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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gkapoorgkapoor Posts: 4
    You should plan to pay between 39,800 - 40,500 for the tech package with the destination (included).
  • userabcdeuserabcde Posts: 3
    Thanks gkapoor.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
    edited May 2013
    Anyone in Florida has made a purchase recently? What kind of credit score is required for the 0.9% interest?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Honda usually requires a credit score of 710-715 for their special financing.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
  • mohawk06mohawk06 Posts: 1
    What should I expect to pay before destination charges, etc.?
  • sport_sedansport_sedan Posts: 2
    edited May 2013
    Is 45.5k (~49.8k out the door) a good price - this is the SF Bay Area? For lease, quoted money factor of 0.00062 and a residual of 51% off the MSRP for a monthly of 565 per month (619 with taxes), no money down. 3-year residual seems a bit low; any opinions from anyone? Any negotiation room on the residual?
  • yardcrewyardcrew Posts: 8
    I was just quoted $47,800 twenty minutes ago here in NC. They seemed very disinclined to go lower. FWIW, if I could get 45,500 I'd be cracking a bottle of champagne over the thing. I am by no means the expert here; just a first-time Acura shopper. BTW, did not ask about leasing or financing.
  • acura_buyer1acura_buyer1 Posts: 3
    edited May 2013
    I live in San Diego downtown and my target price for 2013 MDX Base is $36,000 (including destination fee). Is this a realistic expectation? My basis for this expectation is from some of the previous posts that said $39,000 is a realistic price for 2013 MDX with Tech package.

    Also, is there a difference in buying this weekend vs. memorial day weekend?

    Please advise. Thanks in advance!!!
  • Yes that is very much realistic. Not sure in bay area but definite in dc area. You can get few accessories too.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
    I am negotiating with a dealer in FL that still has a few 2012s. What would be a good price considering that is a 2012 with the 2014 showing up in a couple of weeks?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    You may never get a truly good deal on a '12 at this point. The incentives are about the same as the '13 which can be bought at very close to dealer cost. A '13 Tech with Ent shouldn't be more than $42,500. I'd want to be a couple grand below that to pick up a '12. Otherwise I'd rather have the year newer model.
  • guymdxguymdx Posts: 1
    Bought the MDX tech 2013 for 42600 OTD Price.

    The Price is 39600 But with the Tax , Tags Titles it came to 42600 on the road.

    Got it from Rosenthal Acura Maryland.
  • jfioccajfiocca Posts: 4
    My wife and I are into month 28 of a 36 month lease of a Odyssey Touring Elite. We used to have a Pilot before be got our first Odyssey (this is #2). We are now ready to go back to an SUV and have been eyeing the 2014 MDX (when it's release), but are not prepared to pay the premiums this model will certainly command. They Odyssey we are driving is loaded, and it seems that the 2013 Tech MDX will actually lose a couple features we've grown to like in the Odyssey (such as the blind spot monitoring). With that said, we seem to have agreed a 2013 MDX with Advance package is what we want. We do want entertainment, but not sure I want to pay the additional $2000 when I can strap an iPAD to each headrest for half the cost (and then we have two iPads!!). Searching inventory for a Bali Blue Advance is proving to be very difficult. Since production has started on the 2014s, 2013 production has stopped, right? If so, getting a 2013 Bali Blue Advance at a "steal", may not be possible?? We do wish to lease.. Very curious what to expect to pay. Does anyone have the residual values for the Advance and the Advance with entertainment? What is the current money factor for Top Tier? What is the current price plus destination one should expect to get into an advance or advance with entertainment here int he DC area? Went to pohanka in Chantilly for a peek yesterday, but wasn't impressed.
  • yardcrewyardcrew Posts: 8
    I am told 2013 production has indeed stopped. New 2014's have been delayed until mid-July. Again, so I'm told.

    We paid $47.8K yesterday for white/parch in NC. It was definitely not a steal, I know. We could have done better elsewhere, but we wanted to buy locally and most of the Advances left DID have Ent on them, which we did not wish to pay for. I was afraid to let this one get by us. We did get a decent discount on a load of dealer-added options like wood wheel and gearshift, molding, running boards and rails.

    We would have preferred red or black with parch. Not available. We crossed blue off the list because you have to take the gray interior with that. Still, I have done a lot of looking at dealers up and down the East Coast, and I don't recall any blue in either Advance configuration. Sorry. I hope I am mistaken.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Having just looked myself for you, there are no Bali Blue Advance/Ent or Advance models anywhere in PA-NJ-DE-MD-VA-WV region, except for 2 possibly in New York.

    MDX inventory is very tight and with Advance inventory the smallest of all, now is not the time to shoot for extra thousands somehow further below invoice and still search for a specific color, as some post here.

    Pricing available now from dealers including the dealer cash incentive is already an incredible discount, and I'd act quick if you want one. 2014's are delayed a bit further, and 2013's will not last as long, especially not in rare colors or trim levels.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    The last 2013 was produced at the end of March so there is likely no more inventory in the pipeline. What's on the dealer lots should be it. When we bought last year, our dealer had over 200 MDX on the lot and less than 20 Advance. They currently have 1 advance (black). I had no desire for the Ent system as well since the kids have their own ipads these days with Netflix and whatever else they care to download....built-in Ent systems are completely unneeded in my book unless you have very small children.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
    Thank you,

    Anyone know what the current incentives are?
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
    Trying to get pricing for Miami Acura but they say that all the prices posted here are lies.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    There are no remaining incentives on 2012 MDX's right now.

    2013's have $2500 dealer cash only, and nothing else.
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