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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I found an earlier post that answered my questions. Thanks.
  • I emailed 6 local dealers via their "equote" button on web sites. Got 2 that gave good pricing (one within $750 of final price). After deciding to pull the trigger I wanted to get a quick look at CPO and ran into another dealer not originally contacted that provided the final $38,250 price which my local dealer eventually matched (after a little hard ball and perhaps some annoyance). Took a week to complete from original email to driving away. Was happy with the $39K price and was not planning on shopping that but sort of lucked into the lower bid while checking on CPO. FYI, CPO can't touch the deals on the 2012 model right now. Please remember that my deals all included loyalty credit.
  • did the price of $38,250 include destination and processing charges, or was that additional $1,000?
  • mdx241489mdx241489 Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    So, we finally decided to pull the trigger on 12 MDX base after much deliberation. Final price was $37,950 + ttl. Qualified for the 0.9% apr as well.

    we did not qualify for any loyalty or conquest discounts. Pretty good experience except they tried the old trick with the misc. fees for which I got really mad at them.
  • Purchased MDX with Tech (at Acura of Columbus) last week for 41400 + tax + title +$300 doc fees
  • $38,250 did include destination but not the doc fee of $299. it also included $1,000 loyalty rebate.
  • Great price. I think I read you purchased from Ramsey. They quoted me exactly $1000 more than your final price.

    Who was the other dealer who initially gave you the the lower price while looking for the CPO?

  • A few incentives had a 9/4 expiration date (although it seems a few dealers continue to honor them). Anyone know what the September incentive package looks like - financing, flex cash, dealer cash, loyalty/conquest, volume incentives, etc?

    A number of dealers still have fairly high inventory of 2012 MDXs - some with >100 on the lot - I'd assume they would need help clearing them out as the 2013s are arriving soon...
  • Both Ramsey and Denville were at the same price. My deal included $1000 for loyalty, did you qualify for that?
  • I qualified for the $1000 and Denville was about $250 cheaper than Ramsey out of the gate.

    Note these were their first offers w/o any negotiation on my part. Not sure if you had similar experiences.
  • Incentives extended 2 months until end of October.
    .9 % extended.
  • The guys at that dealership won't give me the same price and told me it is impossible to get a price like that... 1K more at the very least. Looks like you got a great deal! :)
  • I am in Dallas, Which dealership did you go.
  • Hi rite237,

    Can I know which dealer you purchased your MDX w/ Tech? Thanks!
  • I purchased from McGrath Acura but I had similar offer from Arlington Acura as well.
  • Do you mind email me your offer? The lowest quote I have got so far is 40,500.
  • ashg2000ashg2000 Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    Thanks to this forum, I was able to negotiate to $40,500 + Tax + Title for 2012 MDX Tech ($43,500 drive out). Is there any dealer which is offering lower price than this? Please email me the details. I plan to purchase this week.
  • Bought one last week at Radley Acura in Falls Church VA. With Conquest cash paid $38,519+$395 document fee=$38,914. OTD was $40,290.

    Ask for the internet sales manager, initials A.T. Very easy process. Negotiated thru email.
  • mdxbuyer7mdxbuyer7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    For MDX 2012, 36 months lease

    I got two offers
    From dealer:
    2100 down + 430*35 months (total $17150 for 3 years, for 10k miles per year)
    from a leasing company:
    1400 down + 449*35 months ( total $17150 for 3 years. for 12k miles per year)
    1400 down + 437*35 months ( total 16695. for 10k miles per year)

    Is it the best offer? or people paying less than this?

    Please let me know, I am a first time leaser, so little nervous
  • Was that $40,290 + TT&L? I got a quote today from Radley at $40,280 +TT&L and they said conquest ended September 3.
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