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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think you negotiated a fair deal that would be close to my target estimate. I haven't heard of the $3500 incentives on 2013s either. To my knowledge, it was $1500 and then increased by $1000 to $2500. Perhaps someone heard of the extra $1000 and added that to the already increased $2500.

    Enjoy the MDX!
  • pastready2buypastready2buy Posts: 35
    edited December 2012
    Amen. AKA: "Dealer Fee", "Doc Fee", "Processing Fee", etc

    To be clear, some state laws ALLOW these fees ("may charge", not "must charge") up to a MAXIMUM amount. In other words if a certain sales person at a certain VA dealer tells you the $395 doc fee is "REQUIRED BY LAW", said person is not being truthful about the fees - let alone probably breaking the law - and probably not being truthful about other things as well...just saying...


    From the VA Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Newsletter to Dealers:

    Our Consumer Assistance Division has received a number of inquiries concerning dealer processing fees. Specifically, consumers have been questioning whether or not the processing fee is a required fee.

    While your dealership may have a policy that requires this fee, you cannot indicate to your customer that Virginia law or regulation requires such a fee. We have received reports from consumers that some dealers are telling customers that the processing fee is required by DMV. Charging a processing fee is a dealer’s choice. Telling customers that it is required by DMV could be viewed as a “deceptive act or practice”. Dealers who are found to have committed a deceptive act or practice are subject to license suspension or revocation.

    Also, if you do charge a processing fee, Virginia Law does require that this fact and the amount be disclosed by placing a “clear and conspicuous sign in the public sales area of the dealership.” Moreover, the sign can be no smaller than eight and one-half inches by eleven inches with print no smaller than one-half inch.
  • It would be great if you could provide details on the location as I am in the New England area and am interested in a 2013 MDX with tech. Thanks!
  • prbmaprbma Posts: 4
    Two dealers had the same price: Acura of Boston and Prime Acura(bought here).
  • Signed a 36mo, 12k/yr lease tonight for a 2013 MDX tech:

    no trade
    0 down
    0 due at signing
    no first month payment
    $559/mo tax included
    Includes chrome sidesteps.

    Sounded like they were in hot competition with a dealer down in Houston for the number 2 spot in the country to finish out 2012.
  • first thank you all for sharing your experiences. Trying to negotiate the best deal on an 2013 Acura MDX with Tech Package. Best i seen on this board is 40220 + TTL.

    But i'm a little confused, doesn't take much for me , if the 40220 includes destination & dealer profit. Can someone please clarify .

  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    Bought 2012 tech w hitch, side guards, rear cargo mat, MDX mats, hub locks white for 39K from aggressive dealer in Jax, fl. They own dealerships in jax and Miami (acura). they gave me 13.5K for toyota avalon limited with 89K miles...I think I did well
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    I thought you should know price in Fl. for extended Acura warranty (extended) fixed..but in Ga and other states they can negotiate. The finance man at Orange park Acura (fl) told me this in closing.
  • I negotiated an offer (sale price) of $41,250 for a 2013 Tech.

    Southern US.

    May or may not take it. I also like the TL Advance SH-AWD.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I also like the TL Advance SH-AWD.

    Suggestion: Try the TL SH-AWD Tech 6-speed manual. Acura slushboxes suck, IMO. Seriously, we have an MDX and now that we have a BMW X5d with a good, responsive automatic, I hate driving the MDX. But I remain a fan of Acura's manual transmissions. Have a 2004 TL 6-speed that's still fun to drive and my old S2000 was a great gearbox. I drove the 2012 TL SH-AWD 6-speed manual. It's no 335i, and it's still too nose heavy in spite of AWD, but at least with the 6-speed manual it is the closest thing Acura (or Honda) has to a true sports sedan. The automatic wouldn't make it into my garage at a half price discount, but the 6-speed manual is a decent car.
  • We are reconsidering MDX ... is it too late since holidays ended? Anyone has updates how's the price of mdx after the new year? Thanks a lot!!
  • Prices for the MDX remain pretty strong.

    I've had several offers for 2013 MDX Techs between $41k and $42k. I live in the Southern US.

    (With proper haggling and concise chatter, I'm certain people can get the price into the $40,500 range. Great price for this car IMO.)
  • buyingacar2buyingacar2 Posts: 13
    edited January 2013
    I think it's because after the new year 1/2/13, dealer has less incentive money. All the quotes on 2013 model should be up maybe 1.5k more; 2012 model maybe 3k more since that's the incentive offered from Acura ended 1/2/13.

    Maybe MLK or President's day has some sale, but may not be as good as Christmas/New Year's. :confuse:
    I'll try to test drive it this weekend and get a quote. There is offer quote too. If you like the price, can buy it from them, locate a car in local dealer something like that. The price is a good starting point to negotiate. It up 1.5k yesterday compare the day before. :(
  • According to Edmunds, Acura extended the rebates for another couple months - $2500 on the '13s and $3000 on the '12s through 3/4/2013 - so prices shouldn't have changed.

    Add to that the 2014 model should be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this month, so dealers are about to have an out-of-date model on their hands.

    I think the pendulum is swinging in favor of buyers vs. sellers.
  • bingo5976bingo5976 Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    I am trying to buy a 2013 Acura MDX with Tech package in Charlotte NC, and the local acura dealer is not budging for the prices mentioned here. Can anyone point me to a dealer in the NC/SC/GA area who can give atournd 41k price. Thanks
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    edited January 2013
    Thanks pastready2buy. I was ready2buy since Spring 2012, but am still looking. Can't please everyone, so I might look at x1 again. But will wait til they have excellent price and stuff. Like MDX but it guzzles gas like a V8. Toyota has a perception of reliability, but that doesn't mean it's better than other cars. I'm still trying to buy a Japanese car and see if it's reliable and fun to drive. So let's see how willing is Acura to deal.

    Some salesmen said the invoice price is what they paid the manufacturer and I believe it. As in some industries that's necessary for paperwork, etc. It's disturbing to try and buy a car leaving the dealer with no profits, and it is not right to believe the salesmen's claim that each time I go in their office or test drive a car will lower theirs earnings by the factor of visits. Gone are the theory of work ethics. And the dealers certainly want to condition buyers mind to see invoice price vs MSRP, and wait for manufacturer's rebates and incentives to get 'the best deal'. There's nothing wrong with it, it's marketing.
  • dm55dm55 Posts: 10
    Here are the prices that I have gotten from a couple of local Chicago area dealers.

    2013 MDX Tech: $40,980*
    2013 MDX Advance: $46,280*
    *Includes destination/handling but does not include sales tax, .doc, ERT, and license plate fees.

    Hoping to make a purchase this weekend.
  • I got a quote today 2013 base around $37600+ttl ( I can't believe all fees tax total Most $4k!! In nj only 7% tax but seems an extra $155 some nj supplemental tax. Never heard)
    We are trying to get 41k all in for a base 2013. Is it a good price? They have not agree and we are still thinking about it.
    It's a nice car but 3row is small. With 2 car seats, not sure how to go to the 3row. :(
  • prodogsprodogs Posts: 28
    Try Raleigh the dealers. Charlotte dealers not moving
  • I have negotiated a deal for $ 41,500 for new 2013 MDX with tech package + TTL. Any better pricing available in Ohio (Cleveland). He claims to have given me all possible Acura incentives, he mentioned to me about an extra $ 1000 incentive that is available only in Michigan. Is that True?

    I want recommendation on pricing .I am looking to do this deal on Monday or Tuesday of this week hence any recommendations would be appreciated.
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