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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That's a great price (39600) if it included destination. I am reaching out to the VA/MD dealers since the ones in the Philadelphia area wont budge below 41,300. Hoping to score a MDX w tech before inventory is all gone.
  • yardcrewyardcrew Posts: 8
    I wish Miami was right! I'd feel a little less ripped off for what I paid. But I was down to one MDX-A in a color I liked (not loved) so I did it, and 4 days in, I am ecstatic. I was loathe to give up my Volvo XC90, but this car just smokes it almost in every way. I don't know how to use all the functions -- the d**n tailgate release won't seem to work reliably -- but Wow. If you want one in a particular config, I would not wait.
  • In DC area (Rosenthal, Radley, Pohanka) will give better. It is possible to get tech around 39.6 including destination and dealership fee.
  • irv51irv51 Posts: 6
    Local dealers in the NYC metro area quoting $42,800 and $43,100. Are these good? Should I push for lower? Thanks.
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    I got a mail from my dealer, that due to high demand, they are ready to take my MDX back (MDX TEch+Ent) and ready to exchange it for a 2013 MDX. The reason is high demand for 2012? They told, i dont need pay anything additional etc.. I have about 10k miles on my 1 year old 2012 model

    Is there any catch on this?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Very common promotion...for everything from Fords to Acuras. It gets you in the door and that's half the battle. "Don't need to pay anything additional" usually means they'll keep your payment the same. I don't think that's the same as what you're thinking....
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    Thank you sebring95. I don't know exactly what do you mean? You mean i may need to put some money down again?? I will reject the offer if i need to put some money on it?
  • ajaygajayg Posts: 5
    I am in Seattle and the best I could get for 2013 MDX/Tech was $42055 + tax + lic. I had a quote from Portland for $41500 but the travel was not worth the difference so bought locally. Latter was in line with Acura Rosenthal daily deal ($41,400).
    If you guys are getting MDX/Tech around $40,000, congratulations on a steal!. Dealer is losing money selling you the car (holdback is 3% of base invoice ~ 1300 so the actual dealer cost is around $40,750).

    I would recommend shopping around and make your decision quickly at a reasonable price before these are gone.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    I can't say exactly what will happen at the dealership...these promotions are usually mass-mailed to everyone. Like I's just to get you in the door or thinking about a new car. It would be very unlikely to get you into a new car for "the same amount of money". Whatever that means. If you're leasing, it might be possible but still very unlikely they won't have to modify the terms from your current lease or require a down payment.
  • aarveeaarvee Posts: 5
    "Dealer is losing money selling you the car" - This may not be correct, no one does business for a loss. I bought MDX Tec for 39275 (includes destination) + 399 dealer feee + tags + 3% VA tax + basic accessories = $41K OTD. You just need to shop around and negotiate.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Agree, generally. Without knowing if there are any incentive bonuses in place behind the scenes, you really don't know for sure how much is made by a particular dealer. There could be reasons to sell at a loss or very low margin....namely allocation of the newest model. So they lose or make very little on some inventory today but get access to more inventory on higher volume 2014 models down the road.
  • aarveeaarvee Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    I bought it in April when the dealer cash was $1500 but now starting from May, dealer cash is $2500. So I guess one should be able to do better than my price if pushed harder but this works only when the dealer has considerable inventory that he needs to get rid off the lot. But what I have seen is that the dealers are left with base models and not many techs and advances. As pointed out multiple times here, DC is where the deals are.
  • ajaygajayg Posts: 5
    Agree that it has to do with the location/Inventory of the dealer. I negotiated with dealers in 3 states to get the price I got ($42,055) for MDX/Tech and that was after my initial offer of $42550 was declined by one local dealer. The dealers here did not seem to worry about clearing the lot.

    btw, that's a truely amzing deal that you got. Did you have a trade-in and/or dealer financing?
  • aarveeaarvee Posts: 5
    No trade-in. The price I got was not contingent to financing with any of the dealers I dealt with. And I don't think this is great price either because the next best price was just $300 more. All three quotes I got were between $41k - $41.8K OTD for VA, I just chose the one that quoted lowest. I walked in with pre-approved 1.7% financing from a credit union. During the paper work, I came to knew that dealership can provide perm plates only when I go with their financing. So I offered to go with them if they can beat the rate I got from credit union and they did. So I ended up financing with them just because they offered better rate and perm plates.
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    Thanks again. I called and talked to them, they confirmed that they need 2012 (used car) and my loan amount is going to remain same. I said myself, why cant i give a try?
  • ajaygajayg Posts: 5
    That's awesome. Congratulations once again on the great deal!
  • ajaygajayg Posts: 5
    Good Luck. Please let us know how it goes.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Sure, never hurts to give it a try as long as you can say no and don't have a better use of your time!

    Make sure the term, rate, etc. also do not change. Payment isn't the only piece of the puzzle...I have no doubt they can get you into a loan for a similar payment...but it will cost you more one way or another. You've already made a years worth of payments on this one so don't forget that.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    This is a very common sales tactic. You are not getting anything special out of this promotion. The fact that 2013 is the last year for this style probably means that you'll get a little more discount than you got on your 2012, but that will never offset the depreciation (and the first year is the worst year). Here's the important point to consider:

    Even if your payment stays the same, you will be adding to the number of payments remaining on your loan. One way or another, you will be sucking up the first year's depreciation and increasing the amount you owe.

    If there's nothing wrong with your 2012 MDX, it would be foolish to trade it (from a financial perspective).
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    Thanks for your advice. I completely agree it may be sales tactics. The first email i received from them is not about trade, all they want is my mdx2012 which is shortage of stock and they are checking with me I'm ready to sell? When i asked for trade-in, they are ready for 2013 mdx exchange. Also they sales manager confirmed that load amount/months wont change at all. I checked with my friends and they are saying there may be a catch somewhere and i should be paying for DOC fee ,taxes etc (may around atleast 5k) which i will know only if go there on the weekend.

    The advantage on my side will be I'm resetting my mileage to 0 from 12000 and also 1 year advanced model (212->2013). I don't believe there are any difference 2012 and 2013 models. I love what i have now!, so i will stand firm not to pay anything additional.
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