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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • casey168casey168 Posts: 1
    May I know the dealer name and location?
  • allawallaw Posts: 12
    Cerritos Acura - this is actually the first quote after my communication with them. I have since went to a SF Bay Area dealer and they are able to match the deal, even throw in a little extra if I can make a decision right there. But they do request to see my offer, they always assume you are bluffing.
  • vikkuuvikkuu Posts: 9
    I am planning to buy MDX base version (2014), how much discount on MSRP should I expect if I buy it now or how long should I wait to get best price (anything near to invoice).
    I can buy from anywhere NY to VA where ever I can get best price.
  • So what kind of prices are people seeing on the east coast besides MSRP.
  • peachmanpeachman Posts: 3
    I need some peer advise on purchase timing. I have my 08 MDX Base with 67K. KBB value at about $21K. Shall I buy the 2014 MDX now in order to get the most out of my trade in or should I wait for a year end sale of the 2014 MDX with lower trade in value? I bought my 2008 new with great year end model discount ($10k off MSRP!) during economy crisis. I have yet perform any major maintenance yet, until we've decided what to do with the purchase. Thanks! :D
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I don't see much on the '14 that screams "gotta have it now". I would certainly wait as I'm sure your '08 is a fine running vehicle. Resale is depressed at the moment because they've been giving away '12/'13 models so maybe used values will improve a bit once those are all sold. I'm sure in six months you'll be able to get a much better price on a '14, although I don't expect to see $8k-$10k off like the '12/'13 models for a few years.
  • airoopsairoops Posts: 9
    Amex launched a new buying site through truecar. Through that site (and not any of the other truecar sites that I have seen), they are offering the 14 MDX in the NYC area for a couple hundred $ over invoice. I didn't ultimately buy through this dealer, but was able to use the documented price to have a dealer closer to where I live match.

    Hope this helps....
  • vikkuuvikkuu Posts: 9
    I checked amexnetwork dot truecar dot com, but it is showing just couple of hundred discount on MSRP in NYC area for me. Can you pls let us know whcih dealer is offering couple of hundred over invoice.
  • airoopsairoops Posts: 9
    try using zip 11510 (long island). Not sure what magic is, but it works...
  • vikkuuvikkuu Posts: 9 worked with that ZIP.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Watch this though if you don't actually live in that zip code. Many promotions (particularly manufacturer ones) are based on the registration zip code so they may not apply once you get to that step in the process.
  • It's funny but it looks like Acura of Brooklyn says the Amex TC price of a '14 Advanced is 53,190 or 4210 off MSRP.. I'll bet... :sick:
  • I wanted remote start and the air conditioned seats, do I have to get the Advance to get these or can they be options on a lower trim level?

    Also, is the AWD more likely to have problems than the FWD? My 01 Mdx blew its transmission at 100k miles.
  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    I was offered invoice price for 2014 mdx tech and entertainment through costco program in NJ. Any comments on this price???
  • What's the deal from Costco? It doesn't appear ANYONE is selling the MDX 2014 at invoice right now.
  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    Yep. I was surprised too. But give a shot and let me know what's your experience is??? I don't know if it depends on the area?? But in NJ it looks like only one dealer listed in costco auto program for mdx and got a call from them this AM about the price. Going there next weekend to check it out and will post my experience here.
  • I haven't seen any dealership that has the '14 MDX Adv in stock. This afternoon I received a quote from a NY dealer w/ a VIN number. -$4510 off MSRP I'll call him next week.
  • shaolinshaolin Posts: 12
    edited July 2013
    Wow $4,510 below MSRP? That sounds like a fantastic deal especially this early in the release cycle. Please report back after talking to the dealer.
  • There's nothing on their web site that even indicates they have a '14 Adv in stock.
  • didureloaddidureload Posts: 9
    edited July 2013
    2013 MDX AWD BASE
    Is $37,500 sale price with OTD of around $40,500 a good price?
    I am in NJ
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