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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Decent price in the TX market if thats their first offer. My target would be $40k + TT&L on a 2013 Tech, but TX dealers were all a few hundred higher than the coasts last I checked.

    I don't know Houston - which dealer? May be worth giving a call to Mac Churchill in Ft Worth to see if they'll beat the deal.
  • cmartinocmartino Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    Hello, I just got a quote for a '13 MDX base for $37,987 + TT&L in NJ. Is this a good price, or should I try to get it down some more? Thanks!
  • I believe Acura is offering an additional $1000 dealer incentive, which brings it to $3500. This happened last week. I am going to offer $40k + TTL for 2013 tech to my dealer in the Baltimore area. Will post back if the offer is accepted.
  • Where can you find out about the dealer incentives/cash? Edmunds never shows it.
  • If you can not get that price, try VA dealer. Check my post couple days ago.
    Also, one or two VA dealers offer 0% APR as well.
  • Shaojiadu,

    Do you mind sharing the dealer info in VA? I checked your post but did not find that information.

  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305

    2013 MDX incentive is $2500 only, and there is no volume incentive at any current time. Dealer cash and special financing are your choices.
  • Can you please give me details on your VA dealer, I want to get the same deal and I really don't mind going all the way to VA to get it.
  • where are you? Not sure if I can really post the sale person's name as my previous post with my email address was deleted. It is Pohanka Acura in VA. Not every sale person will give you the same price. email me at yahoo. same user name here.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Good suggestion - Pohanka is the same dealer that I shopped when we were considering another MDX (went for X5d). Ask for the sales manager or internet sales manager. They were aggressive on pricing. We are in MD, and also went to Rosenthal. Think we could have gotten them to match Pohanka's deal, but they started off a little higher (although processing fees were lower).
  • Yes, I believed I saw your post and that's how I know about pohanka. Thanks for the information.
    I dealt with two sale persons. The first one (with internet sale manger title) tried to play game with me and finally I got another sale person's name from my friend and he was able to offer me $1000 lower. My deal ended up with two sale persons on the order. I might be able to get a better price if I dealt with the second person from the beginning? No way to tell now.
    Radley in VA was also good. The internet sale manager at Rosenthal is very nice and gave me a lot of advice, when I go an offer from pohanka on the last 2012 MDX base. Didn't get my car from Rosenthal was because they did not have 0% APR(at least not on their website). For 5 years, the saving is about $5xx.
  • thought I would share my deal so it can help someone else. Not sure this site helps or makes me more anxious!!!

    Lease deal on 2012 MDX with tech. Added roof rails and body side molding.

    OTD $40,908. 36 month 10k miles pay off is 24k. Payment is $481

    So tell me....did I do ok?
  • A $1,200 amount for profit is high, IMHO. Also, advertising is just more profit so the total profit is $1,500. I would offer $41,000 and see how they react. What is there to be lost? There is no reason to let them know you would go as high as $42,412. Give them your base price without profit and let them counter offer. I doubt they need $1,500 in profit, especially at this time of year.
  • Additional dealer profit, often called a documentation fee to confuse buyers into thinking it is required or is a real cost to the dealer, is capped in Maryland at $199, recently increased from $99. Did not take the dealers long to increase. Not sure why the so called documentation costs doubled overnight, makes no sense if they are (which they are not) really cost? In Virginia the cap is $399, I believe (outrageous). My experience is any Northern Virginia dealer will lower their expectations in this area for Maryland buyers without much urging. Some even advertise this.
  • In the Atlanta area they are charging $599 for doc fee! Is this not a "real" fee?
  • Hi java5 do you mind sharing the dealer from where you got this price on mdx?
  • prbmaprbma Posts: 4
    Purchased an 2013 MDX tech for $40200 + TTL with 0.9 APR in New England Area.

    Edmunds listed Invoice Price ($43,455)
    I assume, Dealer Incentive (2500) - 3 % Dealer Hold back from MSRP (1409), which comes to $39546

    I was told by the dealers to add these:
    Destination charge + Doc fee + Dealer profit

    In my opinion, this is a good deal. I was very happy with the dealership too, will recommend them to anyone interested.

    FYI, I don't know if the Dealer Incentive is 3500 as someone had mentioned earlier.
  • Assuming $40,200 (i.e. before TT&L) includes destination, doc fee and additional profit?
  • prbmaprbma Posts: 4
    Yes, I paid $40,200 excluding TT&L
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