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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sushi4sushi4 Posts: 1

    We're in TX and we want to know if 39.9 K is a good price for a used MDX w/tech package for <10K miles. We are comparing this to a 2011 MDX w/tech for 17K miles at 36K.

    Of course the 2012 is more as its newer, less miles, but at what price would the 2011 need to go down to in order for the 2011 to beat out the 2012? My understand is that the model hasn't changed that much.

    So 2012 @ 39K or the 2011 at ?

    Thank you MDX'ers! (Hope to be one soon).
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Posts: 15
    I would bet you can get a new one for around $39k. Don't know tx market too well.
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Posts: 15
    Looks like 1.9% is the best deal now.
  • sbornosborno Posts: 9
    Anybody know when we'll see'm in the dealerships??
    Also, wondering if a pano roof will be available??
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    End of May, early June is the launch date as of now. You will see them quickly.

    No panoramic roof. FWD models now available, SH-AWD still available, new direct injected V6, better mileage, new electronics a lot like the RLX and the RLX's dash, and more space/functionality in the rear.
  • qu2ttr0qu2ttr0 Posts: 2
    Y not 2103 for a few more thousands? Paid mine 43300 drive out w tech pkg. I first asked them 42500. Guess should have stayed w that & walked out but was tired of looking.
  • zzz2006zzz2006 Posts: 25
    Still looking for a deal on 2013 advanced package.

    Got an offer from Chicago area, $45800 plus tax and title. I remember last year's price was around $45000.

    Still want to wait a little bit....
  • batpadbatpad Posts: 1
    Looking to purchase either a 2012 or 2013 MDX w/ Tech Package from a Chicago or Michigan dealer. Aiming for sub 40k before Taxes. Possible? Kind of new to researching MDX's.

    Also, any financing deals available? Reading things of people getting 0.9% but i am not seeing that anywhere myself. This would be great for me if I get it. Thanks!
  • levywillevywil Posts: 3
    edited March 2013
    Looking for what a good price on a 2010/2011 CPO MDX Base would be...Thinking 28.5k for the 2010 and 30k for the 2011. I am in Northern NJ. Buying Immediately!

  • sam271sam271 Posts: 6
    Call rosenthal and ask for Larry pinto. New base should be around 36600 or 37000
  • yardcrewyardcrew Posts: 8
    Trading from a 10 yr old Volvo XC90 so my nego skills are rusty. Looking to purchase burgundy MDX with Advance pkg. Norris in MD has a couple; 5 hr drive for me but maybe worth it? Have no idea what would be a good price for that area? Local dealer is offering $48500 but a color combo I don't like. Also, dumb question: if you are dealing long distance, do you just show up? Or call first and try to negotiate on phone? Not sure of strategy. Any advice welcome. Many thx.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Ask for a quote from the dealer's website and proceed from there. If another dealer has the car you want, do it there, and discuss by email and phone with them. It's a very simple process people over complicate based on things they see here and elsewhere. Norris will give you a price minus destination charge, so always be sure to add $895 back to it.

    If you are not up for the trip, get a few quotes and work with your local dealer to get the same pricing and have them locate/dealer trade for the MDX you want.

    Never just show up. Email and call beforehand, and set a time. More orderly, easier, and well planned out for you.
  • yardcrewyardcrew Posts: 8
    Thank you. Good advice. I'm up for the trip if it will save me money. My local dealer, unfortunately, doesn't have a good reputation for bargaining.
  • bakubakubakubaku Posts: 2
    Hello, would you mind recommend your dealer to me? I'm looking for a MDX and I think you got a pretty good price, although it's been a long time ago. Thanks.
  • bakubakubakubaku Posts: 2
    Hello, could you please provide me the name of your sales? I'm looking for a MDX too. Thanks.
  • eadharaeadhara Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy MDX base this weekend, Looks like you got best deal. I like around pohanka acura, can please provide me details of ur sales agent and refer ur sale.
  • sam271sam271 Posts: 6
    Rosenthal Acura -Larry pinto. Maryland
  • shaojiadushaojiadu Posts: 13
    Try Darly Joseph at Pohanka. My price was $39.2K OTD (for MD tag, tax). 0% APR for 60 months for 30K loan.
    They run 0% from time to time, but it is not available all the time.
  • shaojiadushaojiadu Posts: 13
    If you would like to try Rosenthal Acura, try Kenneth Zhang.
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Posts: 15
    That was for an advanced?

    That is an amazing price.
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