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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I'm looking to buy a new MDX with tech package. I'm reading several post online and found people got excellent deal on theirs. What would be a good price for a new 2012 MDX with tech? I'm living in Seattle, WA.

    Thanks for response.
  • 40 k plus tax and fees is a good price
  • I called a local dealer, they want $44k for the 2012 Tech/Ent MDX. They currently have 6 of them in stock, what do you think the price should be?
  • jrod13jrod13 Posts: 18
    About two weeks back was offer 2012 tech ent for 42.4k in nj. Didn't push the issue since was looking for a 2013.
  • jrod13jrod13 Posts: 18
    Just finalized my deal on a 2013 base...park ave acura in nj is the best...closed my deal at 38k. Nick the sales guy was great. No surprises.
  • In Aug/Sept, $39k + TT&L was a good price on a 2012 MDX Tech. Given late model cars typically decreciate w/ age, I'd say that's still good.

    Assuming 3% holdback and $3k dealer incentives, they're cost should be around $38,800 on a Tech - excluding any volume payments they get from Acura (but I'd guess the volume guys already sold their '12s).
  • I think the price should be $39,300 for the Tech, $41,000 for the Tech/Ent.

    Assuming 3% holdback and $3k dealer incentives on the '12s, dealer cost should be around $38,800 for the Tech and $40,500 for the Tech/Ent. Give them $500 profit and they should be happy.

    That said, they're selling DVD players when the market is buying blu-rays so maybe the Ent isn't really worth that much...
  • Is your price OTD or before TTL? In VA, the lowest one is around $36.3K before TTL and other dealer fee.
  • I was offered a 2013 mdx base for 44k with taxes included (in NY). Good deal?
  • madayanmadayan Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    I was offered $41,260 + TTL for a 2013 MDX w/ tech package via email. The guy further asked whether the price was agreeable to me, which makes me think there might be some more wiggle room. I am thinking of offering $40k + TTL. Am I being too aggressive here?

    Btw, two dealers confirmed that Acura just announced an additional $1000 incentive on 2013 MDXs. The offer price includes the incentive.

    Another question: Is there an upper borrowing limit for the 0.9% APR?

    Thanks in advance for any replies. I have benefitted immensely from this forum!
  • pastready2buypastready2buy Posts: 35
    edited December 2012
    I'd say $40k + TT&L on a '13 MDX Tech should be agreeable, especially if they improved the incentive from $1500 to $2500 on the '13s.

    EDIT: Edmunds lists the incentive increased from $1500 -> $2500 effective 12/7/2012 through 1/2/2013 so I'd estimate dealer cost around $39,600 after incentives and holdback (before volume incentives).
  • do you know what is the dealer cost for a 2013 mdx base? thank you very much.
  • My estimate is around $36,300, based on $2500 dealer incentives and 3% holdback, not counting any volume incentives. I generally think $400-500 is a fair margin for what they do, so $36,800 + TT&L would be my target price.

    Important note: These would be cost of the vehicle, excluding dealer overhead / SG&A, but I guess we'd care about that about as much as we'd use the dealer facilities. If you're shooting an offer over the internet and simply picking it up, why would you want to pay for overhead? Best bet would be to go with a high volume dealer which get the benefit of high inventory turns and factory incentives for driving volume sales - as they can operate more on a gross margin basis (w/o as much overhead impact).

    Higher priced, slow-selling, backwater dealers will probably be saying they are losing $$ at these prices - and they may actually be losing money because of their overhead. My opinion is this is a business model issue and they need to adapt to changing times. Unless, of course, you like the convenience and service of the dealer - then feel free to pay them a little extra for that service cost...
  • Thank you very much. Happy holidays!
  • I think the $36.3K price is achievable. Just got mine in VA for this price.
  • jrod13jrod13 Posts: 18
    before tt fees...ny york area is tough with storm damage to vehicles.
  • Thank you so much !
    I called a dealer again and was offered a 2013 MDX base for $42K with taxes included. Anyone what is the auto sale tax in NYC? is $40 K with taxes included a good price for me to offer?

    Happy Holidays!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    ...just a suggestion, but these "out the door" comparisons across various states with different sales tax rates leads to easily avoidable confusion of trying to compare apples and bananas. Stop it! Do your price analysis - and posting deals on this forum - PRE-TAX. Hopefully everybody here knows what buttons to push on their calculator to get their own sales tax.

    Pre-tax price is really what you are negotiating. Unless your name is Obama or Boehner there isn't much room for negotiating the tax rates. And if you are one of them, get your [non-permissible content removed] back to work and fix the country.

  • madayanmadayan Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    I have to agree with habitat1. It is quite pointless to compare the gross "OTD" price across states. In fact, comparing pre-tax prices across different regions of the country is not that meaningful either - within "driving distance" neighboring states may be fine, but knowing the prices paid in NY may not be that useful for Californians I suppose. When discussing prices, therefore, it would be helpful if one also mentioned the state (which I realize, I didn't :P). The dealer who quoted 41k +TTL (tax + title + licensing) is Norris Acura in Baltimore, MD.

  • A quick google search reveals the following public website specifically devoted for calculating sales tax in the state of NY:

    From what I understand, the sales tax rate in NY state is 4% but additional taxes can be levied by local authorities. Enter your address to calculate the exact tax rate in your area.

    My apologies if this tax calculator does not apply to auto sales!
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