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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What was your List prices, before and after dealer add-ons? I am looking at MDX w/ Tech. $47600 list + $785 dealer add-ons = 48,385. So far, have a quote of 40,999 (after $1000 loyalty). they threw in 9 x $40 service vouchers too.
    What did you pay for the 6yr/100k warranty?

    St Louis Mo
  • rampramp Posts: 11
    could you please share the contact details of the dealer..I am in Phoenix and planning to buy Tech pkg.. thx.
  • tzaz1tzaz1 Posts: 1
    Anyone find a MDX Tech in the Phoenix area in the $40k range before loyalty? Thanks.
  • Anyone have out the door pricing info on an MDX w/tech in the Denver area? Thanks much.
  • Hi,

    Can anyone post sales price for 2012 Mdx with Tech package in northern NJ and which dealer? I was quoted $41700. This seems high. Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Have you made the purchase yet? Did you get a better price than $40K? Which dealer in NJ?

    I am also looking for 2012 MDX with Tech in NJ.

  • fufulinfufulin Posts: 1
    About to pick up a 2012 MDX Tech package for $42720 drive out with all fees/taxes/incentive included. Is that a pretty good deal? I'm in Texas by the way.
  • I had no dealer add on. My list was $47,600.

    I paid $1,750 for the warranty. They wanted to charge me $2,750 for the warranty. I didn't want the warranty at all. My wife wanted it though. I bought a extended warranty for my TL before it expired and only used about $650 of it and it cost me $1,000. I lost $350 on that deal.

    If I had financed at my credit union bank, they would have sold me a comprehensive (with electronic coverage) extended warranty for $750. Oh well. I personally think the warranty should be $1,000-1,5000, if that's what you want.

    You can probably get the price lower then $40,000 if you ask 3-4 dealers in your area.
  • Hello,

    Please reach out to Gregg at Acura of Denville, NJ.
    I asked him to install 4 accessories worth 1200 bucks and after calculating all the fees, it was coming to 44,600 and I was able to bring him to 44k.
    Although we changed our mind to get a used car later on to save some money but no one was able to beat this price. The base price he was offering without any tax and fees and accessories is 40k including destination and 4 free oil change and 2 free tire rotations.

  • watjwatj Posts: 2
    Up here in WA / Seattle area I'm being quoted $43K Tech and $49.5 Advance, no dest, fees or taxes. No trade in, cash payment.

    This seems really high - has anyone else purchased in this area recently?

    I might consider purchasing and shipping up from CA socal (~$800) if I can get a $3K discount there...
  • watjwatj Posts: 2
    Great deal. Do you mind sharing the dealer or area?

    I'm being quoted $43K (Tech, without dest, fees, taxes) up in Seattle, they don't want to bargain around here. Last year I pushed for $43 and none of them called me back - best offer I got was $45.

    I can ship one up from CA for $800...
  • I got mine in Glendale. I know Mission Viejo is giving out good deals as well.

    You can also try Alhambra and Valencia. There maybe a few other dealers around that that area as well.

    You may want to check if buying out of state will cause you to pay additional fees (taxes, dmv, etc.). Someone once said buying out of state then registering it n California is going to cost a hefty fee. Not sure though.

    Good luck.
  • Hi,

    Thanks! I got a quote for $40,296 through Costo Auto program. I also have a car to trade in. Whether the deal can go through depends on what I can get from my trade in.
  • Did you get it from denville? He was giving me 40k price without any Costco program.
  • kcg12kcg12 Posts: 4
    Hi Vineet, can u pls tell me which dealership in nj gave you that quote? What fees does that include? I am also looking for a tech mdx and willing to go upto 300 miles? I am looking to purchase in the next two days so greatly appreciate a prompt response. Thx
  • kcg12kcg12 Posts: 4
    Hi- anyone know what documents are required to avail the loyalty discount? I don't own one but my roommate does so I do have an Acura registered in the same address just not in my name. Does anyone know if they're really strict about it? Thanks
  • It was acura of denville, nj
    Ask for Gregg and he will take care of you.. Good luck!
  • kcg12kcg12 Posts: 4
    Thank you Vineet!!!
  • csriram45csriram45 Posts: 53
    edited August 2012
    Just need a copy of the registration with the same address that's it. Name does not matter. Same household is what they care as far as I know.

    Even know I have bought my MDX I am still gettn emails from dealer and I can now get $38,500 - $39500 including destination without a problem from multiple dealers so even if it's a bit if a drive for out of state, it might be worth saving the $2-$3K. can't post contact details of dealerships due to low price so that is always a challenge for me to get that info to others looking to get the deal.
  • Hi,

    The dealers that emailed you with the $38,500 - $39,500 ranges, are they located in the tri-state area (NJ/NY/CT/PA)? If you cannot post their names here, could you please send me the info through email? Is this for AWD with Tech package?

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