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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi
    Your idea sounds good. Even though I can not fly all the way to VA...may be I can try the quotes from Omaha or Kansan city and see if I can better price than in Denver.
    By the way where did you buy your MDX from ? got a pretty good price there.
    Your price is$39,700( incl freight)..where did you ship your car to ?
    Did the dealer pay for your fright ?

  • Did you ever take that offer? We are being offered the same thing now.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 179
    Pohanka is like any other dealer in that they will do anything to get a customer into the showroom. For example:

    Last week got an email notice from Pohanka for a 2013 MDX with Tech for $485 with a $0 down payment for a 36 month lease with 10K miles per year. Tucked away in the very small print, and difficult to find, was a separate payment of $895 for freight and $399 for the joy of having Pohanka handle the "documentation." The actual deal as $485 per month with $1,294 down at inception.

    While the Pohanka email price was not false it was certainly deceptive.

    Actually found a better deal at Rosenthal Acura in Maryland.
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    Thanks for the response.Any idea what would be a good price to pay for the remote starter, advance/sport running board and all season floor mats.
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    Hi 3rowsuv,

    Pohanka gave me OTD quote of 43.5k for the Tech+Ent including $399 doc fee and $895 freight. I will definitely get the remote starter,running boards(sport or advance) and the all season mats if I make this purchase.

    I do not really need the MDX real bad now and can wait till end of the year. I have decided not to go for the '14's. It's either the 2013 or nothing.

    1) What is the lowest price I can finsih the deal for tech+ent with running board, all season mat and remote starter with Pohanka or Radley for? I am willing to walk straight out of the dealership if I don't get a really good deal. From what I can gather you totally seem to know about the pricing in this area.So I would probably work with the figure you give me.

    2) Would there be a difference of atleast $2000-$3000 in the price minus TTL between dc area dealers and the rest of the country.

    3) How much lower than now do you think I can get the MDX for if I wait until end of the year.
  • I was quoted 53 k OTD @7.75% tax rate for adv+ent. No accessories. Is this a good price or can I negotiate further??
  • Contact Larry pinto at rosenthal Acura in MD. They will beat it
  • Is this a good offer? MDX Tech + Ent for 45,500K OTD including wheel locks, splash guard, trunk tray, free 3 yr 36K maintenance (oil change etc.) I have seen other prices on this forum for less but not sure what was included.
  • Please help me finding a dealerhip who can beat $46250 OTD offer for MDX tech + ent. package with 36 months Maintenance package. Let me know ASAP as I am running out of time need to decide within next 24-36 hours. I am in GA.
  • what's your color choice?
  • I would love to get a Grey/silver with black interior.
  • Which part of town do you live in? I am looking to buy an MDX asap. Perhaps we can exchange our price quotes or team up to get a good deal?
  • I live in north suburb of Atlanta, GA. Please let me know ASAP.
  • I'm looking for an MDX advanced. Any advice if $47,330 before TTL is a good deal?

    I really like the idea of adaptive cruise control, but would welcome any advice if it is not worth getting the advance over the tech package.
  • zzz2006zzz2006 Posts: 25
    edited February 2013
    I remember last year around November, that was the quote I got for the advanced with entertainment package.

    For base advanced package, I remember I saw $45000ish last year.

    The current quote I got for a advanced package was $47000, which includes $2000ish add-ons.

    I am still waiting for the price to drop more.
  • I heard the 2014 MDX will be on display at the NY Auto show at the end of March, I hope that might help.
  • One dealer told me the 2014 MDX will be out in May. Not sure about that info though.
  • Do you have a first name of the salesman at Jay Wolfe in KC? I'd like to pick one up today or tomorrow.
  • Jim Mattson. Tell him I sent you, ;)

  • Any guess on dealer cash changes on Mar 4 when the current offer expires? Also, any insight on how much longer the 2013s will be produced would be appreciated. Trying to gauge when the color combinations will get limited.
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