in Running Boards, All Weather Mats and four free oil changes.

    Felt like I got a great deal.

    Pohanka Acura in No. VA.
  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    $40,371 includes destination but not the dealer processing fee. This was still a much better deal by more than $2K in the NYC area. The other dealers kept insisting that this must be the base model and not the Tech when I asked them to beat the quote.

    Regardless, I love this baby - can't wait to take it on a real road trip!
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